6 Jun 2016


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With winter underway here in Australia I thought I would introduce to you about a product I've been loving (as you would already be able to tell by the title it is) the Scholl Velvet Smooth Foot File. If you dislike getting pedicures (or just ticklish and don't want to kick the manicurist in the face) or scrapped for time then you definitely need this gadget in your life. 

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The Wet & Dry Rechargeable Foot File is actually the second installment by Scholl who created the original Velvet Smooth Dry Foot File. Unfortunately, I haven't tried the original version however judging by some other reviews I've read I believe and Wet & Dry edition is much better. Not only can you use it wet (in the shower) or dry (after soaking feet and drying them off) it is also rechargeable. The original was battery powered which is a bummer and honestly, quite annoying as you always need extra batteries on hand. 

I find using it in the shower is much more convenient for me as your feet have already had time to soak in the water whilst you wash your hair/body/face and therefore easier to remove the dry skin and calluses. It's also very easy to use - just turn on the file and gently glide it back and forth on the sole of your foot. Ensure you do apply light pressure as it will stop if you are too heavy handed. And VOILA after a couple of minutes you will find yourself with silky, velvet smooth feet!

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The Wet & Dry Foot File has two settings which is great if you need a little extra help to file. The roller head has tiny little abrasive bumps which causes the filing effect - the head is removable and can be replaced (Replaceable head retails for $24.95) with a fresh one once the effects have worn off.
Cleaning is a breeze as you just need to rinse off the roller head, wipe it dry and pop it back in the drawer until next time. 

Overall, I just love this foot file! I'm quite a lazy person so this device saves me so much time and energy. I mean, nobody got time to go to the nail salon and sit there for 45 minutes!

This little gem retails for $89.95 and is available at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse & Amcal.


  1. Oh my! I just got to have one of these. This will make life easier. Time saver!

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