3 Nov 2015

The Sephora Wait is Over

Sephora finally landed in Australia this year, opening up their first store in the heart of Sydney CBD and then opening up their second store also in the same state, Macquarie. Unfortunately Australian beauty lovers are little frustrated as they haven't been able to enjoy shopping at Sephora as their are only two stores, but with a little bit of praying and crying Sephora and Luxola are excited to announce they are now officially available online

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That's right Australia, get your credit cards ready to do some online shopping! Sephora.com.au are currently in the process of adding more brands to their site as they didn't want the server to crash, so expect more and more brands to be available (hopefully it will just as awesome as sephora.com!). At the moment you can browse through Kat Von D, BECCA Cosmetics, Cover FX, Makeup Up Forever, Bite Beauty, Marc Jacobs, The Balm, ZOEVA and more! 

In addition to all these amazing international brands, Sephora's own products Sephora Collection is also available. Now, I don't know about you but I've heard quite good things about Sephora Collection products, so I was pretty stoked to be gifted a few of their goodies to show you guys. I received the Ultra Liquid Foundation #83 Brush, Colorful Blush in Hey Jealousy and the IT Nude Palette. 

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The Sephora Collection IT Nude Palette (RRP $43 AUD) contains 12 eyeshadows, a pencil liner and a double ended brush. The palette has a chic python print exterior which feels sturdy and lightweight meaning it will be great for travelling. 

There are 5 matte shadows and 7 shimmers included in the palette – the plastic cover inside illustrates what is the shadow’s primary purpose. Going off the plastic there are 2 highlighters, 1 base shade, 7 lid colours and 2 eyeliner shades. The shade selection in this palette is great, a good mixture of cool and warm neutrals with a decent combination of mattes and shimmers. For the most part, the shadows were very pigmented and buttery, but unfortunately, like a lot of other palettes, the lighter shades (especially the base shadow) were a little chalky.  Nothing a good primer couldn’t fix though! The dark brown eyeliner pencil included in the palette is soft and easy to blend/smudge, so no complaints there. The double ended brush is an angled eyeliner and a fluffy blending brush, which complements the shadows quite well. Over all I feel like the IT Nude palette is a great addition to my (ever growing) neutral palette collection.

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The Sephora Collection Colorful Blushes (RRP $19 AUD) comes in 13 shades on the website - I chose Hey Jealousy as the colour was calling out my name. I don't know why but I just have a soft spot for berry and plum blushes! Hey Jealousy looks quite scary in the pan, but when applied to the cheeks it sheers out to give you a beautiful flushed look. It would look great on all skin tones as it's not too warm or too cool toned, and it's also matte! I found that the blush did last all day, it did fade a little but still noticeable at the end of a very long working day. 

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And lastly we have the Ultra Liquid Foundation Brush in #83 (RRP $40). The main reason I chose this brush is for the shape (as you can see from the photo above it's curved). Unlike other foundation brushes I have in my collection, the Ultra Liquid Foundation Brush is quite solid and firm, the bristles are very tightly packed together giving it the firmness. Now don't confuse firmness to rough and prickly bristles as that is definitely not the case. The brush still feels sleek and smooth but it just sits more together giving you the ability to really buff in your foundation. Whether it be lightweight BB cream to full coverage foundation, this brush has the ability to make it look flawless and undetectable on the skin. As for the shape of the brush, it really helps to get in those awkward areas such as the jawline making the application process make faster. This brush has honestly become my new favourite foundation brush - definitely recommend checking this guy!

Remember to check out the new Sephora.com.au website - they currently have a few promotions on at the moment e.g. free shipping, 10% off etc!


  1. Ohhhh so exciting! I love having a variety of brands at Sephora!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. hy, nice to see your post again,
    first i see that pallete didnt attract me, but when you explain it, it consider for me since i want neutral-nude pallete in my collection.
    The Brush also unique and seem helpfull.

    Meet Me, Writer Of | My Dellilah Blog |

  3. Wow!!! The wait is worth it! Seeing these products made me so very excited to try them out especially the palette.

  4. Gahhh not sure if the online site is a good or bad thing! Definitely saying goodbye to all my money now that's for sure!!! But that palette? My goodness I now need it in my life, it looks so lovely! The colours look amazing and while I probably don't need another neutral eye shadow palette, who can really say no ...
    Great post!

    Chantalle | cece & grace

  5. The Sephora Nude palette is so stunning! Need it! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

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