19 Oct 2014

BRAND OVERVIEW: Gorgeous Cosmetics

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Dawn! Yes, I do believe I'm back and fingers crossed it will stick this time.
I’m excited to share with you today a review/overview about a brand that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time now. I literally squealed with excited when I received an email asking to collaborate with this brand, and of course there was absolutely no hesitation from my part. As you can already see from the title that the brand is Gorgeous Cosmetics – now if you haven’t heard of them before let me give you a little insight. Gorgeous Cosmetics was founded in Melbourne, Australia, by makeup artist David McConnell. The brand focuses on providing luxurious cosmetics to emphasise natural beauty and create simple yet glamorous looks. Since its release the brand has expanded worldwide and is available in boutiques and even on site like Nordstrom. 

This post will showcase a few goodies from the brand and a quick summary of my genuine thoughts and impressions. Without further adieu let's jump in!

 photo PA194353_zpsf316dd6f.jpg

Kicking it off with packaging - I must say I do quite like the sleek look of the products. Not only do they present a level sophistication they also feel quite sturdy. These would be great for travel as you know it won't break and stain your clothes due to flimsy packaging. If you're a sucker for luxurious feeling, and aesthetically appealing packaging, then look no further than gorgeous cosmetics.

 photo PA194383_zpsa4393c08.jpg
 photo PA194358_zps265b0b19.jpg 
Base Perfect Liquid Foundation in shade 2YBP - RRP$55

GC Description:
Oil free and long lasting, this silky foundation delivers flawless results for a perfect complexion. The smooth, oil free emulsion blends effortlessly onto the skin. Special light diffusing pigments amplify the light, giving skin the appearance of a healthy luminosity. Contains Vitamins A and E to soothe and condition the skin. Medium to full coverage, suitable for all skin types. Blend onto skin using Foundation Brush #025 or a sponge. 

Not going to lie I was a little iffy about trying this foundation at first. I guess it's always a little scary when testing out a new foundation for the first time. After a week of testing, I found that the coverage was quite good, it was able to even my skin tone and cover any scaring/spots I had on my skin. The  foundation was easy to apply and blend (I used the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush) and building the coverage was also a breeze. One thing I liked most about this foundation is that it doesn't make your complexion look too heavy, or 'caked' on, even when building the coverage. The finish is a lovely demi-matte produced from the diffusing pigments in the foundation. I usually keep my face very matte as I have an oily skin type, but I really enjoyed the look of this foundation. Longevity wise it lasted about 5 hours before any powder touch ups were needed to keep my oil demons away. It did start to fade after 8 hours of wear. I found that the foundation lasted the best with combining the Gorgeous Cosmetics Foundation Primer as well as Benefit's POREfessional.

 photo PA194391_zpsc28dfb91.jpg
 photo PA194392_zpsa466b47b.jpg

First Base Foundation Primer - RRP $45

GC Description:
Gorgeous skin starts with a perfect base. Create the perfect canvas for foundation application. This creamy, soothing liquid is enriched with Aloe Vera to calm and protect the skin before foundation application.  Applied after moisturising and before foundation, it helps foundation to last longer and look fresh for hours. An essential for truly gorgeous skin.  Apply with fingertips or with Foundation Brush #025.

If you've been reading my blog for quite some time now, you will already know my true love and devotion for Benefit's POREfessional, so it was a little different for me to use this product to prime my face on a daily basis. With that being said, I honesly don't mind this primer. Obviously, it doesn't fill in my pores like the POREfessional but it does make my makeup last longer and look better. This primer has a cream like texture, similar to moisturiser, and when it dries you skin literally feels like a baby's butt. It makes applying foundation a dream as everything glides on smoothly. I wouldn't say this is a must have, but it would be a great primer for those on the market who need to smooth out any lines etc. 

 photo PA194394_zpsc7e40bbe.jpg

Large Powder Brush #030 - RRP $63

GC Description:
Powder brush large. A very soft and round shaped brush. Made from natural hair.

Believe me, when they say it's soft - it's extremely soft. I actually didn't even want to use the brush as I wanted to keep it clean and new forever. I'm a little on the fence about this brush at the moment. As much as I love the softness of the bristles and beautiful look of the brush itself, I don't find myself reaching for this over my ELF Flat Top Powder brush. I think one of the downfalls of this brush is that due to the sparse hairs, it doesn't pick up pressed/mineralised powders as well as other brushes that have more density. This therefore makes it a little harder to utilise. I think this brush would be best suited for loose powder application which is something I don't use that often. Next step is to use this brush for blush and see how well it works - stay tuned..

 photo PA194386_zps01f31274.jpg
 photo PA194389_zpsb33d8ed4.jpg photo PA194362_zps192ec237.jpg

Gorgeous Cosmetics Lipsticks in Jelly Bean and Bombshell - RRP $35

GC description:
Lavish your lips with extravagant care!  Our smooth, fine texture feels luxuriously soft and light-weight on your lips. Remarkably high colour pigment content means that colour lasts reliably for hours without touch-ups. Enriched with emollients, for nourishing your sophisticated, glamorous lips.

Jelly Bean: Cool bright pink purple, pearl finish
BombShell: Warm hot pink, pearl finish

Two more lipsticks to add in my collection! I'm thoroughly impressed with these lipsticks right now - not only is the pigmentation off the charts, the texture of these are beautiful and comfy to wear. It honestly makes you feel like you have moisturier/lip balm on your lips instead of lipstick. Another fantastic factor about these lipsticks is that it is quite creamy on the lips doesn't move around nor bleed. Big thumbs up from me! 

 photo PA194364_zpsc4a27f91.jpg
 photo PA194374_zps0a009be4.jpg 
Now I thought I would my 2 cents about the palettes in one as I feel exactly the same way about both products. 

If you're a blush/contour fiend like me, you need these palette in your life right now! Both palettes simply have it all - not only is there a great mixture of shades it also encompasses different finishes as well. Every shade available in the palettes compliment each other and offer such a large variety of choices. I can also see myself using these palettes not only for the cheeks but for eyeshadows as well.

In regards to formula these are a dream. They are buttery soft and easy to work with. I simply cannot say better things about these palettes. The thing that put the cherry on the cake for me though is the longevity. I'm not even kidding you when I say these last forever on the cheeks! You would assume by the end of a long busy day at work that your blush/contour would somewhat fade or be non existent by the end of the day.. but not with this palette. My blush and contour looked like I had just applied it 5 minutes ago! Ok, I shall stop with the shameless fan-girling of these palettes now.

On a different note, I would say I am slightly more impressed with the contour palette than I am with the blush palette as I found a few shades in the blush palette that looked remarkably similar when swatched. But other than that there's nothing else to say.

 photo PA194400_zps17644832.jpg 
8 Pan Blush/Highlight Palette - RRP $89

GC Description:
Make the face come alive with this multi-purpose palette containing 8 of our silky, long lasting Colour Pro pigments. This palette contains 4 highlight shades in matte and sheen finishes for a day or nighttime glow. Apply to the cheekbones, brow bone, or anywhere you want to bring a little more attention. The blushes come in 4 flattering shades that will help warm and sculpt the face, the perfect finish to the complexion.
Shades included:
Potato Cake – Matte finish cream
Nude – Pale peachy pink with a matte finish
Peach Glow – Soft peach with a golden sheen
Rhubarb – Warm rose with sheer glow
Natural – Sheen finish cream
Toffee Shine – Glowing light gold
Sesame – Matte finish peachy brown
Apples – Peachy pink with a matte finish 

 photo PA164322_zpse6f5bc37.jpg photo PA164330_zps6328f2c7.jpg

8 Pan Contour Palette - RRP $89

GC Description:
The power to sculpt the perfect face. This 8 pan palette full of our silky smooth Colour Pro pigments gives you the ability to lift the cheekbones, shape the nose and open the eyes – all in one. This palette contains 2 highlight shades, 4 sculpt and contour shades and 2 blush tones to complete the effect. The palette is the perfect tool to take your complexion to the next level.

Shades included:
Potato Cake – Matte finish cream
True Taupe – Cool brown with a matte finish
Matte Tan – Warm neutral brown
Dusk Rose – Matte finish warm rose
Nude – Matte finish peachy pink
Smudge – Brown taupe with a soft matte finish
Fudge – Deep warm brown
Mocha – Matte finish mauve

 photo PA164325_zps4a430202.jpg
 photo PA164335_zpsc108256b.jpg

And I thought I would end this post off with a (terrible quality) Face Of The Day post wearing mostly Gorgeous Cosmetics (eyebrows are ELF and finish powder by MAC). You would have seen this picture already if you're following me on instagram (if not here's a shameless plug @DUGONGSS). 

 photo P718353512_zpsf4704fae.jpg

If you guys are interested in purchasing any products from Gorgeous Cosmetics you can visit their Australian website here or US website here.


  1. These look amazing! The contour palette though *drool*. Thanks for this review, I've been meaning to purchase something from Gorgeous Cosmetics for a while now and this post has now convinced me I need the brand in my life :)


  2. I've been reading a lot about Gorgeous Cosmetics recently and it definitely seems like their palettes are the standouts! They sound absolutely amazing! Would love to get my hands on one of them.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. OMG the lipsticks are beautiful!

  4. OMG!!!! They are so pretty!!! This is my first time to see and hear about this brand. they are so pretty that makes me drool. Will def gonna check on this....

  5. I need those palettes in my life ASAP! They look stunning, totally on my wish list now!


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