14 Sep 2014

NOTD: ORLY Brush It On

Spring has finally sprung and I'm absolutely over the moon. I don't know what it is about warm weather but it seems it can always brighten up a bad situation. On another note I had the fabulous opportunity to test a few polishes from ORLY's Smokey Collection and thought I would share one of them with you as I think it would be a great polish to get into the beautiful Spring weather.

Let me introduce you guys to the amazing shade of Brush It On. 

 photo P8053656_zps560b9135.jpg

I had initally hoped this polish would be very opaque so I would only need 2 coats to reach true colour as depicted in the bottle. Unfortunately, I was disappointed as it turned out to be quite sheer and needed 3-4 thick coats to reach full opacity. Other than that the polish was great - very durable with no chipping for the entire week and the shade itself is marvelous.

Brush It On is a sheer golden yellow base packed with a shifting orange microglitter which in some lighting can turn into a beautiful pink. Unfortunately, my poor photograph skills cannot capture the true beauty of this polish but if you find this bad boy in real life definitely give it a swatch -  you will not be disappointed.

 photo P8053673_zpsafdfffc4.jpg
 photo P8053659_zpsc7563825.jpg
 photo P8053667_zpsb646ca58.jpg

Overall, I do like this polish despite needing 4 coats to reach full opacity. You'd think I'd have the worst problem when it comes to drying time as you do have to pack on 4 coats, but I always find it a breeze (see what I did there?) when you have Seche Vite in your life. 

ORLY Smokey Collections contains 6 polishes -  Smoked Out, Edgy, Highlight, Brush It On, Blend and Darkest Shadow -  and can be found at selected Terry White Chemists and Independent Pharmacies. For a full stocklist visit here.


  1. This looks heaps like OPI Pros and Bronze which is one of my fave shades (probably). It only takes 3 coats though, slash that's when I'm happy with it! I love how fleck-y and shiny it is :3

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Woah that is so pretty! I'm not sure I would get the opportunity to wear it much but my goodness it is pretty! x

  3. I like the shade but there is no way I could be bothered with doing 4 coats! I can hardly be bothered doing 2 most of the time! lol

    Melanie | Melaniface

  4. Love the shade! I just discovered your blog now and love it :)

  5. This shade is so pretty! I love gold / shimmering nail polishes!
    x Valerie from Valerie Randomness


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