9 Aug 2014

Current Favourites

I don't often blog 'favourites' posts as I'm honestly a very habitual person who easily gets stuck into a certain pattern when I find a product that works well. I have tried to work on this several times but what can I say, old habits die hard. I was feeling particularly adventurous today and thought I would share with you guys the products I've been constantly reaching for this Winter and hopefully next favourites post (probably in a year) will have different products.

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I wanted to kick this post off by saying: Winter is a bitch - excuse the profanity. I know a lot of people who adore the cold and all the aspects that Winter brings, but I'm definitely not one of those people. Dry hands, runny nose, inability to crawl out of my bed in the mornings - ahh Winter you've done it again. To counteract my hatred of Winter I have found a few key items to keep me level-headed throughout this tough time.

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Smith's Rosebud Salve: This is hands down my most cherished item I own at the moment. I have taken this product everywhere with me for the last couple of months and the reason is it just cures everything. Dry/chapped lips, dry skin, burns, you name it and Rosebud Salve will be able to fix it. If you suffer from dry lips you need to have this in your life.

Mary Kay Kohl Eyeliner in Blue Knight: I'm not going to lie, I was a little iffy about this kohl eyeliner at the start as I favor gel liners but I've honestly been thoroughly impressed with the quality. The pigmentation (it just glides on) and colour of this liner is superb as I do quite like the softer look dark blue as opposed to black. However, the biggest winner for me was the ability to not smudge nor fade throughout the day. It literally does not budge after you've applied it (which kinda sucks if you make a mistake as you need to scrub it off) which is great for those with oily lids or watery eyes.

ELF Eyebrow Kit in Dark: I am going to make a bold statement here and say this is the best eyebrow product I have ever used. I remember when I first bought this product I was utterly obsessed and I feel as though I am my 19 year-old self again as this is the only brow product I reach for lately. The kit comes with a wax and a powder, but I don't never use the powder shade as it's a little muddy. The color match for the wax side though is immaculate for my hair colour and the wax is so easy to apply. It makes putting on my brows my favourite (and sometimes most frustrating) part of my makeup routine. The best part apart this product is that because it is a wax it makes your brows stay in place all day and it fade throughout the day either.

NYX Blush in Desert Rose: We all know how good NYX blushes are and when Winter calls there no better shade than Desert Rose. If you haven't tried/swatched this blush before it's the perfect medium-dark pink berry shade to get you through the Winter blues. It's easy to blend (which is always a winner when you go a little too crazy on the blush) and the colour pay-off is very true to pan. I just cannot get over how beautiful the shade is.

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ELF Flat Top Powder Brush: This has been my go-to powder for the last two years. I'm not quite sure what it is but applying your finishing powder with this brush is an absolute dream. The brush itself is quite dense for a powder brush but it picks up just the right amount of powder every time and because it's a flat top you can stipple this on your face without moving your foundation/concealer around. If you're looking for a high quality powder brush than look no further than ELF.

Puretopia Instant Moisture Daily Face Moisturiser: My skin has been looking better than ever and I have concluded it must be due to this moisturiser. My skin feels smoother and much more nourished which makes applying makeup a breeze as everything glides on effortlessly. I was a little skeptical of how well this would work as my daily face cream as it does states it is more suited for dry/normal skin tones due to the high amount of nourishment. But I didn't notice any massive differences or excessive oiliness when using this on my oily/combo skin. I do highly recommend! 

Glasshouse Shambala Triple Scented Candle: Hallelujah! This is by far one of the best smelling candles I have ever own. The scent is made up of  honey, vetiver and patchouli which I won't even attempt to explain the scent as that would be disastrous. But I will say that the scent is very potent and can fill my entire apartment with it's mystical scent (hence called Triple Scented Candle, duh). I love burning this scent at night as it's very calming and relaxing and also disintegrates all the odours (from cooking etc) that have accumulated throughout the day as well.
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So those are my current favourites at the moment - let me know if you would like to see more of these posts in the future (and whether or not you want to see them more frequently).


  1. Oh my gosh I despise Winter too, it's absolutely miserable. I love love love the sound of that candle (aren't candles just the best?!) and I might have to grab that ELF brush because I really want a flat top brush. The NYX blush looks gorgeous too x

  2. That NYX blush is so pretty! And wow, that Puretopia moisturiser sounds soooo nice, definitely will keep my eye out for it when I'm in need of a new day cream.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. I love that brush! I have a number of brushes from ELF, and they are really quite gorgeous.

  4. The only part of Winter I love are the berry tones and being able to wear my knits and scarves. Everything else pretty much sucks. I must check out that ELF kit now! I struggle to find a good dark brown that isn't muddy.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  5. Winter sucks!!! The NYX blush is gorgeous!! :)

  6. I really need some flat top brushes so will be checking out the elf ones next time I'm shopping :)


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