24 Jul 2014

Review + Swatches: Polished London Nail Polishes

There's nothing more satisfying that cracking open a brand new bottle of nail polish and trying it for the first time, especially when you haven't had the chanceto read nor see any reviews/swatches. A couple of weeks ago I had the fantastic opportunity to test out a few Polished London nail polishes - I have heard snippets about this brand previously but haven't delved into the history or products. So I unknowingly dived into the polishes and after wearing all three polishes over the last three weeks I thought I would write my thoughts, plus include a few swatches, for you guys!

 photo P7183611_zps87df8ee0.jpg

I received three bottles in the shades Cranberry, Portobello and Miss Navy. All three polishes went on smoothly and were quite opaque. I did have a little issue with Miss Navy as my nails were noticeable around the edges but that was due to no error than my own (note to self - do not paint dark coloured shades during the night as the artificial lighting makes everything look perfect). The only thing I would consider giving negative comments on is the brush, I feel as though Polished London could make the brush applicator thicker and and possibly make the bristles shorter. That way it makes controlling the brush much more easier. But other than that I'm very impressed with this brand.
 photo P7183615_zps21d1ec63.jpg

Cranberry: Exactly what the name suggests, a cranberry red creme. (2 coats plus Seche Vite)

 photo P6273513_zpse528c666.jpg
 photo P6273509_zps1743c804.jpg
 photo P6273516_zpsb1582871.jpg

Portobello: A classic periwinkle (purple/blue) creme. (2 coats plus Seche Vite)

 photo P7053524_zps9e638097.jpg
 photo P7053528_zps2189d096.jpg
 photo P7053526_zps59772cc8.jpg

Miss Navy: A dark ink (or navy if you want to simplify it) blue with blue shimmers. (2 coats with Seche Vite)

 photo P7243632_zps3a2b3e14.jpg
 photo P7243628_zps79d21903.jpg
 photo P7243626_zps1f2a7e78.jpg

Polished London polishes can be found at various Terry White Chemists and independent pharmacies within Australia (check out the stocklist here) ranging between $4.99-$7.99.

Have you tried Polished London products before?


  1. nice shade, Portobello is pretty

  2. Ooh love the shades! Haven't heard of this brand before. Cranberry looks perfect for the season and Christmas!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  3. lovely swatches.. love the Cranberry :)

  4. love how the dark nail polish shimmers! xx


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