20 Jul 2014

Review: Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Eyeshadow Triple in Golden Girl

Now I don't know about you but I feel like a kid in candy store when it comes to eyeshadows. So many colours and finishes - ahh i just can't help myself. So when I received the opportunity to trial the Jane Iredale Pressed Eyeshadow Triple I was jumping for joy! And what better news than to find out the compact consists of neutral shades - whoopee. I know for many of your makeup lovers out there, me included, we all have an obsession with neutral shadows (otherwise Urban Decay would be out of business), there is just never enough to satisfy our needs. But for all you level-headed individuals who buy makeup for a normal human being (unlike hoarders who believe we have 100 faces to paint *ahem*) I think I may have discovered the best essentials compact for you.

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Starting off with packaging, the eyeshadow trio comes in a sleek gold, metal like compact, with a frosted, semi opaque lid etched with the iconic Jane Iredale logo. The compact holds 2.8g of product but still manages to stay lightweight making it travel friendly. One thing I really love about this trio is that it doesn't have any unnecessary packaging. The one thing that could make or break a product is bulky packaging. There is absolutely no need for a product to take up 1/3 of the pan and the rest be taken up for (e.g.) a brush that is never going to be used but I digress (there's a topic for another blogpost!).

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The vegan-friendly, cruelty free formula is immaculate. Similarly to the likes of Urban Decay and Stila, the Jane Iredale Triple offers soft, buttery-smooth shadows that glides on effortlessly. The shadows themselves are so finely-milled that they are a breeze to pack on and blend out accordingly. One thing I adore about these shadows is that the opacity of the shades stay even after blending out the edges.There's nothing worse that then thinking you've got a great eyeshadow because it swatches beautifully but is disastrous when applied onto the lid.  

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I received the Pure Pressed Eyeshadow Triple in Golden Girl - which is a warm toned compact consisting of three shimmer shades in deep bronze, a dusty champagne rose and a rich gold. Of course all the shades compliment each other to create a classic gold smokey eye, that can be worn during the day or not (depending on how dark you make it) or they can be used alone for a great wash of colour on the lids. The staying power of the shadows would give Urban Decay a run for it's money as they are able to last all day even without the use of a primer (but I would definitely recommend to use a primer if you're going to an actual event where alcohol and dancing would be involved).

I've also discovered that you can use these shadows wet or dry to create even more dramatic metallic, foil-like looks for a more sophisticated evening out on the town. The only gripe I have with this particular compact though is that all the shades are shimmers. I would have loved it if they added  a matte shade into the mix as it gives you more variety when creating looks. 

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The Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Eyeshadow Triple is available in 9 different shades and retail for approx $51 here in Australia. However, if you're looking for a steal - try out BeautyBay ($40), Active Skin ($43) or Allure Skincare ($36). 

This Triple does leave the feeling of having your bank account drained but the quality of these shadows are definitely worth the price. If you're looking for the perfect Christmas/birthday present for your sister/mother/grandmother look no further than Jane Iredale. 

*Product was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own and unbiased*


  1. What gorgeous packaging and shades! This looks like a winner. I'd never heard of this brand till now :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  2. Oh. My. God. That is stunning! I love that they transfer to the lids so nicely, because as you said there is nothing worse than a product that swatches beautifully but looks horrid on. Gagh this trio is perfection! x

  3. I'm a bit of an eyeshadow junkie as well. I love trying different formulas, finishes, and colors. I really like the lighter shade in this trio.
    Carolyn | BLOG


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