6 Jul 2014

GUEST POST: Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

It seems as though I keep starting my posts with some sort of sappy excuse for my lack of blogging lately. But once again, I’m here to confirm that I will definitely (fingers crossed) will be back to regular blogging after this week. In the mean time I have a special, and different, post for all of you– I am happy to annouce I have a guest blogger on See It, Love It, Swatch It! I am delighted to have Abby write an interesting post for all you round faced ladies out there (yay to round faces!) with some great tips and tricks! 

Abby is a writer and social media manager for My Hair Care. If you are looking for additional resource on hair care and hair styling tips, do visit their blog. Now let’s get down to the fun stuff!

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It’s difficult to find a flattering hairstyle for round face shapes. It is characterised by an even measurement of the distance from the chin to the hairline, as well as one side of the face to the other. There is also a rounded shape to it that lacks angularity found in round and other shaped faces. With a little digging, though, you will find that there are actually several hairstyles that would look good for this face shape

We did the legwork for you and here are some of the hairstyles that we recommended for your round face: 

Long Layers
When getting a cut, tell your hairstylist to start the layers slightly below chin level. Make sure that the layers are angled outward rather than inward as it opens up your face and create the illusion of having a longer face. 

When styling long layers with curls, follow the same pattern of curling it away from your face. It also helps to create a boxed-in accent to your face to offset the round shape. 

Loose and Down
When styling your hair, always keep it loose and full at the front. In fact, you can leave out light strands hanging in the front so they do the framing for you. You need a bit of practice when it comes to styling your hair with this method, though, so that the hair won’t overwhelm or cover up your entire face. If you can ace this look, it will help to create more definition around the cheekbones, too. 

Bob with Soft Waves
This is another super chic hairstyle to go to for women with round faces. The curls help to add texture to the hair and also complement the face shape. Meanwhile, the curls help to frame your naturally cherub cheeks. 

 photo hairstyleforroundfaces1_zpsbf295c36.jpg

Fringe on the Forehead
One of the most reliable hairstyling tricks for round faces is to add a fringe. A textured fringe above the eyes is one of the most effective ways to neutralise the round shape of the face. If
you can, keep the fringe’s shape slightly curved to complement the face’s shape. It also helps to play up the eyes in order to make it the focal point of the face and diverting focus away from the roundness of the face. 

Other options include an angle-cut fringe that is off-center and comes with an angled parting.

 photo hairstylesforroundfaces3_zps2bc17116.jpg

Center-Part Hairstyle
Another highly recommended hairstyle for round faces is a center part. Opting for a center parting effectively splits your face in half while keeping your hair down also creates the illusion of length. Meanwhile, the center part diverts attention towards the center part of the face so that the round shape won’t be too obvious. Also, letting your hair loose down the sides of your face will help to camouflage the roundness. 

Deconstructed Pixie
If you thought that round faces couldn’t rock a pixie, think again. It is actually a flattering hairstyle for women with round faces. Take Ginnifer Goodwin, for example. A disheveled cropped cut works best for women with round faces as the volume up the top of the head will create an oval illusion to the face. 

 photo hairstylesforroundfaces2_zps3e7a150d.jpg
Deep Side Part
This is a no-brainer pick for flattering hairstyles for round faces. In fact, a deep side part is flattering for any shapes because the part on the middle of any brow creates asymmetry and face-flattering angles that round faces naturally lack. 

Do you have round face shape? What is your favorite hairstyle to wear? 


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you want more of these posts to keep rolling in! Also, if you're interested in writing a guest post for See It, Love It, Swatch It in the future, do not hesitate to shoot me an email (info can be found under PR/Contact tab in nav bar)!



  1. I have pretty chubby cheeks and I didn't realise I already do some of these things. Yay thanks for the tips.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  2. I've always wanted to have a round face...LOL. I don't know why. I guess we all want what we can't have. Hope to see you blogging again soon!


  3. I really love my layers! I feel like a have a hybrid between a round and a heart-shaped face, because although my chin is pointy when I smile, my cheeks are pretty rounded. I wear my hair in a slightly-off-the middle parting, and that's the way it's been since I was really young!

  4. Nice post, Dawn :)
    I really need these information! Since I have round faces XD LOL
    I'm tempted to try Pixie Cut.. But I'm not confident enough to cut my hair that short >__<

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