24 Jun 2014

NOTD: China Glaze First Class Ticket & OPI Goldeneye

Another Monday Tuesday, another Nail of the Day post. My manicures have been quite dull and lacking character lately, so I thought I would revert back to the accent nail that I used to be in love with, to add some spark.

 photo P5303354_zpscf475051.jpg
I cannot remember the last time I whipped out OPI's Goldeneye, therefore it was the perfect occasion to rock this varnish. Oh, and what goes better with gold, than a good ol' navy polish - China Glaze's First Class Ticket. In all honesty, I was planning  of pairing it with black, but to my disbelief I don't own a black polish, so the next best thing is navy.

 photo P5303335_zps698468f7.jpg
 photo P5303342_zps575c049c.jpg
 photo P5303337_zps114b7537.jpg

What I love about First Class Ticket is it's versatility. Not only does it looks great by itself, with the help of it's subtle shimmer, it also looks fantastic paired with another shade. It also looks different in every lighting - purple during the morning, navy in the noon and black in evening.

For Goldeneye, I'm pretty sure this polish just speaks for itself. This gold glitter just looks beautiful from every angle and the quality is on point. Both polishes have such great durability and lasted the entire week without chipping with the help of my best friend Seche Vite. I'm definitely looking forward to wearing this combo again within the next couple of weeks.

 photo P5303347_zps06bd5e70.jpg
 photo P5303350_zpse6b03cb8.jpg 
Although I've been loving the dark shades, the new Summer Collection releases that have been released lately have been superb. I wish I was living in the Northern Hemisphere right now to enjoy some of those shades - especially the new China Glaze Collection! 

What shades have you been eyeing lately?


  1. such a pretty manicure! http://maybemayhemmakeup.blogspot.com.au/

  2. I LOVE navy coloured nails! I think a lot of people are scared of them because they are so dark but like you said, they are so versatile and they just look really good! It's a great pairing with the gold too!! :)

    Melissa | Lemonmel

  3. Lovely combination! Searching for a true gold polish since forever, maybe it's time for me to stop looking and get Goldeneye once and for all. It's beautiful on you.

  4. Both polishes are gorgeous... and the combination of the two is stunning!

  5. I love my darks, but I've been wearing brights as it is now summer. We are finally feeling the heat too. Ahh.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  6. I need Goldeneye in my life ASAP. Right. Time to go buy new nail polish :) x

  7. I have a weakness for gold and black, but navy is always my second option when I'm unable to get black (which is why several navy pieces have ended up in my wardrobe of late).

    Love this combination...I need to pull my Goldeneye out soon too!

  8. Goldeneye is gorgeous! Lovely combo :)


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