28 Jun 2014

Current Beauty Wishlist (June '14)

Life has been pretty hectic lately, so unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to write a full-on review blog post for you guys. Hopefully, I will fully get back into blogging very, very soon, but in the mean time I thought I would keep it short and simple and show you guys what I've been lusting over for the last couple of weeks!

 photo wishlist_zps692dbb18.jpg

Let me know if you've tried any of these products before as I would love to hear your thoughts before I dive in and purchase any of these! 


  1. that make up bag is so cute!! adding it to my bag
    Nail Masque

  2. I've got some more China Glaze items that I have to buy before the summer's out, so fist bump! The ASOS bag is just too cute (: x

  3. We're lusting over quite a few of the same things!

    That makeup bag is the cutest thing ever!

    Hilary x | TheBeautyCollective

  4. Almost everything on your wish list is on my wish list too! The mirror and make up bag are both adorable, but I don't think I'd be able to use the mirror other for decoration.
    The Chi Chi Elegant palette and Benefit they're real push up liner at the top of my wish list! I've heard fantastic things about the Tarte mascara, but would be such a hassle to try and get in Australia. Until Sephora opens here, at least. Then I'll pick it up!

  5. I don't own any of those product but a friend has the Too Faced blush in Candy Glow and it looks lovely on the cheeks!
    I'm also lusting over that eyeliner, I keep seeing people talking about it everywhere but I just bought a new eyeliner a couple weeks ago. This will probably be the one I go for when I'm out of the one I have now.

  6. DAWN DID YOU BREAK INTO MY BRAIN AND STEAL MY MENTAL WISHLIST? Hehe just kidding but seriously. I. Want. It. All.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  7. I want the Benefit Push Up Liner for sure!! And the They're Real Remover while I'm at it. Love the cute bag with ears!! x

  8. The Push up liner isn't the best, it dries quite quickly which is a bit crap but other than that it is very black and matte! xx


  9. I love the Chi Chi palettes! They are such good quality especially for the price you pay! x

  10. Great post ,love!You have great blog:)Following you now via GFC,hope you’ll do the same!
    xoxo Antonella!

  11. I'd love to get an Anna Sui hand mirror as well! I use the Amazonian Clay foundation. It's amazing stuff. I'll be doing a review on it soon.
    Carolyn | BLOG


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