14 Apr 2014

Review: Milani Baked Blushes in Dolce Pink, Rose D'Oro & Fantastico Mauve

After three years of being a self-confessed beauty junkie I have finally jumped on the bandwagon of one of the most coveted products on the market - the Milani Baked Blushes. Throughout the years I have constantly heard/read countless rave reviews about these bad boys and I have finally caved and purchase a few off Cherry Culture whilst they were having a 40% sale. After trialling these for the past two weeks I now realise what the hype was all about, these baked blushes have now become my most reached for cheek products. 

 photo P3302996_zps2a3a1748.jpg

Let's start off with packaging - for an $8 product the packaging isn't too bad. When closed, they look very atheistically appealing with the see-through plastic that showcases the blush shade inside. However, when you analyse it physically it can feel pretty bulky and a little too plastic. But hey, for something that's $8 isn't too bad. The Baked Blushes have a very tight clasp which keeps your mind at peace when taking travelling, as there is nothing more horrible than digging through your makeup bag and realising your blush has cracked open all over your other products. 

The bulkiness of the product is created by the double tiered compartments from the complimentary blush. Underneath the actual product there is a second compartment that holds a mirror and a blush which is kind of convenient but in my opinion totally unnecessary as I don't use the brush nor the tiny mirror. 

 photo P3302988_zps0cc77f81.jpg
 photo P3303013_zps6bd1b70a.jpg

I purchased three shades from the Baked Blush collection - 01 Dolce Pink, 02 Rose D'Oro and 06 Fantastico Mauve. I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about the infamous Luminoso Blush but I decided that I didn't need anymore peach shades in my blush collection. 

One of the main reasons why it took me so long to get my hands on these blushes is the fact that they look very shimmery in the pan/swatched. Having oily/combination skin has subconsciously turned me off anything that can be mistaken as 'oily' even when it comes to cheek products. I mean if something says 'matte', I'm 50% more inclined to pick it up. But my fears wore away after the first time I wore Fantastico Mauve - the finish was breathtaking. Definitely not too shimmery and certainly not matte, it was literally the perfect satin finish. Oh and how can you possibly resist the eye-catching marble effect/gold veining of the these product?!

 photo P3302992_zpsfbbc7abd.jpg
 photo P3303025_zpsa92ac879.jpg

As with most baked blushes the formula wise was top notch. It's very, very pigmented (and when I say that I mean you will turn out looking like a clown if you go slightly too overboard) but surprising very easy to blend out. There's nothing worse then pigmented blushes that are so difficult to blend away that it leaves a semi-permanent blush circle on your cheek for the day. It does feel a little grainy too touch as there is glitter encompassed into the blush, but it almost feels as though it melts away with the warmth of your fingers. The intimidating sparkliness of the blushes also fades away into a subtle satin finish. I've also heard that these look even better when applied wet but I have't tested this theory yet, so if anyone has applied these wet please let me know the end result. 

 photo P3303008_zps95ed432a.jpg

01 Dolce Pink: A warm toned pink with golden shimmer. I found that this was the sheerest of the three I purchased and it accentuated my usually non-existent pores on my cheeks. Nevertheless, a beautiful shade. 

 photo P3303002_zpsd5d41ba8.jpg

02 Rose D'Oro: Many people have described this shade to be a peachy coral but I find it more to be a bronzed copper with golden shimmer. This is a second most reached for blush at the moment as I love the way it compliments my skin tone. 

 photo P3303006_zpsb49f747b.jpg

07 Fantastic Mauve: A marbled pink, purple and white with gold veining. This is hands down my favourite from the bunch as the colours mix together to create the perfect plum shade for Autumn/Winter. I mean just look at the picture above and you'll instantly fall in love!

 photo P3303018_zpsa5eb5ca2.jpg
 photo P3303024_zpse09de015.jpg

Longevity wise these surprisingly last all day for me - obviously it does depend on what foundation/primer/setting spray you use as well, but when paired with the Revlon Colorstay or L'Oreal Nutri Lift Gold Foundations I can see the colour perfectly after a long day of work. 

Although the Milani Baked Blushes offer 3.5g of product which is a little less than normal powder blushes (e.g Illamasqua Blushes 4.5g, MAC 6g, theBalm 7.8g and NARS 4.8g) I can still see them lasting just as long. As you only need to tiniest amount to reach the perfect intensity. 

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed and look forward to possibly getting my hands on a few more shades that Milani offer (I mean the Matte Baked Blushes look pretty tempting). I highly recommend you giving these a try if you're looking for a quality blush that doesn't break the bank. 

What are your thoughts on the Milani Baked Blushes?


  1. Ooh these look so pretty! I too have heard so many good things about them but just haven't gotten round to making an online order. They do loos pretty shimmery, though I trust they look amazing on!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I want to try the baked matte blushes.


  3. I have one of these and while I like it, I must say when it arrived the blush literally fell out of the pan. The whole thing! I got my dad to glue it back in. lol.

  4. I need to try these too! I love the colours that you chose. I've never actually tried a baked blush before. I keep going to buy the Savvy ones but they are always out of stock at my local priceline. I might order a couple of these when my bank account allows it!

  5. They look gorgeous but they do look shimmery. I'm really tempted to pick out Luminoso though!

    Behind The Frames

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I personally own coralista and fantastico mauve! I haven't worn the mauve shade in forever, I've forgotten how pretty it is!

  7. So pretty! I just purchased the shade Red Vino through Beauty Joint and I can't wait to get it and have a play! I seriously wish I had seen this post beforehand, then I might have bought more!

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

  8. These look gorgeous! I need to have them! =P Thanks for the review =)

  9. I need to try these!
    Fantastic Mauve looks absolutely gorgeous!

  10. I have Rose D'oro, which I haven't tried yet, but I fell in love with Luminoso at first swipe! Great blush!

  11. I will totally try these products very soon! Love the colors :)

  12. i have two of these blushes, but i need to get my hands on rose d oro. it looks gorgeous!

  13. These do indeed look very pretty, I'm not sure how much I like the shimmer within them but I do think that they could be easily worked with.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  14. Lovely colours! I want it!!!

  15. I like thos. the colour is my favorite <3 Want it too .. <3

  16. love the color of the blushes!


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