6 Apr 2014

NOTD: Mary Kay Mulberry Forrest + New Blog Design

Before I get into my NOTD post, I just wanted to announce I have a new blog design! Unfortunately, my old design had a few glitches in it and I had to change as I didn't know how to fix it. I usually don't rant here on my blog, but I was just so disgusted with the way my I was treated by my old blog designer. I had contacted her in regards to how I could fix the glitch that was occurring, being very polite and also apologising that I needed to contact her in the first place. All in all she pretty much wouldn't help me unless I repurchased the blog design again. Seriously? Argh, words cannot describe how I felt when I read her reply. But, whatever, I digress. Let's move onto the NOTD post. 

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful breakfast event hosted by Mary Kay at The Grounds Of Alexandria. We dined and discussed the up and coming product launches for this coming Autumn/Winter for Mary kay. One of the products was this marvellous nail polish called Mulberry Forrest. As soon as I saw this I knew I was going to love it. 

 photo P3313082_zps0cd0d88b.jpg

Unfortunately I already had nail polish on at the event, otherwise I would have whipped this out ASAP. The colour speaks for itself - its pretty much the perfect shade for A/W in my opinion. 

 photo P3313085_zpsa48d6d28.jpg

I was surprised to see how opaque this polish was - with one coat my nails were perfectly covered with no bald patches or streaks in sight. It also dries quite quickly as you only need one coat!

I was a little iffy about the brush wand at first as it seemed a little flimsy and a little too flexible, but it actually helps with the 'one-coat-needed' application. Within 2-3 strokes with the brush your nail is completely covered. 

 photo P3313087_zps76ae3a45.jpg

Mulberry Forrest has quite a glossy finish which is definitely my preferred finished. It was also able to last a full week with no chipping (with the help of Seche Vite Of course) and did not fade or get stained in any way. 

 photo P3313089_zpsd3e1a2ab.jpg

Mary Kay Polishes retail for $16 which I don't think is that steep when comparing to the likes of OPI and Essie which is sold for about the same price here in Australia. If anything I find that the quality of Mary Kay polishes are very similar, if not better, than the other polishes I've tried previously. I cannot wait to try the other shade I received as well called Enchanted Mauve - I may also have to feature it in a NOTD post as well. 


  1. I'm loving this new blog design, it looks very clean and fresh :) I haven't heard of Mary Kay nail polishes before, but I'm loving the deep plum shade of this one! Perfect for autumn and winter :)

  2. That is such a beautiful colour! I've never tried Mary Kay products but have heard so many good things about them. The new blog design is lovely too

  3. Great new blog design, it looks great! I love the new Mary Kay polishes, this is one of my favourite colours! Perfect for autumn! xx

  4. I love love love this shade! It's such a 'me' shade. I'm so sorry about how you were treated by your blog designer :/ that is so annoying. I'm lucky that Grace (the lovely lady who does mine) is currently fixing up a few glitches without any questions. I can only imagine how freaking annoyed you would have been! I love your new design though :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  5. I feel your anger about the blog designer incident! After-care is just as important as making the sale. I never got a reply about a problem with my design but lucky I was able to resolve it myself.

    Anyway! Mulberry looks very sophisticated and you're right - a definite hit for A/W

  6. Beautiful shade! I love your mani:))


  7. What!? How can you get your client to pay for a blog design over again? Fixing glitches are part of the job, I would believe. Ah! If it's any consolation, I do love this new blog design. And the nail polish as well! Deep reds are beaut.

  8. Love the clean new design and this nail colour! Gorgeous :)

  9. This is so pretty. I super like the color for I find it unique and classy. Its def worth the try.


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