28 Apr 2014

My Blush Collection

After all these years of stating I was a blush fiend, I thought it was about time I showed you my blush collection. I honestly don't think I have that much, obviously more than the average joe, but definitely not as much (and as high-end) as other beauty lover's collections out there. After sifting through my blushes, I realised I don't actually have that many 'expensive' blushes, I guess it goes to show that the drugstore and wallet friendly blushes are just as good as their counterpart. But I'm still dreaming of getting my hands on a few Hourglass, Bobbi Brown and Tarte Blushes in the near future..

Without further adieu - here's my collection:

 photo blushcollecion_zpsdcae6243.jpg

First off we have NARS - (Clockwise) Pierre Hardy LE Rotonde (review), Pierre Hardy LE Boys Don't Cry (review), Desire (review), Orgasm and Enchanted. 

 photo P4273282_zps9e9a89db.jpg
 photo P4273287_zpsc76fcd95.jpg
 photo P4273292_zps5816c136.jpg Next we have MAC - I did a full review of my MAC blush collection last year so if you're interested click here to view. I currently have Springsheen, Fleur Power, Desert Rose, Dollymix, Pink Swoon, Coy Girl, Dainty, Super Nova, Breezy and Salsarose. 

 photo P4273321_zps52350c00.jpg

 photo P7100205_zpsf1f4850e.jpg

Moving onto some more medium price range blushes: 

I currently have two Benefit blushes - Thrrrob (review) and Dandelion (review), from theBalm I have Hot Mama! (review) and Cabana Boy (review) and I have one lonely Illamasqua Blush in Thrust (review). 

 photo P4273296_zpsdbde69b2.jpg

(L-R) Thrrrob, Dandelion, Thrust, Hot Mama! and Cabana Boy. 
 photo P4273299_zps063a6075.jpg

Next we have some 'drug-store' blushes - I have two Jordana Blushes in Coral Sandy Beach and Sunlit Bronze, a Physician Formula Happy Booster Blush in Rose and two Wet N Wild Blushes in Heather Silk and Pearlescent Pink. 

 photo P4273302_zps274528a4.jpg

(L-R) Coral Sandy Beach, Sunlit Bronze, Rose, Heather Silk and Pearlescent Pink. 
 photo P4273305_zpsb397c0a1.jpg

Paul Penders Mineral Foundation Blush in Dazzling Rose (review), Essence LE Cherry Blossom Girl Blush in Asian Sensation, Essence Silky Touch Blush in Babydoll, Rimmel Match Perfection Blush in Light/Medium (review) , Rimmel Blush in Santa Rose (review). 

 photo P4273308_zps1aa6118c.jpg

(L-R) Dazzling Rose, Asian Sensation, Santa Rose, Light/Medium and Santa Rose. 
 photo P4273312_zps0d381a2d.jpg

No one's collection is complete if you don't own any E.L.F or NYX blushes - I own Twinkie Pink, Tickled Pink (review), Candid Coral (review) and Pink Passion E.L.F Blushes and Dessert Rose and Pinky NYX Blushes.

 photo P4273316_zps054e4980.jpg

(L-R) Twinkie Pink, Tickled Pink, Candid Coral, Pink Passion, Dessert Rose and Pinky. 
 photo P4273317_zps34c0bd01.jpg

BYS Blush trio in Endless Summer, NYX Cream Blush in Boho Chic (review) and Tickled (review) and a TopShop Blush in Flush.

 photo P4273319_zps3f4188af.jpg

(L-R) Tickled, Boho Chic, Flushed and Endless Summer Trio.
 photo P4273321_zps52350c00.jpg

I also have 4 Blushes from Inglot - Unfortunately I forgot to take a proper photo of the blush packaging but 3 out of 4 are just in pan form anyways - I currently own no. 32, no. 35 (review), no. 61 (review) and no. 70 (review). 

 photo P4273323_zps39bc1297.jpg

And lastly we have the Milani Baked Blushes which I did a review of a couple of weeks ago (review here) - I own Dolce Pink, Rose D'Oro and Fantastico Mauve. 

 photo P4273287_zpsc76fcd95.jpg  photo P4273287_zpsc76fcd95.jpg

So those are all the blushes I currently own in my collection - I'd love to see what you guys own!


  1. I love this post! I'm a total blush junkie and this was totally my favorite post, like ever! Now I need to go buy about 20 new blushes!
    A Thing of Beauty

  2. WOW! How do you choose which one to wear? I think I own maybe 6? lol

  3. Great collection! I think my all time favorite blush is MAC Warm Soul. So pretty!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  4. Amazing collection girl! I have quite a modest collection myself, even though blush is my favourite!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  5. Oh my! I love your collection! I loveee blush but I don't have as many as you, haha. I've been trying to control myself. But your collection is gorgeous!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  6. Amazing collection!!!! I have several blushes myself <3

  7. wow, amazing collection, I only have sleek and Wet N Wild :(

  8. Wow...I have 5 and i confess that 3 of them seems the same to me, so sometimes I think that I have to much!LOLOLOLOL :)

  9. Incredible collection! They all look wonderful, especially the Milani ones :)

  10. jealous at your collection! totally eyeing the nyx & thebalm blushes *love heart eyes*

    ♥ M&L twoplicates

  11. Such a great collection! NYX Cream Blush is my all-time favorite <3

  12. Beautiful blushes! Mine is growing too and I may have just as many but I don't have any elf or nyx blushes although I'd probably buy up at least half of the single blushes in nyx! I love your rosey and mauve brown shades! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Such a wonderful collection! I don't have nearly as much but a few shades have caught my eye here. Time to bring out the wallet for some new blushes!

  14. Ahh-mazing collection! And I thought I was over the top with 8 on the go at the moment! This post makes me feel so much better!

  15. Amazing collection! Thanks for sharing!

  16. wow, lovely collection! *_*

  17. Wow! Awesome collection!
    Love them all!))

  18. wow that's a lot of blushes! They all look fab, esspecially the ones from Nars! ^_^

  19. Wow this is hugeee and beautiful!

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  20. Beautiful collection. I really like the iridescent blushes! So pretty.

  21. holy cow blush collection! not that i should say anything since i'm overflowing as well. need to start giving repeats away!
    A Beautiful Zen

  22. Wow I only have 3 blushes in my collection. :-))

  23. Wow! These all look super pretty! :D Blush is my favorite make up product at the moment and I love seeing what other people have in their collections. :)

  24. Wow, you have a lot of great blushes!

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  26. amazing collection! i envy >.<

  27. I said this was my favourite post so I decided I'd comment on this one as my second comment. It really is fantastic to see the colour payoff of so many different brands with personalised comments on each. Thanks for taking the time x


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