18 Mar 2014

Review: Etude House Color My Brow #01 Rich Brown

Last year whilst holidaying in Thailand the release of Benefit's Gimme Brow was making quite a splash in the beauty community, with almost every 'famous' beauty YouTuber/blogging jumping on the band wagon. Naturally, this provoked me to lust over it whilst in Thailand and seek it out at every opportunity. Unfortunately, I discovered that Benefit was actually the same price as it was here in Australia, so I decided that if I really wanted it, I would simply purchase it from their online store for a cheaper price. However on one of my last shopping days in Bangkok I stopped by the Etude House counter (surprise, surprise) and discovered that they had a similar product called Color My Brows - instinctively I threw it in my basket in the hopes that it would be as good or better than Gimme Brow. 

Just thought I would share the (possibly the most interesting and irrelevant) background story of why I purchase this, but nevertheless onto the review. 

 photo P1152576_zps5b451d66.jpg

I love brows. My favourite part of makeup routine is drawing on my brows - although they can be a little difficult to work with on some days, they truly make the biggest difference. I think it's safe to say that I cannot leave the house if I don't have my brows (and lashes) on. 

With that being said, I think it's obvious that I have an obsession with brow products. I love trying out new eyebrow products, whether it be in the form of pencils, powder and even gel, so naturally I gravitated towards this product when I laid eyes on it. 

 photo P1152581_zpsb58216ff.jpg

Etude House Color My Brow is available in 5 shades - #1 Rich Brown, #2 Light Brown, #3 Red Brown, #4 Natural Brown and #5 Blondie Brown. Sadly, there were only 3 shades available at the counter therefore I assumed that was the entire colour selection, however if I knew there was a natural brown shade I would have opted for that. 

Color My Brows claims to be a "brow mascara that combs to set, shade and moisten brows for a refunded natural look". The packaging is quite adorable (as is with most asian beauty products) and also very simple. Color My Brow was housed in cardboard similar to how you would find some perfume samples and is about the size of a deluxe mascara sample. 

 photo P1152577_zps452039d8.jpg

The wand is quite small so it makes application very quick and simple, but I found that it can be a little tricky if you're trying to fill in the tail of your brows. I also found that it can be a little more difficult to work with if you're actually needing to fill in sparse areas as, there is essentially no hair for the brow gel to cling onto. Especially if you do need to draw your brows thicker if you have naturally thin eyebrows. The great thing about using coloured eyebrow mascaras is that it reduces the amount of time spent on doing your brows and it's also more reduces the amount of products you use. Not to mention it does set within a matter of minutes and doesn't budge for the rest of the day. Regrettably, the positives about this product ends here, and the rant begins:

Now, I'll be honest with you now and tell you guys that I've only used this a couple of times since purchasing it. This is because the shade is wayyyyyy, too brown for my liking. Yes, I do acknowledge that the shade name is Rich Brown, but if you're making a product thats suited to black haired girls, such as myself, you know that they don't have brown eyebrows, they have black toned brows. Therefore, when wearing this product your eyebrows stick out like a sore thumb and kind of make you look clown-like. 

 photo P1152582_zpsd6d135e5.jpg

I have tried multiple ways of wearing this product, but every time the end results looks disastrous. As much as I do commend the formula and the packaging, the shade selection is terrible and I wish I could have picked up #4 Natural Brown instead. Sadly, this has become one of my 'products I regret buying' and have put me off colour brow mascaras for the time being. 

Another disappointing factor about Color My Brow is that it dries quite quickly. I've had this brow mascara for about 5 months and have noticed that it has almost completely dried even though I have only used it about 4 times. Which is pretty annoying considering you paid good money for a product you've only used a handful of times. But with that being said, the expiry date is for 6 months. 

 photo P1152585_zpsa773511a.jpg

Overall, I'm glad I did venture out and give this brow mascara a try, as it has taught me to never buy products on a whim and always research beforehand. But I'm am also thoroughly disappointed with the shade I had chosen. If you've given this product a try or any other brow mascaras a go, definitely let me know your thoughts on them! 


  1. Interesting review! Thanks for sharing:))


  2. Wow it is really brown. Probably wouldn't work for me then. It's always hard to find the perfect ashy brown to match us black-haired girls!

  3. I have the same one, but luckily it works great for me. It also didn't dry up, although I have it for a year now (although the expire date says 6 months...:D).

  4. Awww damn! That's so disappointing. I want to try out some more brow mascaras I have only tried the Australis one and I didn't like it...

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  5. Thanks for the review! I got excited at first, until I read to the end. :( Sad it's not great, but it's good to know!

  6. I'm actually really glad to have read this review because I was seriously considering buying this as my first brow mascara! Lucky! I have black hair as well and so Rich Brown would have been my pick but that swatch looks awfully brown!

    Etude House's brow pencils aren't bad though!

  7. I actually have this, and I predominantly use eyebrow mascaras to do my brows. I find it's the only better solution for girls who have dyed hair! Maybe try the Innisfree version of the brow mascara- it's my current fave :)

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  9. So interesting...
    Thank you for the review... ^^

  10. I've never tried a brow mascara, sounds interesting.. this one looks a bit too brown for me and I'm a brunette... x

  11. If any one searching for fashion products review. Then your blog is perfect for it. Because I have founded so many reviews here.

  12. I've never tried a brow mascara but i`am curios.

  13. aww :( it's so disappointing!

  14. Sorry it did not work. I am always hunting for affordable brow products too. Matching the color is important factor for the perfect brows so I understand that con!

  15. interesting. the color is great

  16. I'm sorry that this didn't work for you but I LOVE this eyebrow mascara. I dyed my hair reddish-brown recently and since I already have thick eyebrows that don't need anything done to them, I use this eyebrow mascara in #3 Red Brown to kind of give my eyebrows a reddish tint and tidy them up. I'm sure that it would work better for people who dyed their hair and want to tint their eyebrows to match their hair color as close as possible. And for people with sparse eyebrows, it might help if they filled in their eyebrows before using this mascara.


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