5 Feb 2014

Review: YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in 6 Pink In Devotion

I'm a massive sucker for packaging. If something looks cute, there’s a higher chance I’m going to buy it. However, when something looks down right immaculate, like the YSL Rouge Volupté lipsticks, I need to buy 10. Obviously not in one go as these lipsticks retail around the $55 mark thus meaning I would be incredibly poor until my next payday comes, but they’re definitely something I want to collect.

I bought this beauty a couple of months ago whilst on my trip to Thailand, and I thought it was about time I finally write a little review on it. 

 photo PB052042_zps422abe11.jpg

We all know how beautiful all YSL products are, especially these lipsticks, so I'm just going to skip over that section and dive straight into the formula. 

Pink In Devotion is my second Rouge Volupté lipstick, with the first being thPêche Faubourg. Unlike Pêche Faubourg, Pink In Devotion is a Volupté Shine, meaning it's less opaque but more moisturising. If you've tried/seen the regular Rouge Volupté lipsticks you will already know that they are very pigmented, very creamy but can be a little drying after a couple hours of wear. The Volupté Shines though, in my opinion, feel amazing on your lips all day long. It seriously feels as though you just have a lip balm on! 

 photo PB052050_zps104adcee.jpg

Pink in Devotion is a bright, warm-toned pink lipstick that would look great on many different skin tones. Although, these are meant to be sheer and "natural" looking, you can build up the colour to make it more noticeable. These are perfect for those who suffer permanent dry lip syndrome like myself or who just want a luxurious everyday lipstick. 

 photo PB052049_zps83c21f66.jpg
 photo PB052045_zpsb48470cb.jpg

The one thing that does suck about this lipstick is the wear time. Due to the lightweight, sheer formula, it only lasts about 3 hours (without eating and drinking) before it begins to fades. Nevertheless, I'm not too fussed about re-applying  as it means I get to whip out the lipstick and fall in love with the packaging all over again. 

 photo PB052052_zps44313e70.jpg

Unfortunately the lighting is a little off in the photo below but you can already tell how lovely Pink In Devotion is. 

 photo PB052054_zps03efecd4.jpg

As you can tell I just cannot say anymore good things about Pink In Devotion. It seriously has become a staple in my makeup collection and it actually worth the hefty price tag (although I only paid $30 instead of $55). 

If you haven't had the chance to test out the Rouge Volupté Shine lipsticks before, I highly and I mean highly recommend that you do. Pink In Devotion has become my go to lipstick for when I need something that is always going to look good and not make my lips into the Sahara Desert. 


  1. What a gorgeous colour! I need it in my life.

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  2. What a pretty shade! I hope I can own one in the future! :)


  3. Nice colour :) I have only one of the regular Rouge V. but the formula is amazing :)


  4. The packaging is worth the purchase in itself! I adore that color too!

    Xo, Kelsey

  5. Such a pretty colour! I have never tried these before...


  6. thank you for the review.. was wondering what YSL lip color I should get. I'll keep this one in mind =)

  7. And you'll look super fancy when you reapply! Haha, the packaging is just so stunning. They are currently out of my price range but definitely something I've set my sights on for a future (very far future) purchase!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  8. It's so gorgeous! It looks like it'll brighten up any complexion :) Maybe one day I'll be able to splurge on one of those haha.

  9. This is such a you colour! I love it :) I haven't tried these yet but I'm always tempted when I walk past the counter.. Damn the stoopid amazing packaging!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  10. Wow!!! This is a very pretty lip color. I also love the packaging for it looks so classy. I love the shade for its girly and sexy on lips.

  11. I love YSL - there are no downsides! Beautiful colour - suits you so well. You should've picked up a few more at that price ;)

  12. Such a pretty colour! And the packaging is stunning :)

  13. This packaging is really gorgeous! Love the color on you! Wondering if it would look just as nice on my pale skin though...

  14. I just love the color of lipstick. Really awesome!


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