8 Feb 2014

Review & Swatches: Julie G Frosted Gum Drops Collection

A couple of months ago Almost a year ago I was fortunate enough to win the entire Julie G Frosted Gum Drops collection. I finally decided to stop being lazy and finally make a blog post about these polishes. If you don't know already, Julie G is a fabulous beauty YouTuber who teamed up with Jessie's Girl (an American drugstore brand) to create fun and exciting nail polishes. 

 photo P8210542_zps33eb7dcb.jpg
When I first received the Frosted Gum Drops Collection I was over the moon and completely swept off my feet. The main reason being, I was just starting to get into the trend of texture nail polish with OPI being the only brand I knew (at the time) releasing them. The shades themselves are eye-catching and right up my alley, and with the added bonus of being having a textured finish made them perfect. 

 photo P8210540_zpsd0905643.jpg

Now I know textured polishes are either a 'love it' or 'hate it' thing as many people adore having a gel like, smooth finish, but for me I love them. Each to their own though as I know many people loved the 'shattered' nail polish top coat effect but I on the other hand detested. What I love about textured nail polishes is that when you get sick of the texture you can always add on a thick clear top coat to make the finish gel like (I suggest Seche Vite).  If you just love the formula/colour combination of the polish but hate the textured finish this is a great way for you to still get the most use out of a polish. Although it won't look as good (as the colour and vibrancy is reduced). 

 photo P8210545_zps7dace5f5.jpg

The swatches below are with two coats of nail polish and of course in their true textured form. As you can see in the photos as well, whatever the colour you see in the bottle is what you can expect to have when you wear it. I don't know about you, but I truly hate when I buy nail polish thinking the colour payoff will be the same as what you see in the bottle but when you apply to your nails it has no resemblance at all. So I was immensely impressed when I swatched that these Julie G polishes.

 photo P8210543_zps136bcb3b.jpg

Crushed Candy: A light purple (almost on the verge of pink) with silver glitter - almost looks metallic in certain lighting. 

 photo P8210560_zps6bb8c900.jpg

Blueberry Fizz: A light blue with silver glitters - this is very much like Crushed Candy in terms of finish. 

 photo P8210556_zps48696759.jpg

Rock Candy: A metallic teal with silver glitters. 

 photo P8210554_zps8a2fac21.jpg

Hot Cinnamon: A cherry red with orange and pink shimmers. This one looks particularly beautiful with a clear top coat on. 

 photo P8210549_zpsca99b405.jpg

Sugar Rush: A coral/red with golden shimmers. 

 photo P8210561_zps0b741923.jpg

Tangerine Dream: A bright orange with golden shimmers. This also looks stunning with a top coat on - especially during Summer! 

Formula wise I would say these are pretty comparable to OPI at just a fraction of the cost - $3.99 USD. The longevity, formula and colour selection is just as good as their 'luxury' counterpart. So if you haven't tested out textured nail polishes before but want to give it a go, I would definitely recommend these Julie G polishes are they are very, very inexpensive and good quality. 

You can find them at Jesse's Girl, and yes they do ship internationally! 


  1. OMG!! Where have I been not to have seen these! I love all the colors above but the crushed candy is my favorite!


  2. Blueberry Fizz is so gorgeous x

  3. Beautiful swatches. Never tried this brand but might!

  4. These look lovely, all the colours are so pretty! I particularly like Rock Candy.

    Kimberley x

    Kimberley's Beauty Blog

  5. The are awesome! Oh Hot Cinnamon!!!

  6. These are nice, but there are dupes if you're seeking them locally. FOA's Carnival Collection, the red and green ones are dupes.

  7. oooh i llovvee hot cinnamon and sugar rush


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