18 Feb 2014

Lust Have It! February 2014 FAB Box

After unsubscribing to all beauty boxes last year, I recently was gifted the Valentine's Day Edition (February) Lust Have It! FAB (Fashion and Beauty) Box. This is the first time I've ever received a FAB Box as I use to be subscribed to the regular monthly Women's Box as I don't really consider myself highly into fashion accessories. But who am I to turn down a lovely gesture, right? 

Now before I start blabbering on about the goodies I receive let's talk about Lust Have It and the FAB Box. LHI is an Australian subscription company who not only provide boxes for beauty products but also fashion, bridal and eco boxes. For $35 you can purchase a FAB Box where you can receive both fashion and beauty pieces valued over $100. I do also have a coupon that gets you $5 off your first box just by entering DUGONG in the checkout which will make your next purchase $30. 

 photo P2182743_zpsdb2ac509.jpg

As this was my first experience with the FAB Box I didn't have too many expectations or prior biases towards it. However in saying that being an old LHI customer I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up. 

 photo P2182751_zps8648f605.jpg

Included in this Valentine's Edition Box (which actually came after the 14th Feb) was:

- 2x Model Co Cream Party Proof Lipstick (Pinking Of You & Panama Purple) RRP $16.95 each
- BOE Beauty Cosmetics Nail Enamel (Pretty Baby) RRP $2
- LHI Accessories Long Delicate Necklace RRP $16.99
- LHI Accessories Dainty Cross Bracelet RRP $12.99
- LHI Accessories Envelope Clutch RRP $34.95

 photo P2182748_zpsd03da552.jpg

Let's start with the fashion pieces. The one thing I am grateful for about the jewellery is the fact that it's gold (well gold coloured) - if I had received silver I probably would have chucked them into the bin, okay maybe not that extreme but I would have passed them onto a friend/sibling ASAP. Design wise I do like the necklace but not the cross bracelet. I've never been fond of wearing crosses, whether in regards to religion or a fashion statement. As for the clutch, I like the colour and the gold detailing but I doubt I will get any use out of it as I usually opt for dark coloured accessories (most probably black). 

So overall, the fashion pieces didn't really impress me. However, I will definitely be giving them to someone who can actually get use out of them and love them the way I don't. 

 photo P2182753_zpsa52b9936.jpg
 photo P2182754_zps0662bbbd.jpg

Now for the makeup - if you don't know already I am obsessed with collecting nail polishes and lipsticks so I'm very glad I was able to receive both of my favourites in the box. Unfortunately though, I'm not a massive fan of BOE and Model Co. Call me a snob, but I just don't find their products to be of high quality, therefore I just stay away from purchasing products from these brands in general. 

But after swatching them, I'm quite excited to actually give them a go. The Model Co Lipsticks did actually feel creamy and the packaging is actually nice. The only downfall though is the shades - I was provided with Pinking Of You which is way too pale for my skin tone and Panama Purple which looks like dirt (or even poo-coloured) on my lips.

For the BOE Nail Enamel, I really like the shade but I'm not quite sure how the quality in regards to longevity/chipping will go. But being a $2 nail polish I don't really have high hopes. 

 photo P2182757_zpsba9142f2.jpg

In my honest opinion though, if I was to have paid $35 and received this February Box I would be quite disappointed. Not only do I think this box is no way near worth $100 (even though it adds up to be $100.83), the quality of the accessories is not up to par with other inexpensive brands like Diva/Lovisa /Colette. I'm glad I did receive this box as it was a reminder as to why I unsubscribed to beauty boxes in general as I can put my money towards products I will actually use. However, I am thoroughly grateful for receiving this box and I will definitely try and love the beauty products, but I will be giving the fashion products a new home. 

What are your thoughts of this month's FAB Box? 


  1. This looks like such a good box! The lipstick shade is gorgeous
    I love how bright and clear your photos are too xxx

  2. everything is good except for those lipstick shades.

  3. Not bowled over by this box! I have to say that I'm a big fan of Her Fashion Box and that I'm glad I chose not to keep up my FAB sub after the first box. I think the jewellery would have been upsetting for me!

  4. Hmm can't say i'm too keen on this box, a lot of model co products! The bag is cute though.

  5. I like the jewelry, nail polish and bag! (Im not big on lipsticks so I wouldnt wear them but they are nice colors none the less)

  6. I would definitely agree in saying that it doesn't seem like it adds up to $100! The brands included in this would not be something I would've been happy to receive either!

  7. This box seems a bit on the cheapo side to be honest. Model Co is starting to get sooo old. The shades of lipstick are kind of weird too...but maybe you could use a different coloured pink gloss over the top of the pink one?

  8. that bag is so cute! Would look great for spring/summer :)


  9. the lipstick color of pinking of you is so pretty!

  10. This looks like such a good purse!
    The lipstick colors is gorgeous and feminine and
    I love how bright and clear your photos are too

    be friend?

  11. Looks great! I love the bag! Hey you have such a cool blog. Follower, follow me: http://reneehartsthis.blogspot.com.au/ also come and enter my giveaway!
    Renee x

  12. I like the jewellery and the bag, but not a fan of the lipstick colours

  13. Cute stuff! Love the Model Co Cream Party Proof Lipstick in Panama Purple. Looks like a great vampy color. The dainty necklace and bracelet are also so cute.


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