29 Jan 2014

Review + Swatches: Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Colour Lipsticks

If you're anything like me, a massively over-the-top lipstick hoarder, than you will probably own at least one Wet N Wild Megalast lipstick in your collection. Back when I first started my crazy, obsessive makeup journey I decided to purchase 6 of these in one go and after using them for a couple of years I'm still sitting on the fence. 

 photo P1292650_zpsbae14b20.jpg

Out of the 26 shades available in the Mega Last collection I picked up mostly pink shades (my fixation with pink toned lipsticks can be reflected through my lipstick collection) -Don't Blink Pink, Think Pink, Pinkerbell, Mauve Outta Here, Dollhouse Pink and Cherry Picking. 

I was a little weary when I first saw these whilst online shopping but after reading and watching so many reviews exclaiming how 'wonderfully pigmented' and 'great quality for the price', I eventually caved in. I mean they are dirt cheap, retailing at $2.75 on Beauty Joint or even $1 or less if you live in the States, and they truly are pigmented as hell but there are quite a few cons associated with theses. 

 photo P1292648_zps48bdcb72.jpg

Let's start with the good stuff:

As I mentioned before, the pigmentation is out of this world (as you will see in the swatches below), with just one swipe you can achieve full opacity. The product dries to a lovely semi-matte finish and does feel quite creamy when first applied. 

The colour selection is superb if you're looking for bold, stand-out shades and is pretty accessible as you can buy these online. I've also seen countless other bloggers/YouTubers who have stated that some of the shades are dupes for other higher-end brands, which is great for savvy savers out there. The staying power of the Mega Last Lip Colour is commendable, being able to last 3-4 hours (without eating of course) before a touch up is needed. I do strongly suggest to touch up after you eat though as it can leave a ring of colour around your mouth if you don't!

Unlike other bold lipsticks, the Mega Last Lip Colour doesn't bleed or smudge around the lips. They do tend to stay put after they have dried down to their semi-matte finish. The clear lid also makes it quick and easy to spot which colour you want for when you're in a rush as well. If you're sensitive to smells these will be excellent for you as I didn't particularly find these to give off any scent.

 photo P1292652_zps2b15e968.jpg
 photo P1292661_zps24030894.jpg

Now for the not so good aspects:

First and foremost the packaging is absolutely terrible. Although I know they are cheap as chips, I still hate the fact that the packaging is so incredibly cheap. Not only is it made from plastic, it can possibly be shattered if dropped or stuffed into a crammed handbag. But that's not the the worst problem - the construction and placement of the product itself is infuriating. The lipstick itself cannot be winded down the entire way to be safely covered, instead it sticks out and is easily chipped from opening and closing the lid. Now I don't know about you, but I'm extremely frustrated. 

Another problem I have uncovered is that after an hour of wear the creaminess starts to wear off and the drying begins. If you're prone to having dry lips already I would definitely say stay away from these as they will drive you insane. But you're having a good lip day, these will look quite nice paired with a good hydrating lip balm. Also, as these do dry to a semi-matte finish, these lipsticks will accentuate any dry patches/flakiness you have on your lips so definitely (and I mean definitely) make sure you have a thorough lip scrubbing session before wearing these out. 

In addition, the lipstick itself is not shaped into a slight point like other lipsticks, instead it is just a slanted circle. This can annoy some people as it does make it slightly harder to be precise with this lipstick, and you do need to be quite careful with this lipstick as the colours are so vibrant and bold. 

 photo P1292657_zpsf9df5541.jpg

Don't Blink Pink - A bright fuchsia (quite similar to MAC's Chatterbox in my opinion).

Think Pink - A light baby pink. This is certainly a more wearable baby pink shade for yellow undertone girls like me - it's not too pale and not to blue toned. 

Pinkerbell - A bubblegum pink that's slightly coral toned. 

Mauve Outta Here - A cool toned medium purple-pink. I usually associate 'mauve' shades to be my 'Your Lips But Better' shade but this one is definitely too cool for my completion. Nevertheless, the colour looks great with my skin tone. 

Dollhouse Pink - A very bright, blue toned pink. You have to be quite careful with this shade as it can look very ..wrong on different skin tones. 

Cherry Picking - A bright cherry red - a great alternative to the classic red. 

Swatches below are in the same order as the descriptions above. 

 photo P1292665_zpsd3b4192f.jpg
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-29at125213PM_zps977e4285.png

So that my thoughts on the Wet N Wild Lip Colour lipsticks. I do highly recommend these and at less than $3 you just can't go wrong! Let me know your thoughts on these!


  1. Fantastic colors! I'd try the Cherry Picking...

  2. I have a couple of these (Sugarplum fairy and Cherry picking) but I haven't worn them out yet - they're very bright. They look nice on your lips! I agree with your packaging cons though! I've already sliced a bit of the side of one, even when I'm being careful.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. I agree with tje cons, but si love cherry picking. I always try to moisturize ny lips before hand and apply it with a lip brush :-)

  4. I love the colours this lipstick comes in but if they are drying and accentuate dry patches they will not work for me. My lips are dry all the time unfortunately.

  5. OMG! you won't believe it but I have never heard of them... I am so amateur!! But thanks for the post... I would check them out... :)
    Let's talk about everything

  6. I have Dollhouse Pink and I like it. I just wish the formula was more dry lip friendly.

  7. There's so much hype about that lipstick from Wet N Wild coz of the cheap price and gorgeous shades. But I don't like the fact that it's drying :( I hate the tacky packaging too! I'd still love to buy a few to try coz the colours are just so beautiful! hehe =D Thanks for the fabulous swatches. <3

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  8. I have a few and I love them x

  9. i have all the colors and nude except the cherry picking its soo pretty! i need to get my hands on em'

  10. wow, i love the colours! so beautiful! but i don't think i'll be trying any time soon as i suffer from very dry/chapped lips. but the colours are just so gorgeous and bright!


  11. I agree with the application being so hard without the pointed tip and the packaging being sooo bad! I love the colours though so I always wear them haha. Cherry picking is beautiful on you :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  12. These colours are absolutely gorgeous! Great picks! Although I understand what you mean about annoying packaging, I hate when lipsticks don't wind fully down and end up getting dented over time.

  13. Sounds like it would be worth getting for the price alone, and while good, there are some drawbacks. At least it'd do in a pinch!

  14. These sound like my kind of lipsticks as I love mattes! I hate frustrating packaging too, it makes me not reach for certain products in my collection!

  15. Gah I want all of them they look so pretty!

  16. Despite those negatives, which are a bit of a turn off, these look amazing on your lips! The colours are just gorgeous! xx

  17. I have pinkerbell and it dry out my lips oh and I looked tan when i use it :(

  18. Wow! I want to try that lipstick and I'm crushing on DollHouse Pink:)
    Nice review and I love your lips:)

  19. when you put lipstick on do you use a brush and go around your piercing, or do you put the lipstick on directly and just use a qtip to clean off your piercing? seems like you'd be cleaning off the piercing every time you smack your lips together throughout the day and that would get tiresome. just curious.


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