11 Jan 2014

Review: OCC Liptar in Memento and Strumpet

Lip Tars by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics or OCC have been the talk of the town for quite some time, where it seems everyone is just continuously raving about these products. And as much as I tried to find faults in this product this review will be no different. 

I picked up two OCC Lip Tars about year ago and since then have fallen head over heels in love. These hybrid lip products are the perfect combination of a lipstick and gloss that can be worn all day, everyday. 

 photo P9280845_zps63f2fc11.jpg

Now, I know I've said it before - blah, blah, blah these are one of the best liquid lipsticks I've tried blah, blah, blah - but when comparing the others with Lip Tars none of them stand the chance. 

I find that other products that claim to be hybrids are either they're slightly too drying, too matte, slippery or transfer all over your clothes. Luckily for us, OCC have give us Lip Tars. As you can see from the photo below I have two Lip Tars, Strumpet and Memento, but they are in different packaging. One is formed into a thin squeezy tube whilst the other is a doe foot. I'm not quite sure which one is the 'newer' packaging but either way I don't really have a preference as I usually apply the product onto a lip brush. 

 photo P9280850_zpsd2c1ef5c.jpg

With only 10ml of product, one Lip Tar could possibly last you up to 2 years even if you used the same one every day. That is so say, you only need the slightest amount (the amount coming out of the strumpet in the picture above) to reach full opacity on your lips. 

Due to this highly pigmented (and somewhat lethal) product, you have to work very carefully when applying this product. It is encouraged that when applying a Lip Tar to use a lip brush to ensure a crisp clean edge. I also find that the product does dry and settle quite fast, so I only apply to a small amount of area at a time so I don't mess it up. One thing I find very interesting when applying lip products so carefully is that I don't really know the exact shape of my lips. For example when taking photos of my lip swatches I noticed that I had applied the Lip Tar crooked but in reality my lips just don't align evenly. But, I digress as no one wants to hear about my wonky lips. 

 photo P9280849_zpsa5120fcc.jpg

Memento is medium pink shade (others have referred this shade to be slightly on the plum side too). This is such a stunning colour, it's bright enough to catch other's attention but also very sweet and non-offence. It's a great everyday colour. 

Strumpet on the other hand is a deep burgundy red shade. Although in the lip swatch it looks quite glossy, it actually dries to become softer almost matte shade. 

 photo OCClip_zps271cd889.jpg

As I've mentioned before Lip Tars are very, very pigmented and very long lasting (I was able to have a full meal and consume two drinks and still have visible colour on my lips). 

I definitely need to add more shades into my collection, as there are over 30 Lip Tars shades available. These bad boys retail for $18 here in Australia from Lipstick Republic, but I bought mine for $15 at IMATS 2012 from Scotty's Make-Up and Beauty stand (selling online for $20 now). 

Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with OCC Lip Tar and definitely encourage you to try out these vegan friendly lip products!


  1. Memento is absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe how little of the products you use...to think that it would last so long is such good value for money. Thanks for the review x

  2. I've wanted to try these for such a long time, they look lovely. Memento was a shade I considered buying but couldn't find a decent view of it online, this is really helpful so thank you.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  3. Still haven't tried these but they look awesome! And like you point out they would probably last forever if you need only the tiniest amount each time because of how incredibly pigmented they are.

  4. pretty colors!!!


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  6. I've wanted to try these for ages too! Never knew I could get them at Lipstick Republic!! Definitely want Memento now, it looks divine.


  7. I might need to invest in one of these shades, or two, for my wedding make up...
    <3 Carolyn

  8. Memento looks so pretty! x x


  9. I love them! I wish that I wasn't still going through my shopping ban when they went on sale at BellaBox over Christmas!


  10. I love how pigmented they are! :D But they are a bit pricey. :(

  11. Sometimes Sephora has them in sets for way cheaper


  12. I really need some of these for my MUA kit!


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