17 Jan 2014

Review: NYX Nude on Nude Palette

Neutral eyeshadows and I have an undying love for each other, well at least from my part anyways. Whenever I see a neutral palette I immediately want to buy it despite having 6 other palettes that look almost exactly the same sitting in my makeup drawer. Although against all my willpower, I decided to give in when I saw that NYX was on sale for 40% off on Cherry Culture and I picked up the Nude On Nude palette.

 photo P7230296_zps9a1a613c.jpg

First let's talk about packaging. The NYX Nude on Nude Palette comes in sleek brown palette that has two tiers - one for eyeshadows and one for lip glosses. Although I do feel as though it is quite compact considering it's encompasses two different products, because it's two tiered it does feel very chunky. In addition to chunkiness, it also feels a little on the cheaper side as the palette is made from plastic. It certainly doesn't feel like a UD Naked 2 or 3 palette. 

 photo P7230298_zps04a467a9.jpg
 photo P7230300_zps2df0f332.jpg

The Nude On Nude Palette has 20 neutral eyeshadows and 10 pink/red lip glosses. Frankly, I don't really care for the lip shades as I detest lip glosses, but I guess they're an added bonus. Some of the lip glosses are quite pigmented whilst others only have a little colour payoff. As they are lip glosses they do feel quite sticky when applied to the lips but they do provide a nice sheen. 

 photo P7230302_zpsca785e64.jpg

Now I won't bore you with the necessary drabble and skip on move to the main part of the review - the eyeshadows. There is a great mixture of mattes, satin and metallic and due to the large selection of shades you can create endless amounts of look with the one palette. Unfortunately, the matte shades are slightly on the chalkier side of things, but that's to be expected as with most of brands, the shimmer eyeshadows on the other hand are buttery smooth. As you can see with the swatches below the shimmer shadows are much more vibrant than the mattes and you can also visibly see chalkiness of matte shadows. 

 photo P7230316_zps96e45846.jpg
 photo P7230320_zpsf0275581.jpg
 photo P7240324_zps105481ec.jpg

I've also inserted a few of my other neutral palettes for a little comparison. As you can see they all look quite similar and encompass similar shades. 

 photo P7230306_zps711296a0.jpg
 photo P7230311_zps7dfa6720.jpg

Overall, I think the Nude On Nude Palette is a great bargain for those who are looking for quality eyeshadows at an affordable price. However, in saying that I don't think this palette is worth purchasing if you already own other neutral palettes e.g Naked 1, Naked 2, Stila In The Light etc. This NYX palette retails for $25 and is often on sale on the Cherry Culture website - I purchased this palette for $15 due to the 40% off sale. 

On a side note - I'm very surprised that I couldn't find many other reviews on this palette. If you've tested out this palette before please let me know what you think! 


  1. This looks like a nice palette but I agree with you if you already have the Naked palettes or in the light palette you dont really need it, it still looks lovely though! x

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  2. Uggh, I hate it when companies put lipglosses and eyeshadows in the same palette, even if they are in separate compartments.

  3. Dawn, I can't seem to see the photos in this post because it's been replaced by some Photobucket message? o.O Saying "upgrade to plus for additional bandwidth"

    1. I'm the same as Sheri, there are these random messages scattered in a strange pattern all throughout your post :( The text was good though! :) x

    2. Thank you lovelies for letting me know! I've fixed the problem now! :)

  4. this seem like a nice palette ^_~

  5. Neutral palettes are so hard to resist! xx


  6. Nice palette but I'm not sure I like lip glosses and eye shadows in the same place - it's always a mess))

  7. I've been eyeing off this one but I think after your review, I'll give it a pass. While it doesn't look bad for the price and all, I do have way too many neutral palettes as it is! xx

  8. I'm a sucker for nude palettes too! I wouldn't mind it, but I should really get through my stash of eyeshadows before I go looking for something else!


  9. I absolutely adore nude eyeshadows as well, what's not to love about them?! I didn't expect the NYX palette to have lip colours in it too which was a surprise :P It's unfortunate that the mattes turned out chalky, but then again, not many affordable palettes pull off a good matte shadow! I love the rest of your nude shadow collection though :D

  10. You have an awesome collection of nude palettes :) I've often wondered about this one but to be honest, NYX has never really interested me. I have Naked 1 and 2, as well as MUA Undressed and Heaven & Earth, so that should do me!!


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