5 Jan 2014

Review: Barry M Natural Glow Palette

Barry M is one of those brands that I've wanted to test out but never really gave a second thought about. However, when they released their new eye and cheek palettes late last year I knew i needed to get my hands on them. I'm also actually quite surprised how accessible Barry M is in Australia as well - although no stores (to my knowledge) carry them, websites such as ASOS do! So not only is it much more affordable than what it would be buying from Ebay, but it's also free shipping, woohoo!

 photo PC242477_zpsffb30be6.jpg

Out of the three palettes I choose to buy the neutral one (of course). The packaging is simple but is able to maintain a elegant feel. However, I do believe they could have spent a little more on the packaging as it can come across 'cheap'. The eyeshadows and blush is housed in a thick cardboard palette, similar to the Stila eyeshadow palettes. Although it is made out of cardboard, it does feel quite sturdy and would be great to travel with as it's very lightweight and compact. It also has a decent sized mirror inside so it's a win-win situation. 

 photo PC242478_zps301f9016.jpg

 photo PC242480_zps7c833785.jpg

As you can see on the back of the palette it tells you that there are 6 eyeshadow shades, 1 blush and two duo ended applicators. I would have much preferred an eyeliner instead of the applicators as I never, ever use them and would get much better use out of an eyeliner. 

 photo PC242483_zps5827517c.jpg

In the pan these eyeshadows look amazing. There is a good mixture of mattes (2) and shimmers (4) and all the shades compliment each other beautifully. However, when it came to swatches, I found these to be a little disappointing. I was hoping for the eyeshadows to be buttery smooth and crazily pigmented like their 'drugstore' counter part, Sleek eyeshadows, but these came out a slightly chalky. So although these aren't my favourite eyeshadow formula's, they aren't terrible either. 

The shimmer shades in this palette apply more pigmented and smooth than the matte shades. Overall, I don't think this palette is completely rubbish as it is very affordable and you do get what you pay for. I think the eyeshadow shades just need a little bit more work and patience - I mean with the right primer and maybe even applied wet these eyeshadows would be A+. I do find that the shadows are very easy to blend out and there isn't much fall out during application. 

The blush in this palette is a very pale shimmery pink that applied very beautifully. However, it can look a little too pale for my dark skin tone. 

 photo PC242487_zpsa6116db7.jpg

Overall, if you're starting out with makeup and experimenting with eyeshadows you should definitely give the Barry M palettes a go. The eyeshadows are decent and the price point is very affordable. These palettes are available on ASOS for only $12 and would be the easiest place for us Aussies to purchase from. 

Have you tried the Barry M Palettes? What are your thoughts?


  1. It seems like a very great palette for younger girls, since nothing here screams too serious, and it looks like a great way to play around and see if you prefer pinks or browns.

  2. The colors are really wanted by me but the brush who are with don't look pratical at all

  3. The shades and the palette remind me of Stila In The Garden, actually. They should ban those sponge tipped applicators! Waste of plastic!
    My Beauty Junction

  4. I had no idea that we could get Barry M shipped here in Aus - and with no ridiculous shipping price attached! Great post :)
    beautiful benefits

  5. I was thinking of purchasing this palette but I've heard quite mixed reviews. I think I'm gonna save my money and invest in the UD Naked 3 palette instead :)

  6. Never would have thought to get Barry M on asos! Looks really pretty!

  7. What a great palette! I love the eyeshadow shades!

  8. This palette looks pretty good for a Barry M product x x



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