9 Dec 2013

Work Appropriate Nails - Current Favourites

Over the past couple of months I have been working in the professional office environment - this means that my fixation with glitter polishes have slowly come to an end. Since finishing uni and stepping into the real world of work I find myself gravitating towards  pastels or neutral colours for my nails. In my opinion, when working in the professional working industry, it's more suitable to wear 'non-crazy' colours as it may be a little off-putting towards senior colleagues or might give the impression of childishness and non maturity. Although, this is solely my opinion and this is definitely not the case for all work places as every organisation has a different culture. I think we all need jobs at Google so we can wear whatever we like everyday!

Anyways, if you want to know what my nail polish favourites have been then keep reading...

 photo PC082333_zpsf40208cf.jpg

Firstly, I want to apologise for the terrible photos. I'm not quite sure why but my photos have been quite grainy and yellow toned lately, even though they look perfectly fine when looking at them on the camera itself. Whenever I upload the photos onto my MacBook it instantly becomes grainy, so I'm extremely sorry if the photos are rubbish! 

Secondly, I wanted to make a little plug for ORLY who have a new limited edition collection releasing soon called Blush. The new collection features 6 shades that reflect the tones of flushed cheeks and nude lipsticks. Blush will be available in Australia on the 1st February 2014, retailing for $18.95 for the 18ml bottles, $7.95 for the 5.4ml and $23.95 for the mini kit. The collection compliments any outfit whether its soft florals in the Summer/Spring or neutrals in the Autumn. 

 photo PC082336_zpse84fc660.jpg

 photo PC082342_zps3cc496ac.jpg

ORLY Classic Contours*

This mauve creme polish is perfect for the office (especially in autumn/winter) as it adds a pop of colour to the nails but it isn't too flashy and in your face. I find that mauve nail polishes are such delicate, sophisticated and feminine colours and compliments any outfit, whether it be business attire or weekend clothes. I used two coats to achieve full opacity and surprising this nail polish (with the help of seche vite) lasted a full working week!

ORLY First Blush*

First Blush is described as hot pink creme polish and it is definitely a much more noticeable nail polish. Although it does stand out, I find that it is a little more subdued than regular hot pink/barbie pink nail polishes and looks great when you're busting out the coloured shirts since it's now Summer in Australia. I also love that I can transition this colour from the workplace to the weekend - I wore this shade over last weekend at Stereosonic (Australian music festival) and I received so many compliments! First Blush only needed two coats to reach full opacity and last for a whole week before chipping began!

ORLY Pink Nude

Keeping with the ORLY theme, another nail polish I love is Pink Nude. Unlike what the name suggests, I do not see how this is a 'pink nude' shade. In my opinion I find this looks more of an off-white colour, but nevertheless a lovely colour to wear in the office. I think the colour would look great with olive/tanned skin tones but maybe not as much with pale skin/deep skin tones. As with a lot of lighter nudes, Pink Nude needed 3 coats to reach full opacity. 

ORLY Lift The Veil 

This is my favourite ORLY nail polish from the bunch. Lift The Veil is a light baby pink colour and looks beautiful on any skin tone. It gives off such an innocent vibe and is just an easy everyday colour to wear. I've worn this colour so many times since purchasing it at the Sydney Beauty and Spa Expo and I'm so devastated that I've already used up more than half of the 5.4ml bottle. I really need to find the full size bottle of this and stock up.

 photo PC082337_zps0f73bfde.jpg

 photo PC082347_zpsa63e8742.jpg

Essie A Crewed Interest

This peachy creme polish is a stunning shade. Unfortunately though, I find that this is one of the worst Essie polishes I own as it's quite streaky. But in saying that, after taking the time to make it work, the end result is beautiful. Due to the formula A Crewed Interest takes 3 coats to reach full opacity and lasts on my nail for about 4 days before chipping. 

Essie Strawberry Sorbet 

This is by far the loudest nail polish of the bunch - Strawberry Sorbet is a pinky-red, almost like a mixture between a watermelon and raspberry shade. Although this is such a eye-catching colour I find that you can get away with wearing it in the office IF there are no chips. There's nothing worse than having a bright nail polish with chipping all over. Strawberry Sorbet only needs two coats to reach opacity and lasts 5 days without chipping. 

OPI I Theodora You

My favourite OPI polish at the moment has got to I Theodora You. Although I wasn't very fond of the colour at the start (because it took 3, sometimes 4 coats to apply), since wearing it starting to really grow on me. I Theodora You is another baby pink shade that is slightly more subdued than ORLY's Lift The Veil. It's not streaky or hard to apply at all. 

OPI Sweet Heart 

To the naked eye this looks like another baby pink shade (just like almost all other nude shades), but comparing to the other baby pink shades in my collection I think this is more of a muted milky pink. Sweet Heart is definitely lighter than both Lift The Veil and I Theodora You. Although it takes 3 coats to apply the end result is beautiful. 

 photo PC082351_zps76ba40cd.jpg

So those are the nail polishes I've been loving at the moment - I've definitely been steering clear of the glitter polishes/blues since working. 

Let me know if you have any office appropriate nail polishes that you think I should have in my collection!


  1. Lovely shades! I'm especially loving Strawberry Sorbet by Essie o:

  2. These are all such lovely colours! I love the look of Orly's Classic Conditions and their Pink Nude as well as, well, all of the colours by Essie xx

  3. Gorgeous. I definitely think there's a time and place for Neon polishes and blues and greens :) The baby pinks are all stunning x

  4. The peachy pinks are my favourite x x


  5. Great shades and great ideas for work!

  6. I'm in the same boat - have to stick to less crazy mani's these days! This is a great selection of colours, I go for the same sorts of shades for work :) I do have a few coffee-ish coloured shades that I go for as well that suit my skin tone.

  7. These are gorgeous shades, definitely really appropriate for the workplace! My favourite out of these is Sweet Heart :)

  8. Lovely nail colors! Love the Orly Classic Conditions. I love the color and its def perfect for everyday wear. Love it!

  9. I love the Strawberry Sorbet color! Essie is my favorite nail polish company. My personal opinion is that you don't have to forgo glitter in the work place unless you are in a very strict environment, in fact I would say it is the most appropriate place to express your glitter love in the work place. However, I do agree that extremely crazy patterns and shades are a no-no for the office. Personally I've been wearing a cornflower blue color on my nails lately. It gives a nice pop of color without being over the top!


  10. Oh my...I LOVE those polishes! Corals and neutrals are the best of the best!!

  11. I never want to work somewhere that I can't wear crazy nail polish! But I'll probably have to once I graduate and get a real job /sigh

  12. Nice collection of beautiful shades.

  13. You must not think whatever other people think about you at work because its your own choice and your are free to do what you like as what I do at my work place.

  14. I am going to get a crewed interest <3 it looks so beautiful and pure from the swatch!


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