6 Dec 2013

Review: Lime Crime Lipstick in Poisonberry and Velvetine in Red Velvet

If there was one brand who knows how to do lip products it would Lime Crime. Not only is the packaging freaking adorable, the colour range will blow you away. Lime Crime offers sweet and innocent shades for the more conservative ladies as well as dark, bold colours for the more daring gals. 

I was finally able to (without forking out a tonne on shipping) purchase a few Lime Crime goodies when I attended IMATS a couple of months ago and here are my thoughts on them...

 photo P9220678_zps401d0a44.jpg

First off I should probably tell you what I purchased - after waiting in line for what felt like hours (probably max. 40 mins) I finally decided to pick up the much coveted Poisonberry lipstick and Red Velvet Velvetine. Although both shades are way out of my comfort zone I decided to bite the bullet and just get it - and oh boy am I glad I did! 

 photo P9220688_zps9f86b6eb.jpg

Not only are the shades scary to wear (especially for someone who lovessssss 'My Lips But Better' shades) but I also try and steer clear away from anything matte. Being cursed with permanent dry lips, I always need to wear something with a glossy/satin finish otherwise I will look as though I've died of dehydration. So I've definitely stepped out of my comfort zone when I decided to purchase the Velvetine. 

Let's talk about packaging first - I find that the Lime Crime lipstick packaging is very similar to MAC lipsticks in relation to the bullet casing and having the labels on the bottom. However, Lime Crime (obviously) has a purple exterior with a silver unicorn and is slightly bigger in build. But other than that definitely very similar. 

For the Velvetine the packaging is stunning. The wand cap beautifully has the 'Velvetine' design whilst the tube has a frosted glass like feel. 

 photo P9220676_zpsf69a8e08.jpg

I was happily surprised at how easy it is to wear Poinsonberry. With such a statement lipstick like this, you would expect to look at yourself in the mirror every 5 minutes to see that you've smudged lipstick around your mouth. But everytime I did check it had stayed out exactly the way I applied it. Unlike other creamy and pigmented lipsticks, Poisonberry doesn't bleed into the fine lines around my lips. It applies silky smooth with no tugging at all. The only problem I do have with Poisonberry is that it tends to apply a little patchy at first but after a little work it looks like a million bucks. If you're looking for a standout lipstick that will turn heads everywhere you go - look no further than Poisonberry. Oh and as the name suggests Poinsonberry is a berry purple shade. 

 photo P9220681_zpseb1ec51b.jpg

Red Velvet on the other hand needs no work at all - once slight swipe and you'll have intense fire red lips. One thing I find most interesting about this liquid lipstick is that it applies glossy but within minutes it dries to be completely matte. Oh and Lime Crime was certainly not lying when they claimed that these Velvetines are smudge proof, budge proof and waterproof - because when these guys are on, there on for the whole day. The doe foot applicator makes applying these really easy, however I suggest using a smaller brush or even cleaning up the edges with some concealer if you want that perfect red lip. 

 photo P9220682_zpsf6ed242b.jpg

 photo P9220689_zps12ddf58c.jpg
Look at that difference between wet-to-dry! 
 photo P9220699_zps0183e1ce.jpg 
 photo Limecrimelipswatch_zpsb297a76b.jpg

So do these pass my dry lips test? Unfortunately, only sometimes. If I'm having the perfect lip day (usually after exfoliating, and slathering lipbalm on overnight and before I do my makeup in the morning) I can get away with a couple of hours wear before my lips look like they are about to fall off. Fortunately though, I usually wear these during night time shenanigans so I don't have the pestering need to reapply that many times as opposed to the day. 

So those are my thoughts on these two products. Overall, I'd say I like to buy more Lime Crime lipsticks (especially Airborne Unicorn) but I don't think I will be picking up any other shades of the Velvetines. Damn my cursed lips! 

Let me know your thoughts on these and what other shades of the lipsticks I need to get my hands on! 


  1. Both are SUPER gorgeous shades! If I had to pick between a Limecrime lipstick and a MAC one, I'd definitely go for the Limecrime, handsdown. :)

  2. The Velvetine looks great on you! I have the same dry lip problem. Even if I try to use a different lip balm to my usual one, my lips dry out. The result is that I hardly ever wear lipstick, but I want to change that! I just have to find non-drying ones :)

  3. Red Velvet Velvetine is gorgeous!!!
    It looks great on you too!

    Secrets Of Camille

  4. I've gone gaga over lime crime lipsticks in the past but the only shade ive got is a nude shade which is sooo incredibly creamy! I love the look of the matte lip creams but it won't work on me I think, my lips are always a bit dry, always flaking and peeling daily, no matter what I do and how much I moisturize every night! I love the red, it looks so painted on!

  5. Those cursed dry lips! I swear to god they cause me such a pain. Both lipsticks look fantastic on you! Especially the red!

    Lindsey| fairmaquillage.blogspot.com

  6. The Poisonberry is stunning! Love how it looks on your lips!

  7. These are both stunning shades :) I think I would struggle with the matte ones too.
    Amy xA Little Boat Sailing

  8. Wow! These are definitely eye catching lip products. I adore the look of Red Velvet.

  9. im loving the red velvet ;)

  10. The Poisonberry looks beautiful on you!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  11. I've always wanted to by Lime Crime, a lot of that is thanks to the packaging haha. The red velvet looks stunning! xx

  12. Oh wow, Red Velvet looks stunning!

  13. Ooh that velveteen looks so goooood. I really wanted to try that serpentina glossy one but I bet it would be uneven on my lips. Thanks for the review!

  14. Love the packaging. Both colours look lovely x x


  15. I like the Velvetine I have (Suedeberry) however it is pretty damn drying.

  16. Both Shades are so pretty, i am confussed between them, Red Lips will be more preffered in December i think!

  17. I agree with you Jenni as it's Christmas plus new year time so red is more suitable.

  18. I love these colours!

  19. As someone who loves dark lippies, I am totally itching to try poisonberry

  20. I love Lime Crime so so much! I'm trying to buy Red Velvetine next year, i hope i can save enough money :)

  21. love that red! i'm always seeing velvetines around the net... even though i'm not a lippie person, i'm quite tempted to get one...


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