18 Dec 2013

First Impressions: Mary Kay At Play Collection

A few weeks ago I had the honour of receiving a few Mary Kay products to test out. I've tried a few Mary Kay sample products before but nothing where I could make a concrete decision on. I practically leaped at the opportunity to experiment with their brand new range Mary Kay At Play

For those who haven't heard of Mary Kay (but I'm pretty sure most of you have) they are a cosmetics company that specialise in makeup, skincare and fragrance for both women and men. Mary Kay is available in 30 countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the United States. 

 photo PB252278_zpsf312ee42.jpg

Can we all just take a moment and appreciate the fabulous packaging of this press release? I don't think I've ever received a PR sample like this before. 

As the collection name suggests, Mary Kay At Play, is all about fun, playful and bright colours. As Summer has begun here in Australia I can certainly see myself using these products quite often. 

 photo PB252273_zps798ac50e.jpg

 photo PB252275_zps4795b1c6.jpg

First up, I received two of the Glide on Gorgeous Colour Jelly Lip Glosses in Berry Me* and Teddy Bare*. The formula of these were surprisingly not as bad as I thought they would be. I detest lip glosses so I was a little iffy about trying these out at first but after giving it a go, I was impressed. The formula is slightly sticky but bearable and there is some colour payoff which is always nice. These lip glosses also come in a squeeze tube which is convenient and easy to use as you can pop it in your bag and reapply throughout the entire day. Overall, I do believe these are some of the better lip glosses out on the market right now, but I'm still not 100% converted into a lip gloss lover, give me lipsticks over lip glosses any day. 

 photo PC082355_zps4e84888b.jpg

Berry Me is a beautiful raspberry red in the tube but applies as a flushed pink on the lips, where as Teddy Bare is a nude shade. I find that Teddy Bare has more pigmentation than Berry Me. 

These ultra shinny lip glosses retail for $16 here in Australia and can be purchased from the Mary Kay website. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-12-13at101332AM_zps56471045.png

Next up we have the Mary Kay At Play Baked Eye Trios*. The collection contains 4 palettes in One the Horizon, Earth Bound, Ocean View and Tuxedo. When I first swatched these shadows I thought they were a little chalky and the pigmentation to be so-so quality. But when applied the shadows wet - WOW - was I impressed. Not only was the pigmentation out of this world but they were silky smooth and effortlessly glided onto the skin. I find that because there is quite a lot of glitter in these eyeshadows you do get some fall out, but when applying them wet this hardly happens. These shadows are quite easy to blend when they are applied dry and wet but I find that the colour can get lost if you blend out too much. 

For creasing, I didn't have a problem at all when combining it with a primer, but I'm not quite sure about extended wear as I only wore the shadows for 3 hours. 

 photo PC082366_zps491c561d.jpg

I'm quite impressed with the colour combinations Mary Kay has provided their users - each trio is diverse enough to suit the likes/needs of every individual. Each shade is different and each trio has a different theme so it truly does cater to each individual's preferences. Being a massive neutral lover I naturally gravitated towards the Earth Bound trio. 

Another bonus with these trio's is that they are freaking tiny, which is always a must when travelling. These guys are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand which is also fantastic for applying makeup on the go or slipping it into your makeup bag to vamp up your makeup for afterwork shenanigans. 

 photo PC082369_zps9834031c.jpg


Tuxedo would be the perfect palette to create a dramatic smokey eye as it has a black, slate/gunmetal grey and a silver highlighting shade. 

Ocean View is a collaboration of blue shades that would look stunning on brown/grey eyed girls. The middle teal shade is to die for. 

Earth Bound has of course earth toned shades - the most neutral palette out of all 4. I love that Mary Kay has paired an earth toned green with the two browns to add a pop of colour. 

On the Horizon has two plum shades and a beautiful golden highlighting shade. This trio would definitely be a hit in during the Autumn/Winter time. 

 photo PC082373_zpsb44589be.jpg

Tuxedo applied dry.

 photo PC082380_zps84c095cc.jpg
Tuxedo applied wet. 

 photo PC082377_zps6a4cf0b0.jpg
Ocean View applied wet.

 photo PC082379_zpsc6ef1888.jpg

Earth Bound applied wet.

 photo PC082378_zps89cd18a3.jpg

On the Horizon applied wet. 

These baked eye trios retail for $18 each and available from the Mary Kay website. I really do encourage you to try out the eyeshadow trios - they are just stunning shadows. 

Let me know your thoughts about the new Mary Kay At Play range or other Mary Kay products you've tested!


  1. They seem to be insanely pigmented! :D I never used anything from this brand, but it looks quite good :)


  2. Earth Bound looks like a must-have! Nice colours and pigmentation

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  7. The baked eyeshadows look wonderful!!!!

  8. Wow, these look so good! Haven't tried any Mary Kay makeup before but the eye shadows looks so good when applied wet, the pigmentation is amazing!

  9. those shadows look really pigmented!:) I have a face cream from Mary Key but it's a little bit strange.

  10. Those trios are BEAUTIFUL! I love the blue and berry ones soooo much! I'm so surprised by the pigmentation of them and the shimmer is sooo eye catching! I love them! Have fun using them!

  11. Love the look of those eyeshadows! xx

  12. I had that ocean blue eyeshadow. I barely dropped it into my lap and it broke. Very disappointing!

  13. lovethe eye shadows.. prettyyy


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