30 Dec 2013

Boxing Day Haul

Through all the craziness over the past couple of days I haven't had the opportunity to take some time and write a proper blog post. So due to my lack of time management skills and pure laziness I have a quick haul for you guys today. 

I thought I would be brave this year and hit up the boxing day sales even though I knew I would end up hating life and everyone else. Luckily for me, I had the chance to go in early, and when I say early I mean 6:30am, and miss most of the annoying cues. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything worth purchasing when it came to clothing and accessories but I did manage to pick up a few beauty items. 

 photo PC282497_zps07d08cd4.jpg

As soon as I got into the city I knew I had to check out the beauty section of Myer and to my delight I saw that Mecca had a nice selection of products on sale. I snatched up the two last NARS Pierre Hardy Blushes in Boys Don't Cry and Rotonde ($19 each), well at least I think they were the last ones as they were the last ones on the table so they might had a few more out the back. They were also selling the NARS Love At First Sight Palette for only $50, but I wasn't quick enough to get my hands on one. 

 photo PC282499_zps71c1d9ac.jpg

 photo PC282505_zpsa3dbdafd.jpg

Also at the Mecca counter they were selling quite a few Stila palettes and gift sets that I have been meaning to try out since their release last year. But I knew I shouldn't be spending a fortune on more eyeshadows as I have a million palettes that I haven't even properly used yet - so I opted for the cheapest option and went with the $15 Written In The Stars Palette. 

 photo PC282518_zps0dcb555d.jpg

 photo PC282521_zps29b8a685.jpg

My last stop was Lush and I found they were having a great 50% off their Christmas products/gift sets. I obviously took advantage of this and picked up a great selection of bath bombs in their Merry Christmas gift pack and a 500g Rose Jam Shower Gel both $14.97 each. The line in Lush was insane and because the store is quite tiny and compact you could hardly walk around the store without rubbing your butt on someone's arm. Luckily for me, I just simply jumped into the cue and waited to see all the the products as I slowly made my way up to the counter. 

 photo PC282523_zpsdcc75ecc.jpg

Due to their fragility, I didn't want to take out all the bath bombs included in the Merry Chirstmas gift set so I took pictures of the description card to show you which ones are inside. 

 photo PC282526_zps2a2787a4.jpg
 photo PC282528_zps2d0ae2b9.jpg

So that's all I picked up from the boxing day sales - I am disappointed I didn't get any good clothing item deals but hey I can always just shop online. 

Did any of you go to the boxing day sales? Did you find any good deals?


  1. I went crazy on Boxing Day and I was shopping from 9 to 5 haha.
    I picked so many Lush products.
    However, I love your Nars Blushers! I wish I had found some of those in the sale!
    Great haul.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  2. I love lush and that set has so much good stuff! Wish I found such a good bargain for Nars where I live haha



  3. The Stile palette looks really nice! I didn't brace the sales but I didn't order some Lush products online when they went on sale.
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  4. Great haul! Darn I should've went to Myer!

  5. Wow you got some pretty good deals! That is such a good price for those Nars blushes - jealous! I didn't get to go Boxing day shopping but I was all shopped out from my overseas trip!

    x Tashi

  6. Wow you picked up such great bargains. You've inspired me to go earlier next year just to snatch up some beauty bargains!

  7. You did the same as me, went to Mecca and Lush! They had the Pierre Hardy blushes at my Mecca too but the colours looked a bit to bright for my pale skin! I am kind of regretting not grabbing one of the Stila palettes though...

  8. I went to Sephora so I managed to get myself some stuff (: I wish I could have gotten a NARS multiple though! Happy Holidays and awesome post! x

  9. The NARS blushes are so pretty!!! <333

  10. "without rubbing your butt on someone's arm."

    LOOOL...I hate shopping when it's crammed like that. At least you got some good NARS blushes out of it :D

  11. That's a genius way to shop, except that I would always think I was missing out on other items just out of reach!

  12. Oh wow those are some great bargains! The NARS products look gorgeous :)
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  13. I'm so jealous of your NARS.. the Mecca in Melbourne had absolutely nothing on sale, poo! They had even removed all of their Christmas stuff! (I was in their Christmas Eve and they had heaps of stuff out - I'm thinking there was a conspiracy!) xx

  14. That Stila palette looks gorgeous! c:
    Love the haul~

  15. Haha I laughed so hard reading this post, especially when you said "I knew I would end up hating life and everyone else." I never get around to the boxing day sales but I kind of regret it because you picked up some freaking amazing deals! x

  16. Great haul girl!!! So absolutely jealous of your NARS purchases. $19 is just phenomenal!


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