2 Nov 2013

Review: NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige & Tea Rose

If there was one type of beauty product that I could erase from the face of the earth I would choose lip glosses. I'm pretty sure a majority of your share the same hatred I have for lip glosses - they feel uncomfortable on the lips and make you look like you're eating your own hair. There is no win-win scenario when sporting a lipgloss (especially on a windy day). However in saying that, there has been an abundance of 'hybrid' lip gloss releases lately where brands claim their innovate products combine the shine of a lipgloss and the pigmentation of a lipstick without the ghastly sticky texture. For those 24/7 dry lips girls, such as myself, we can become very picky to what lipstick we wear and sometimes be cautious of how long we can wear them. Fortunately for us, with more and more brands releasing these 'state of the art' lip glosses we can live a carefree and colourful world. 

One of the best brands that I have encountered that have released these hybrid products is NYX. First it was the Soft Matte Lipcreams and Xtreme Lipcreams (review here) and now we have the Mega Shine Lip Glosses (and hopefully I will get my grubby hands on the Butter Glosses as well). 

 photo P9280812_zps0cf60f5b.jpg

With over 60 shades in the Mega Shine Lip Gloss collection there is certainly a colour for everyone. If this doesn't win you over, you'll fall in love with the sleek, clear long tubes that make it quick and easy to spot which shade you're looking for. Oh and not to mention the adorable bow on the applicator wand! The NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses have a doe foot applicator which is (in my opinion) the best applicator for lip products. You will rarely have a mishap when using a doe applicator. 

 photo P9280804_zps4bf284b3.jpg
 photo P9280792_zpsde5d9c9b.jpg

Although these are no way near as opaque as the likes of their counterparts, Soft Matte Lip Creams and Xtreme Lip Creams, they are still very pigmented when compared to other lip glosses on the market. The last lipgloss I tried (I won't blacklist any names) was supposed to be red, however after layering what felt like 5/6 only the slightest tint of colour appeared. 

On the other hand the Mega Shine glosses only need 1-2 coats to achieve visible colour payoff. Unlike other lip glosses they don't feel insanely tacky on the lips, they actually feel silky smooth like a balm, and certainly does not sticky tape your hair to your mouth with any sudden movements. Consistency wise the Mega Shine glosses are thicker than your average gloss but in a good way. Being a thicker consistency means the product itself doesn't slide around the lips and contributes to longer lasting wear. For example I can get away with wearing Tea Rose (the darker shade) for up to 3 hours and Beige (the lighter shade) up to around the 2 hour mark before I have to reapply. 

 photo P9280795_zps8d49a7a6.jpg

The only negative comment I will say about these is the initial smell. I was quite overwhelmed with the head numbing scent of artificial cherries when I first tested out the glosses, however since becoming a staple in life I have grown accustomed to the smell. I will admit though it did take me a while to lighten up to the smell (as I prefer vanilla scented lip products), and I'm sure some of you will never get use to it. But if you're able to put aside the scent these are liquid-glossy-gold. 

 photo P9280806_zps3ad68e89.jpg

So the two colours I purchased (pretty sure I will be adding more to my collection) are Beige and Tea Rose. 

Beige is not beige at all, it actually a very natural mid-toned pink shade that's almost a barbie pink but more subdued. I find that the colour to be quite universal and flattering on all skin tones. 

Tea Rose is a medium pink that sways slightly towards the mauve side. I find this colour to be one of the easiest shades to wear as it looks very natural - definitely a 'your lips but better (and shinier/glossier)' shade. 

 photo NYXlip_zpse47c4609.jpg

One thing you do have to keep in mind when purchasing the Mega Shine Lip Glosses is that not all the glosses will come in the same consistency, meaning you may end up with a complete and utter dud. Before actually jumping on the bandwagon of these glosses I read tonnes of reviews and a lot of people have loved them whereas some have despised them. 

Luckily for us Aussies, NYX have finally arrived in selected Target stores so these Mega Shine Lip Glosses ($12) are very accessible. You can also grab these online on Cherry Culture, Ebay ($5 + shipping) etc. 

Have you tried these lip glosses before?


  1. I haven't tried these, but I do have the butter glosses and I surprisingly really like them!

  2. I agree, these lip glosses are probably the only ones that I like. Beige is a gorgeous color! x

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

  3. I have Beige and Ice princess (I think). I still don't like the cherry smell reminds me of medicine but I like using them.
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  4. These look really good love the shades http://meforless.blogspot.com.au/

  5. Gorgeous shades! I find them a bit too sticky for me sometimes though. So happy NYX is finally here!!

  6. so happy that we can finally buy NYX in Australia now, although the prices are a little more expensive, its so good that we have the option to buy it here xx


  7. I really want to pick a few of these up but I will go to Target and swatch them first :)

  8. Oh whaaat?! They sell NYX at Target now? Omg!!

  9. Beige is such a pretty, definitely have my eye on it. So odd that they gave it that name though, since it has no relation to the colour!

  10. I have these, but lately the product has been oozing out whenever I push the applicator back in!! It has been terrible and prevents me from purchasing any more :-( Glad yours aren't doing that to you! xo Kelly http://chicnstylishblog.blogspot.com/

  11. Tea Rose is so damn pretty colour XD

  12. I really like these lip glosses! I have to pull beige out again because it's such a pretty colour, but I really like sugarpie for a nude lipgloss. And you definitely have to try the butter glosses because they are barely sticky! xx

  13. I like NYX products... they are great and price is amazing! My favorite are shadows for eyebrow....


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