12 Nov 2013

Review: NYX Black Label Lipstick in Indigo & Wine

I'm quite picky when it comes to lipsticks. Suffering from 24/7 dry-lips syndrome dampens my lipstick choices to only wearing those that have a somewhat nourishing component. Unfortunately, I have to steer clear of anything matte as they tend to be quite drying on the lips and therefore makes mine look flakey, chapped and pretty much like a dried up prunes. It's such a shame really as matte lipsticks are often very pigmented and look stunning paired with certain make-up looks. 

Another problem I often see is very moisturising lipsticks tend to be quite sheer and have little to no pigmentation. Luckily for those who suffer the same fate as me, most brands have now brought out moisturising lipsticks that sit comfortably on the lips that also have kick-ass opacity. NYX have been supplying one of the best moisturising lipsticks - Black Label Lipsticks - for quite some time now and it's time that I show them some appreciation on my blog! 

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As I mentioned before I cannot wear anything that's even slightly drying on my lips otherwise they will resemble a scrunched up paper bag. Even if I exfoliate and condition them for the entire day I will only have a maximum of 2 hours before the product starts to sink into the crevasses of my lips. 

 photo P9280817_zpsb0b393bb.jpg

Fortunately, I have found one of the best moisturising and affordable lipsticks on the market to solve all my problems - here steps in NYX Black Label Lipsticks. When I first started my make-up obsession Black Label lipsticks were on the top of my lipstick wishlist, but being an amateur makeup lover back in the day I didn't get my hands on them until about a year or so ago. 

Although there have been a plethora of brands that have released 'hydrating/moisturising/nourishing' lipsticks over the recent years, I was somehow always return to the Black Label Lipsticks. 

 photo P9280820_zps7dd912a2.jpg

I won't bore you with too many trivial and overly used descriptive words and just get straight to the point by saying that these lipsticks are a dream to wear. They glide onto the lips effortless with absolutely no tugs and the pigmentation is A+. I'd say you'd only need to swipe it over the lips once to reach full-on opacity. For wear time these seem to last a reasonable amount, they are definitely not the most long wearing but they do last a couple of hours before you need to touch up. But as they are so easy to apply, touching up isn't really a problem. 

Unlike other lipsticks they do not emphasise any flaking/chapping on your lips. The only downside to is it does show the line in your lips but they don't sink in and make you look like you've been walking through the Sahara Desert for a week. 

The packaging is adorable with it's slate grey cap and lace detailing. The bottle of the case also showcases the colour of the lipstick so it's quick and easy to find the colour you're looking for. Oh and not to mention the smell of these bad boys! If you've a lover of anything grape (especially zappos lollies - who remembers zappos??) then you will love the scent of these. You will actually have to stop yourself from munching on these as they smell that delicious. However, if you hate grapes then the smell might irritate you. Luckily the smell does fade away within a couple minutes. 

 photo P9280822_zps809a844b.jpg

So the two shades that are featured in this blog post are Indigo and Wine (I also have Heiress, Poem and Midnight Dinner but for some unknown reason I didn't include them in this blog post. Very, very strange. Anyways, who would like a swatch post on those?). 

Indigo is a beautiful orange toned red with gold shimmer. This is definitely a great alternative to the usual bold red shade. Also, the gold shimmer isn't very noticeable when applied onto the lips, it just adds a slight golden sheen. 

Wine (as the name suggests) is a lovely berry wine shade, and in my opinion Wine is the perfect colour to wear during the winter. 

 photo NYXlipstick_zps4a798dfe.jpg

I really do need to stock up on these as they just seem to work so well with my annoying lip situation, and at only $7 they are a steal. Depending on where you live, NYX may not be accessible to you in person, so you will most probably be going online to purchase them. My favourite website to purchase NYX cosmetics from is Cherryculture.com as 90% of the time have promotions on NYX (and other great American drugstore brands) and they ship internationally. 

And unfortunately, if you're in Australia they are still not available to buy in person. Although NYX is now sold in selected Target stores around the nation, they haven't brought along the Black Label Lipstick line. But fingers crossed they will release them here too!

Have you tried any of the NYX Black Label Lipsticks?


  1. your lips sound exactly like mine! I have always hated lipsticks as my lips end up shredded! these colours both look gorgeous on you, I really like the darker one :) thanks for the review x

  2. AWWW! Reading this I was like wooo will be able to pick them up at Target.. I thought they would've brought this range over as it is really popular!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  3. Love the sound of the smell of these haha! But the shine is incredible, oh my gosh!! Wine is sooo beautiful!

  4. loving the wine, the color looks so gergous!

  5. Wine looks so gorgeous and I love the packaging and the look of the lipstick - I think attention to detail is always important. I love lipstick that smells nice too! Haha xx

  6. Never try the NYX Lipstick. I more love lip tint XD
    Nice review dear.

  7. I love India from NYX x x


  8. Just discovered your blog! :D Thanks for the review! I have the same issues, I have to exfoliate my lips at LEAST every week, usually more, or they get badly flaky and lipstick just kind of cakes around it and I've got these flakes just chillin' looking lke hell! LOL... I just got e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator and if you haven't tried it yet, DO it! It works amazing! I've tried the washcloth method, the toothbrush method, scrubs, nothing works as well as this thing!

  9. I still haven't tried many nyx products hey! Will have to check them out once they hit my local target :)


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