5 Nov 2013

NOTD: Models Own Fuzzy Peach

Whilst overseas I was lucky enough to pick up a few Models Own nail polishes. I've been lusting over these polishes for the longest time but never got around to purchasing any shades as the only accessible place I know to buy them is eBay and the prices on eBay are unbelievable. Oh and when I say unbelievable I mean it, the shipping alone on these polishes are about $20, so when I saw that I could snatch these polishes up for less than $10 each I bought 3! The first one I'm showcasing to you is the famous Fuzzy Peach. 

 photo PA231980_zps12f195fc.jpg

The funny thing with this nail polish is I actually didn't know this was one of the most popular shades from Models Own as I didn't look at the names of the polishes until I returned to my hotel room. For those who don't know Fuzzy Peach is one of Zoe's (from Zoella on YouTube) favourite polishes. 

 photo PA231978_zps53ae0a4b.jpg

 photo PA231981_zpsf9d11a32.jpg

Not quite sure if you can tell from the photos due to ghastly lighting in my room but Fuzzy Peach (like the name suggests) is a dark peach shade but is almost on the verge of being orange. I wasn't sure how this would turn out on my tanned skin but surprisingly enough I think it compliments it quite well. 

 photo PA231979_zps0db9634c.jpg

Application wise I felt that I was a little difficult to apply as the polish would constantly turn into a thicker consistency. Therefore after painting a few nails you would have to physically close the lid and shake it up to thin it out. But other than that, the polish reached full opacity at around 3 coats (2 if you were doing thicker coats). 

 photo PA231970_zps15d8401b.jpg

I had the pleasure of wearing this around in Thailand and even through all the crazy tours and extreme shopping my boyfriend and I did this polish managed to stay chip free for 4 - 5 days (with the help of Seche Vite). I will definitely be wearing this polish when Summer comes around in a couple of weeks. 

Have you tried Models Own polishes?


  1. I'm not normally a fan of the colour orange but I really love this shade! It's perfect for Summer here in Australia :) xx

  2. Amazing shade! <3
    I can't get these in India, can I?
    Check out my new post!

  3. oh I love this color its devine http://meforless.blogspot.com.au/

  4. That's such a cute color for spring/summer!!

    Love your blog!
    Would appreciate if you checked out mine

  5. Such a fun, summery colour - orange is definitely one of my favourite brights to wear :) I wish Models Own were available in Australia but at least you managed to nab a few shades overseas! I recently picked up one that I'd been eyeing forever (Indian Ocean) which was a moment for me!

  6. This is such a pretty colour! I can't wait to go overseas and get some Models Own as they are such a pain to ship here! xx


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