15 Nov 2013

Massive Nailpolish Haul & Swatches: ZOYA, OPI, ORLY & Deborahh Lippmann

I have this terrible problem where every time I'm sitting on my laptop I will naturally navigate to every online shopping website I like. Last week however, I was curious to see what fellow Australian beauty bloggers were selling on their blogs, and this is how I stumbled a crossed the lovely Amy's blog. IfYouSeekAmy has tonnes and tonnes of amazing products on sale so if you want to pick up a bargain please go check her blog sale out! 

I went a little crazy on nail polish and bought a whooping 25 bottles, yes I said it 25, 18 of which are Zoya polishes. When my eyes saw that she was selling them I instantly knew I had to get them. Why is it so hard to find (and expensive to buy) Zoya in Australia? Anyways, I quickly stocked up on Zoya to last a whole lifetime. 

 photo PB122108_zps60455f2c.jpg

In today's post I will show you a few swatches of the polishes I purchased and a brief description of what the shade consists of. Hopefully, I will be doing heapsssssss more NOTD posts where I will give further insight to the consistency and all that other information. 

Also, all swatches below are 3 coats although most of the solid colours only needed 2 coats to reach full opacity. 

 photo PB122113_zpsb1f1111c.jpg

ORLY - Sapphire Silk 
(a deep blue teal creme)
Deborah Lippman - Candy Shop 
(a bubble gum pink jelly base with different sized multicolour glitter)
Deborah Lipmann - Forget You 
(a black jelly base with different sized & multicolour glitter)

 photo PB122114_zps14a186ce.jpg
These shades are quite sheer. So they would probably look better as a top coat unless you want to pile on 5 layers of product. 

OPI - Divine Swine 
(a clear jelly base with purple and silver hexagon glitter)
OPI - Getting Miss Piggy With It 
(a clear jelly base with ruby red glitter and silver hexagon glitter)
OPI - Fresh Frog Of Bel Air 
(a clear jelly base with bright grass green glitter and silver hexagon glitter)
OPI - Gone Gonzo 
(a clear jelly base with light blue glitter and silver hexagon glitter)

 photo PB132129_zpsc29182f4.jpg
 photo PB132133_zps264befae.jpg

(Clockwise) Sapphire Silk, Candy Shop, Forget You, Divine Swine, Getting Miss Piggy With It, Fresh Frog of Bel Air & Gone Gonzo

 photo PB122118_zps72955c45.jpg

ZOYA - Soho Punch
(a sheer glass fleck polish that looks great layering on top of other polishes)
ZOYA - Sweet 
(a bubble gum pink creme)
ZOYA - Kissy
(a pink and ruby red glittery layering coat with holographic bar glitter)
ZOYA - Adina
(a cool toned purple base and green shimmer duo-chrome)
ZOYA - Juno 
(a royal purple-violet shade with subtle shimmers)
ZOYA - Julieanne 
( a deep violet purple with blue undertones and gold shimmer)

 photo PB132145_zps0c3c9f75.jpg
 photo PB132148_zps762d21c3.jpg

(Clockwise) Soho Punch, Sweet, Kissy, Adina, Juno & Julieanne 

 photo PB122116_zps49425152.jpg

ZOYA - Tracie 
(a soft pastel lime green with subtle yellow undertones and threads of white metallic shimmer)
ZOYA - Yara 
(an olive green base with green-gold and green flecks of sparkle)
ZOYA - Rina 
(an emerald green shimmered base with emerald green and teal bar glitter)
ZOYA - Akyra 
(a muted metalic teal colour)
(a dark purple with green undertones duo-chrome)
ZOYA - Kotori
(a A dense bright blue shimmer superimposed over a sheer black base)
ZOYA - Crystal 
(a medium sky blue foil with flecks of green-tinged gold glitter and light blue shimmer)

 photo PB122124_zps0c2f8f88.jpg

 photo PB132144_zps6c015f43.jpg
 photo PB132141_zpsa517fd8c.jpg

(Clockwise) Tracie, Yara, Rina, Akyra, KI, Kotori & Crystal 

 photo PB122122_zps6442a2f3.jpg

ZOYA - Twila 
(a medium-dark blue shimmered base with brighter blue bar glitter)
ZOYA - Freja 
(a shimmery gunmetal grey with silver flecks)
ZOYA - Valerie 
(a deep blackened burgundy colour base with fuchsia-purple and copper-gold flecks of shimmer) 
ZOYA - Charla 
(a glassy darkened sky blue with greenish-teal flecks of shimmer)
ZOYA - Indigo 
(A dark indigo blue shimmer with a pinch of holographic micro-glitter)

 photo PB132153_zps077c432f.jpg
 photo PB132151_zps13782be8.jpg
(Clockwise) Twila, Freja, Valerie, Charla, Indigo 

I hope you guys have enjoyed the swatches. Let me know what your favourite Zoya polishes are!


  1. LOVE Zoya polishes! I'm so jealous! xx

  2. The Zoya polishes look divine, I've wanted to try that brand for ages now :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  3. The Zoya's look so pretty! I only own one Zoya nail polish but I really need to get more for my collection!

  4. Wow! I'm so very jealous! I've been wanting to try Zoya for aggggeeeesss and the shades you picked up look stunning!

    x Tashi

  5. All the shades look gorgeus!

  6. You've bought more nail polishes in this haul alone than I have in my entire collection! Haha! Those Deborah Lippman polishes look so beautiful! As do the Zoya ones, of course. I love that these brands have such unique shades. Excited to hear about your favourites!

  7. I love this haul!! I might have to buy some things off Amy's blog now!

  8. I actually haven't tried a single Zoya polish! You picked some really lovely shades :) I would love to include a Deborah Lippmann glitter in my polish collection but they are just so pricey ... the bottles and the combinations they come up with are so gorgeous though.

  9. Amazing haul!! Haha, definitely can last you a life time. I've never tried any Zoya nail polishes but if they're opaque with 2 coats, I have to get myself some!

  10. Amazing haul!!!!
    I just have 3 nail polishes :|
    But the orly one is cuteeee blue color XD

  11. Love the glitter polishes! x x


  12. Wow I'm so jealous! I wish I bought some Zoya colours when I went to the US! Damn it, haha. Have fun playing with them all! xx


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