9 Nov 2013

Inglot Lovin'

Inglot is one of those brands that I don't think is recognised enough throughout the beauty community (especially overseas). The quality is just as good (or sometimes even far better) than some other more sought out brands and half the price as well. After experimenting with Inglot products I purchased last year at IMATS (haul here) I decided to pick up more during this year's IMATS event (haul here). 

 photo P9220704_zps6858fa89.jpg

It was a tough choice but I ended up just choosing 2 AMC blushers (in 61 and 70) and 5 eyeshadow pans (in 423, 605, 153, 434 and 107 R).

Although I think the quality of the blushers and eyeshadows I purchased last year were amazing, I feel as though the colours didn't suit me (or I just wasn't brave enough) so I didn't get the chance to wear them as often. So this year at IMATS I made it my mission to actually choose shades that I knew I would get the most wear of out and of course for eyeshadows that means neutral shades!

 photo P9220706_zpsc6f9b1bf.jpg

 photo P9220708_zps359ae5ce.jpg

For those who haven't read my initial blog post of Inglot shadows here's a little run down of what they compose of: Inglot have a variety of shadows including matte, pearl, D.S (Double Sparkle), AMC (Advanced Makeup Component and AMC Shine. 

One thing that I have noticed with the new eyeshadows I bought this year compared to the ones last year is that they don't state what their finishes are. Which can be a little annoying for some people who do professional makeup and use the wrong shade because it's the incorrect finish. But other than that the eyeshadow quality is still buttery smooth, highly pigmented and blend effortlessly. One very impressive factor about these shadows is that the colour payoff is incredible and are very long lasting even without a primer. I wore a few of the shades last night a friend's birthday and they look just as good at the end of the night compared to when I freshly applied it. 

Onto the blushers - now if you think the eyeshadows were pigmented enough the blushers will blow your mind away. These products (especially the shades I picked out this year) are off the pigmentation charts. They are definitely one of those products that you have to be careful when applying as if you pick up too much product on your brush you may end up looking like a clown. But this is necessarily no means a bad thing, it just means you have more product to use and it will last you an extensive amount of time. 

Similarly with the eyeshadows the blushers have different finishes as well - matte, shimmer, AMC etc. Also, I found that shades that give off the most pigmentation and last the longest on the skin are the AMC finishes. 

 photo P9220710_zps9cb85cfb.jpg

And here are the goodies I've picked up swatched:

  • AMC Blush in 70 - A matte coral shade that's on the verge of being a burnt orange.
  • AMC Blush in 61 - A matte fuchsia pink
  • Pearl Eyeshadow in 423 - A burgundy-tinged brown almost a chocolate brown
  • Pearl Eyeshadow in 605 - A metallic copper 
  • Shine Eyeshadow in 153 - A Metallic taupe with a slight golden sheen 
  • Pearl Eyeshadow in 434 - A metallic purple-gray
  • Rainbow Eyeshadow in 107R - A mixture (light, medium and dark) of matte brown eyeshadows. 

 photo P9220713_zps79c77a64.jpg

The eyeshadow squares retail for $10 each, the rainbow refill square are $13 each and the blush refills are $16 each. Also, because these are refill squares for the Inglot Freedom Systems Palettes, you can customise your palette anyway you like. The palettes for individual refill eyeshadows are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 and 40. For blush palettes there is 1 or 4 palette available. Or you can mix and match and get a mixture of blush and eyeshadow palettes as well. 

For me, because I didn't want to restrict myself to a certain limit of blushers and eyeshadows in one palette, I picked up a random magnetised palette (similar to z-palettes) to house my Inglot goodies in. So far I have 12 eyeshadows and 4 blushers in my palette and I can either put another two blush in or four more eyeshadow refills. 

I seriously cannot put into words how much I love Inglot products and I highly recommend you give them a try if you haven't already!

Have you tried any Inglot products before?


  1. I've been wanting to try Inglot for ages! Their products look stunning, so pigmented and awesome quality, great shade range too! I don't know if there is a store in Brisbane, I've never seen them. If ever I get the opportunity to pick up some Inglot, I definitely will!

    x Tashi

    1. Hey, just so you know, there is an Inglot store at Westfield Chermside. Definitely try them out, They are amazing! :)

  2. The shades you chose are right up my alley!
    I've never tried INGLOT but they look awesome!

  3. I love the bright pigments, the swatches look great! http://meforless.blogspot.com.au/

  4. I recently got my first 2 inglot eyeshadows and theyre amazing and also really affordable compared to other brands like MAC and such!

  5. I still haven't had the pleasure of trying Ingot products yet, but they are definitely on my list! Their products look so amazing and I only ever hear good things about them. Lovely haul, thanks for the post!

    Hilary | MakeupbyHilary.com x

  6. these look amazing! gorgeous colours x

  7. Wow, the blushes are crazy. I love them though xx
    Life of Verity

  8. Wow!! I love the palette you have collected. I would love to start a palette myself. Not sure where the closest store is.
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  9. The only things I have from Inglot are two shadows but my god are they beautiful! I agree with you about Inglot not getting enough recognition!

  10. wow, blush shades are so gorgeous. You have nice collection of eyeshadow. I have only I inglot blush

  11. Holy moly those blushes are pigmented!! I don't think I'd pick up such bright colours but I should try Inglot blushes in some other shades :) x


  12. Inglot is amazing. The blushes look gorgeous x

  13. Omg! Lovely colour! So pigmented! I wish i live in Australia >.<

  14. I'm a huge fan of Inglot and I definitely think it deserves more recognition! I also love that it's a Polish brand; whenever I'm in Poland visiting family I stock up as it's super cheap over there. I'd recommend trying out their lipsticks :)


  15. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  16. I love my Inglot eyeshadows! x x


  17. Ah so many nice choices!! Those blush colours are so freakin pretty & I love 153 & 434. I want to buy some more inglot soon! Another thing I regret not buying in the US :( xx

  18. i would love to try inglot too... but i'm controlling my lemming issues.. haha.. your palette is a perfect fit BTW... it's super nice to stare at... :)


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