21 Nov 2013

Crazy About Lipstick Tag

I found this TAG on YouTube the other day and thought I would give it a go considering I'm a self-confessed lipstick junkie. This was actually a very fun TAG to do as I re-discovered a lot of lipsticks I forgot I had in my collection and I also realised how many lipsticks I actually own - truthfully, I’m a little ashamed that I own this many lipsticks, but hey you can’t stop a woman when she’s obsessed. Onto the TAG we go..

 photo Unknown_zps522f9a03.jpg
1) How many lipsticks in your collection?

69 (I found 3 more lipsticks in another bag so they're not pictured - whoops!) 

 photo PB182209_zps630a9d1d.jpg
2) How old were you, when you started using lipstick?

I was a very late bloomer when it came to makeup so I actually didn't even wear lipstick until I was about.. 17 or 18? 

3) What are lipsticks you cant you leave the house without?

NYX's Poem, Rimmel's Pink Blush and MAC's Syrup. 

I will without a doubt have all three or at least one of these lipstick shades in my everyday handbag. 

 photo PB182219_zpsd1c22eea.jpg  photo PB182221_zpse90e6873.jpg

4) Show a lipstick you use to stand out.

I'm going to cheat and show you three lipsticks - MAC's Girl About Town, Limecrime's Poisonberry or MAC's Rebel. 

 photo PB182226_zpsd9852f24.jpg  photo PB182228_zps50af981e.jpg

5) What was the last lipstick you bought?

YSL 6, Etude House BE104 and The Bakery No.05  - I bought these lipsticks whilst I was in Thailand a couple of weeks ago.

 photo PB182230_zpsa8b68fb4.jpg

6) What lipstick did you reget buying?

This has got to be Face Of Australia's Beach House. I can't remember if I actually purchased this shade with my own money or received this as a free gift with purchase, but either way I truly dislike this shade. 

 photo PB182234_zpsd2108069.jpg

7) What is your favourite lipstick at the moment?

This is hands down MAC's Syrup. It's such a versatile shade and can be worn effortlessly everyday. 

 photo PB182243_zps8c9bf0c2.jpg  photo PB182244_zps10fa4530.jpg

8) What is your most expensive & inexpensive lipstick?

Most expensive lipstick is Dior Addict 249 Diorissime and the most inexpensive is MUA's Lipstick in shade 3. I purchase the Dior Addict lipstick for $50 in David Jones and the MUA lipstick for was $1 as I got it for 30% off when MUA had a promotion. 

 photo PB182249_zps6e35939d.jpg

9) Can you show us a lipstick you Love?

Chanel Rouge Coco 39 Paradis. I love and cherish this lipstick as I purchased this on my first proper overseas holiday.

 photo PB182255_zpse13bc38e.jpg  photo PB182251_zps228e1fb4.jpg

10) Do you Like, Love or Addicted to Lipsticks?

I think my pictures are self explanatory. 

11) Show a lipstick that reminds you of someone special.

MAC's Chatterbox 

 photo PB182256_zps10287713.jpg  photo PB182258_zps5baf171b.jpg

Those are my answers - I really hope some of you guys do this tag as I would love to see which lipsticks you have in your collection! 


  1. Wow, your collection is huge, now you made me envious ;D

  2. Lord your collection is giving me heart palpitations. I am loving it! I have just started getting into lipsticks full stop, so maybe one day I will have a MASSIVE collection like yours.

    Lindsey| fairmaquillage.blogspot.com

  3. That is a lot of lipsticks, Limecrime's Poisonberry is craaaazy xxx

    Life of Verity

  4. OMG! I own maybe 6 lipsticks??? But I have mega over-reacting lips which dry out like a bitch every-time I use them. I am jealous though, just to be able to look at all those pretty colours would be awesome!

  5. Whoaa your collection is quite huge! Love it.

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  6. I love lipstick! You have such a great collection :D

  7. I love lipstick. Yours looks amazing.

  8. Only a fellow blogger would say this: but girl unwinding all those lipsticks must have taken forever! And putting alllllllll the lids back on MAN! Haha, but the photos turned out beautiful ;)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  9. your lipstick collection is amazing!

  10. Love the shades in your lippy collection, you have such good taste :)

  11. i am so jealous!!!! u have such a nice collection!!! i havent try any lippies from mac yet, i think i might as well try syrup as my first start ;)

  12. 69 lipsticks! Oh gawwwd. I love Mac's Girl About Town.. I've never worn it on me though, way too daring but in the tube, it's divine!!

  13. Your lipstick collection is so awesomeeeee!
    I'm not a big fan for a lipstick. Lol

  14. OMG.. amazing collection... I am drolling over it

  15. OMG Loveeee it I am going crazy!

  16. oh my god. My jaw has dropped as to how many lipsticks you have! Love it!

  17. Very impressive collection! x x


  18. Wow thats amazing! I really enjoyed reading this post, lipsticks are so exciting and a little bit personal :) my collection is probably less than 30 but I still think its too many haha

  19. That is quite a collection! I am quite interested in that MAC Rebel lipstick - am going to have to try that one out. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Really nice tag! You have such a nice lipstick collection- one day I will get around to doing this tag!! xx

  21. wow your collections is really impressive :D

  22. I love lipsticks as well! Great collection! :)

  23. Wow! Amazing collection! I wish I had that too, even just half of that. Especially that MAC Rebel. It's like love at first sight! :-)

  24. omg i died and went to lipstick heaven after looking at these pictures :p

  25. Wow..it is such a huge collection of lipsticks!!

  26. thats a LOT of lipstick! i love your answer to number 10... ^_^

  27. I can't imagine how much you spent to amass this collection. Still, jealous!

  28. Waw, strangly you make me wanna have more lipstick

  29. I envy you having such a big collection so much! :)

  30. You're really crazy about those lipsticks!!!!! :)))))))


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