21 Oct 2013

Thailand & Beauty Congress Haul

Woo, I'm finally back in Sydney and most importantly back to blogging! I actually arrived back last Thursday, but due to jet lag and jumping straight back to work (and possibly some post-holiday depression) I didn't get the chance to blog until now. 

I won't bore you guys with all the details about the entire holiday but I will sum it up in a couple of words: one of the best experiences of my life. I truly believe that everyone needs to visit Thailand at least once in their life - every aspect of Thailand will truly blow your mind. But enough with that, onto the part where you guys want to know the most: what did I bring back with me.

 photo PA211942_zps0b10dab3.jpg

Surprisingly I was quite restricted when it came to beauty shopping. It might have been because I was too busy enjoying the sightseeing and food, but also because the prices over there were pretty much the same here in Australia. So there was no actual point of purchasing the products there and spending my holiday money, when I can spend it on other experiences that are non-existent in Australia. 

I did however spend a lot of time in Boots - yes that's right Boots. The UK Pharmacy is pretty much everywhere in Thailand which really took me by surprise. I did get informed on one of my tours that the King of Thailand actually went over to the UK and enjoyed it so much that he ended up bringing back of some of the UK culture with him - thus stores like Boots, Accessorize, Marks and Spencer, Miss Selfridge etc are widely available in Thailand. 

 photo PA211946_zpsd0e95914.jpg

Boots was having a buy one get one free offer so I picked up two bottles of Soap & Glory's Glad Hair Day for normal hair and Glad Hair Day for full, frizzy or fried hair. I also bought the Sexy Mother Pucked lip plumping gloss in Yummy Plum and another tub of my beloved The Breakfast Scrub. I really wanted to buy more S&G products (as it was so much cheaper than the prices in Australia) but I was afraid that I would go over my baggage weight limit. 

 photo PA211948_zps0acba70a.jpg

Etude House was also available in most shopping centres so I took advantage of that by picking up a few goodies. I purchased Color My Brows (quite similar to Benefit's Gimme Brow Gel), a Dear My Lipstick in BE104 and two glitter nail polishes. Unfortunately I can't tell you the shade as I'm not 100% sure if the nail polish shade is actually written on the bottle!

 photo PA211950_zpsaccff805.jpg

Also, let's take a moment and appreciate the adorable packaging of this lipstick. 

 photo PA211956_zps9d6b7b99.jpg

There was also this other popular makeup store there - The Beauty Buffet - that was carrying a lot of brands that I've never heard of - probably because the brands available in the store are Thailand brands. From there I picked up The Bakery's Choco Stick Lipstick in No.05 and Gino McCray's eyelash glue (as I ran out of mine halfway through the trip!). Also from Boots I Purchased Botanics' Clarifying Cleansing Oil as I needed a new cleanser (and it claims to reduce away my oiliness - double win). I was also very excited to see The Body Shop over in Thailand as well, and oh my god, the prices were amazing! But like I mentioned before, I didn't want to go too overboard with the products as I was unsure about the available space/weight left in my luggage. I picked up the Chocomania Shower Cream and matching Body Butter. Luckily I got these as a buy one get one free deal. 

 photo PA211954_zpsb853a043.jpg

And lastly, I bought a Maybelline Powder that I haven't heard before - Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder, 3 Model's Own Polishes in Fuzzy Peach, Disco Mix and Aqua Splash, a YSL Lipstick in number 6 and a KMA Eyeshadow Quad. 

I also had the opportunity to attend The Beauty Congress yesterday hosted by Makeup Social and Chloe Morello along with a handful of other lovely youtubers. If you don't know what the Beauty Congress is it was pretty much a beauty workshop hosted by a few beauty gurus. It was really refreshing to see how down to earth they were and actually be able to have a conversation with them. Along with the tips and tricks from the beauty gurus, all those attended receive a little goodie bag as well. The contents of the bag were supposed to add up to the value of $300 (at least that's what my friend told me) but I'm slightly doubting that fact. 

Anyways, let's see what's in the goodie bag below. 

 photo PA211958_zps6df93dd5.jpg

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion, Artiste Professional Rounded Smudge Brush, Artiste Professional Small Shadow Brush, Artiste Professional Stippling Brush and Bomb Cosmetics Butter Based Bath Melt. 

 photo PA211960_zps877aef26.jpg

Mary Kay TimeWise Body Lotion, Mary Kay Makeup Remover, Mary Kay Concealer and Mary Kay Lip Protector. 

Mary Kay also sponsored the event by donating some great products for everyone to use whilst learning some of the great ways the gurus apply their makeup. 

 photo PA211961_zps4b41b3d2.jpg

From Make Up Store I received the Body Lotions and a Nail File. I was hoping Make Up Store would play a larger part in the event, but unfortunately they weren't. 

 photo PA211963_zps25a43085.jpg

Also included in the bag was Le Beauty Affair's False Eyelashes and Applicator, Manicare False Eyelashes, Benefit's Porefessional and They're Real Mascara. (Yay for more Benefit goodies!)

 photo PA211965_zps9468773d.jpg

And lastly we recieve a Kate by Rimmel Lipstick, Rimmel Scandaleyes Pencil in Taupe, Rimmel Scandaleye Shadow Stick in Guilty Grey, Designer Brands Chubby Lipstick Crayon, Eye Of Hörus Liquid Liner and Goddess Pencil in Bronze Amulet. 

Overall I had a lovely time at the Beauty Congress and an amazing time in Thailand/Singapore. I hope you enjoyed this quick haul post - please let me know which products you would love to see a review on!

I will now leave you with two snaps of my and my new tiger best friend!

 photo DSC_0002_zpse2a46e8c.jpg  photo DSC_0036_zpsf6aea81f.jpg

Until next time..


  1. OH MY GOSH that tiger is beautiful! And of course the makeup too :)

  2. omg that tiger!! That's such an adorable photo of you and the tiger :)
    Sounds like a great trip! Loving the look of all the goodies you got. Eeekk soap and glory! :)

  3. I so want to go to Thailand after you speaking so highly of your experience. SO happy you enjoyed you time over there :)
    I wish that S + G were more affordable here and that The Body Shop would have sales here, I swear they never have sales unless it's a clearance of Xmas stock or something...

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  4. That tiger is a cutie! It's quite an impressive haul - can you please do a review on the brow gel? I'm curious about it - I might pick one up in Singapore when I'm there in November. I've tried some beauty buffet masks before, and it's been a bit meh.

  5. OMG that's amazing! I love the haul. The tiger pic too! How were you able to convince yourself to do that? I'd be scared shitless to be honest. :)) The most I could do is big lizards and snakes.

  6. Wow! Basically everything is buy 1 get 1 free haha!! Thailand has always been on my top list of places to visit so I hope I get to visit soon!!

  7. The tiger! <3 I would love to see a blog post on your trip, to be honest. I would adore to go to Thailand and the beauty haul alone has convinced me even more, haha.

  8. Omg I'm so jealous! Upload more photos from Thailand on your fb! I am so jealous of the Soap & Glory products you were able to purchase and Etude House :( I was actually about to purchase those two polishes you picked out from them

  9. Oh my word, I cannot believe you got that close to a tiger! Amazing experience :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  10. Great pictures! Very pretty make-up!
    Wow.... the tiger.......;-)

  11. Wow I am in love with everything you got in Thailand, I am dying to go there, and that tiger is so cute!

  12. So many Soap and Glory goodies!!! I've always wanted to try Models Own nail polish, you got lovely colours. Also, the contents of the bag.. I don't know if it adds up to $300 but all the products are lovely at least and nothing filler or silly. Welcome home! (Love that tiger, slightly frightening though.)


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    Aphrodite Cabaret Show is our brand new pearl of Andaman Sea. Let's go!!! PHUKET

  14. Amazing haul! the lipstick looks gorgeous :)

    Enter My Dinner Giveaway ^.^

  15. Oh wow, amazing photos with the tiger! That must've been quite the experience - a memorable and unforgettable one I'm sure. I wouldn't have known there are lots of Boots in Thailand, that's pretty unexpected. I can see what you mean by not buying as much when the price is basically the same.

  16. amazing haul ,ur haul much i think and tiger i brave can hug tiger. nice to meet u
    suci from indonesia

  17. Ahh i want to go back!! When I went to Phuket over 2 years ago they didn't have boots, and I found it hard to find cheaper makeup! Except for fake MAC of course, haha! So when I go again I can't wait for the chance to visit Boots! I did notice they have a lot of different products available that we didn't get when it comes to Revlon, Maybelline ETC. Lucky you to have attended the Beauty Congress, and you got some cool goodies but I'd have preferred to have less but more $$$ goodies. Ah well. And I'm dying of the last 2 pictures!!! xx

  18. I recently went to Thailand too and had such an amazing time!! I didn't take photos with a tiger like you did - you're so brave!!! I did see Boots around but I didn't see the Soap & Glory products. What a pity, I would have taken the chance to buy some :(

  19. So beautiful products!
    Waou!i locve the pictures with the tiger..it looks like a lovely big cat!
    I would love to be in your place!
    I love al the animals!
    Thank you for these amazing picks!

  20. I love that photo of you and the tiger !!! awesome !!

  21. OMG tiger is sooooooooooo beautiful :*

  22. Oh God, I'm so envy about the tiger! :D It's so awesome!!!! And great HAUL too! I love the Models Own polishes!

  23. OMG! You are brave >.< Photo with tiger.
    Btw the products make me drool~

  24. ha! the tiger looks calm and even cuddly with you. so cuteee
    and the polishes are awesomeeee!

  25. Great haul!
    With amazing products!
    Wow!great shoots with the tiger!

  26. "I did get informed on one of my tours that the King of Thailand actually went over to the UK and enjoyed it so much that he ended up bringing back of some of the UK culture with him"

    LOL I don't know where you got this idea from (your tour guide? Is he Thai?) but that's so not true. please get your fact right. btw great review

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