13 Sep 2013

TAG: The One and Only

A couple of days ago I stumbled across a few new blogs, one of which was Beauty and the Chic. On Claudia's blog she did an interesting tag: The One and Only - which is basically where you pick 'one and only' (your favourite products) for different makeup categories. Of course I couldn't just joyfully read her answers, I have to participate in the tag! Hence, here's my version of the One and Only Tag.  

 photo P9110650_zps0a7cfd4d.jpg

Primer - For constant readers of my blog this will come as no surprise - Benefit's POREfessional. This silicone-based product magically minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines for smoother and smooth skin. I love using this on my nose and cheeks and it has become a staple in my makeup routine. 

Base Product - I had the toughest time choosing one product for this category. I don't know if it's just me, but because I have a larger selection of base products than a normal person should I try to use a different base product everyday so I don't squander any products that I have purchase. But, gun to the head, if I had to choose I would pick Revlon's Colorstay Whipped Foundation. I've actually been gravitating towards the Whipped Foundation for the past week now as it just ticks all the boxes. Not only is it medium-to-buildable coverage that covers my redness and uneven skin tone perfectly, it also leaves my face looking matte all day long. Which is a great defeat when it comes to oily complexions. In all honestly, I kind of forgot about how wonderfully amazing this foundation product and I'm overjoyed that I have rediscovered it. Especially when strangers tell me that my skin looks flawless!

Concealer - I haven't found my holly grail concealer as of yet, but at the moment my favourite is the Garnier Roll-On Anti Dark Circles Concealer. Although it has a runny consistency the coverage quite well, light but buildable thus also making it blend like a dream. I'm very content with this concealer. 

Powder - Being a powder fiend, I have tried a lot of powders that I have loved and way more that I have hated. The one that sets the benchmark for me and the one I keep returning back to is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. This bad boy keeps my oily monsters at bay throughout the entire day and it's so so inexpensive. 

Make-up Brush (Single) - Complimenting my favourite base product at the moment, my one and only makeup brush at the moment has to be the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. This brush is out of this world - it blends any liquid/cream products into the skin effortlessly leaving you the perfect airbrushed finish. I would also like to give honourable mentions to the RT Buffing Brush and Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush, as they are a few of my favourites as well. 
 photo P9110652_zps485e344a.jpg

Blush - So remember how I said picking a base product was hard, well that was cake when compared to this category! Blushes are my weakness. I cannot ever, ever get enough of blushes. Even if I had 3 different branded blushes that were all relatively the same shade, I would probably buy more just for the heck of it. I umm-ed and ahh-ed about this for at least 15 minutes before deciding to go with the blush I've been using the most during the last couple of months and that has been MAC's Breezy. This may have been due to the fact that it was winter not too long ago; either way the shade is incredible. Again, I would like to say that theBalm's Cabana Boy is closely behind Breezy. 

Bronzer - This has definitely got to be theBalm's Bahama Mama bronzer. The colour isn't muddy, it blends easily and although I use it everyday I feel as though I haven't even put a massive dent in it! With this being said, I do want to branch out and try more bronzers (the inner makeup nerd/hoarder is arising) and try the much-coveted bronzers such as NARS Laguna or Benefit's Hoola. 

Highlighter - I don't use highlighter on an everyday basis, but when I do I gravitate towards two highlighters - Benefit's Watt's Up! and MAC's Definitely Defined. Out of the two I think I will have to go with Watt's Up! as the champagne colour suits my skintone just a tad better. I also like the fact that Watt's Up is a cream-to-powder product and therefore lasting longer on my skin as well. 

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Eyebrow Product - I love, love, love trying out brow products especially when they take me by surprise. I was a huge believer of using powder brow products or even eyeshadows to fill in my brows as they are not as harsh as pencil products. But boy was I wrong. My current favourite brow product (and possibly holly grail?) is the Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil. I'm pretty much in love with every aspect about this product except for the fact that it's non-mechanical, but everything else is spot on. The shade matches me perfectly, it blends out effortlessly so it doesn't look utterly fake and drawn on, the wax base makes it stay on all day long and it's cheap as chips - all the qualities of an excellent product. 

Eyeshadow (single) - This is a tossup between Stila's Kitten and Inglot's AMC Shine in 46. I was leaning more towards Kitten for this post but because I have left my In The Light Palette that contains Kitten at my bf's house because I was planning on using it this weekend for a wedding I will have to go with Inglot's 46. The pale pink shadow is perfect for everyday use as it isn't too distracting but catches the light perfectly with its glitter iridescence

Eyeliner - Hands down MAC's Fluidline in Black Track. I've been using it for years and it has never let me down. 

Mascara - This has got to be Benefit's They're Real Mascara. Not only does it separate, add volume, lengthen and doesn't clump but also the wand isn't too big for my eyes so application is breezy. None of that annoying business where you have to take a cue tip to rub off excess mascara around your eyes! An alternative to this is Maybelline's Falsies Mascara, which I like to purchase from time to time when I can't afford They're Real.

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Lipgloss/Lipstick/Lipstain - Another hard choice - lipsticks are also one of my weaknesses so choosing just one was painful. After a lot of consideration I ended up choosing MAC's Syrup. Syrup is a Lustre Finish so it's very moisturising and sits comfortably on the lips which is a big factor as my lips are dry/chapped 24/7. Another reason why I chose Syrup is because I've been wearing it almost everyday - as it is one of my your-lips-but-better shades that just accentuate and improve the appearance of my lips. 

Lip Liner - I only own two lip liners at the moment, both of which are from MUA (Make Up Academy). I actually don't even use lip liners, at all, so I'm not going to answer this one. I will say however that I would like to try Essence Lip Liners as I heard they were the bomb.com. 

Lip Balm - My Holly Grail - Carmex Moisture Plus in Sheer Pink. Hydrates/heals quickly and adds a subtle colour, what more could you ask more?

Nail Polish - If you saw my nail polish collection you will already know how tricky this question is answer. Ultimately, I chose the one that I use the most frequently - Essie's Knockout Pout. Whether it's in the middle of Winter or the beautiful Summer time, will whip out this polish and feel like a million bucks. The colour is just so fun, how could anyone resist? 
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So those are my answers to the One and Only Tag. I won't tag any specific bloggers out there to do this, but please do feel free to participate. I would love to see what your favourite/holly grail/one and only products are!


  1. This is such a great tag but It'd be so hard to just pick one product in each catergory! I love Benefit's The Porefessional and Theyre Real Mascara as well as the Real Techniques makeup brushes! My favourite is the Buffing brush!

  2. Oh, I like this tag. It seems a bit hard though xx

  3. Benefit's Watt's Up! is my favourite highlighter ever!)

  4. This tag will take me a while to decide on the products!

    I hate sharpening that brow pencil!

    Nice selection of products though! xxx

  5. This tag is so interesting! I too agree with the Mac eyeliner and Benefit's they're real mascara! x

  6. Benefit's POREfessional is my love forever too:))

  7. Oh, I really love Rimmel Stay Matte Powder too, it's amazing!

  8. very good post TAG!

  9. MAC's Syrup is a beautiful color <3
    Knockout Pout i was amazed, in the bottle is a pale milky pink but when i put it on, it's really BRIGHT NEON PINK!! I love it ! Xx

  10. great post :) I really want to try the Benefit POREfessional, my pores are becoming craters with every passing year! and the MAC blush looks gorgeous! :)

  11. Great post! It would defnitely be hard to choose products for some of the categories, and I now have a couple that you have mentioned that I agree are great products. Knockout Pout looks so pretty, I wish I had looked more into Essie before I went away so I knew which colours I had to get! xx

  12. Thank you for the mention! Loved your answers too :) Followed too!


  13. oh these products are amazing!

  14. That MAC lipstick looks like such a great shade! Loving your choice of blush and mascara too!

  15. great post! you favorite products are really similar to mine:)


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