25 Sep 2013

Review: MUK Spa Argan Oil Shine Spray and Treatment (+Giveaway Winners)

A couple of weeks ago (or it might have been months) I attended the MUK Haircare Event where I received an amazing goodie bag full of the new MUK.Spa haircare range. Included in the bag were the Argan Oil Shine Spray and the Argan Oil treatment - both of which I was dying to test out. For all of you who don't know who MUK haircare is an Australian salon professional haircare brand that often grabs the attention of consumers by having provocative names and bright packaging. MUK.Spa on the other hand is all about argan oil and repairing the vibrancy and vitality of hair.

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Throughout the whole event I was drooling over all the products. Because my hair is quite long and I do tend to straighten it 99% of the time my hair is not what you would call 'healthy'. So when listening to the descriptions of each product I was utterly falling in love. 

The MUK.Spa collection is described as 'a premium high performance range...designed to restore the vitality and condition of your hair with luxurious formulations containing high concentrates of pure Moroccan Argan Oil. It provides repair, moisture and softness for dehydrated hair, damaged and brittle hair with a delicious fragrance of sandalwood and wheatgrass.'

From that description there I'm already sold, ha. But seriously I could not contain my excitement all night (this was heightened by the free bubbly that was offered). 

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First let's talk about the Shine Spray. I love that this product is a spray, it just makes life much more simpler and less messy. However, one of my biggest pet peeves about bottles with pumps is when the product squirts out a tonne of product that is not spread across your entire hair but just in a small section. Fortunately, the pump for the Shine Spray dispenses an even amount of product. 

The Shine Spray is described to be 'a blend of pure Moroccan Argan Oil, linseed oil, sweet almond oil and alow vera. It provides intense condition, shine and moisture to the hair, whilst smooth frizz and eliminating flyaways. Formulated to protect the hair from blow-drying, hair irons, chlorine, salt water and sun exposure. It can also reduce hair drying time to up to 50%. Ideal for fine hair so it doesn't weight down and curly hair to add shine.

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One of the best things about this spray is I feel that it lives up to most of it's claims. It doesn't weigh down the hair at all, but instead just gives it a beautiful healthy shine and makes the hair feel silky smooth. I did notice as well that my hair is less prone to tangling when using this. I find that when I use this straight after I was my hair it gives the best results. The softness and shine lasts much longer as it is getting soaked into the hair as my hair is drying. However when using it on dry hair it only provides immediate and short lived results.

The only claim that I'm unsure about for the Shine Spray is reducing the drying time of wet hair by 50%. I can honestly say that I have no idea whether or not this claim is true or not. I never, ever take notice how long my hair air dries as I get too preoccupied doing other things. But I definitely try and take note next time and let you know whether or not it lives up to it's claims. 

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Now let's move onto the Repair Treatment, this product caught my eye the most at the event. I usually stay clear of oils as I feel as though they don't just replenish the ends of my hair, but make my hair overall (especially my roots) feel and look like a greaseball. As much as companies brand their product to not do those things, they always somehow turnout that way on me. This Repair Treatment on the other hand was actually tested on a fellow blogger and the results looked phenomenal. The product also smells amazinggg which is always an added bonus. 

MUK describes it to be the Repair Treatment to be 'a super light, absorbent oil. Formulated to protect hair from blow-drying, hair irons, chlorine, sale water and sun exposure. It can also reduce hair drying time to up to 50%.'

So the Repair Treatment is essentially a much more concentrated version of the Shine Spray. Both products do the same thing, however the oil is obviously more likely to be absorbed into the hair and last much longer than the spray. Similarly with the Shine Spray, the Repair Treatment lives up to most of it's claims besides one: reduces hair drying time to up to 50%. I really need to give this theory a go and really see whether or not these products actually reduce the drying time!

The claim that really sticks with me is the super light and absorbent oil claim. With other oils, I find that I'm only ever game enough to run it through on damp/wet hair as when using it on dry hair it tends to clump the ends together. The Repair Treatment on the other hand is much more thin in consistency so it's much easier to evenly distribute the product and much more absorbent. I also like that this product comes with an eye-dropper applicator as you only need the tinniest amount and with an eye-dropper you get a more precise amount of product. 

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One thing that is a little annoying about these bottles is that they're glass. As much as it looks and feels luxurious, it's a b*tch to carry around when travelling. I'm also afraid that because they're glass (and because I break everything, especially at work) they are more likely to break. I'm planning on taking the Shine Spray with me when I go on my holiday to Thailand next week, but I'm certainly putting the product into a different travel friendly bottle. 

Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with these two products (and the rest of the line, reviews coming up soon!). I've been alternating these products with my holy grail Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream for the past few weeks and I feel as though I've hardly used any product at all. Both bottles looks like I've only used it a handful of times, when in reality I've used it more than 20. So a little product definitely goes a long way. 

Both products contain 100ml or 3.38 fl oz. of product and cost $34.95 AUD each. Quite affordable for salon professional products that are actually going to work on your hair. 

I also wanted to quickly announce the winners of my Orly Nail Polish Giveaway. For the blog giveaway the winner is Bella Terentia and for the Instagram Giveaway the winner is Alexis Scott. Both winners have been contacted and they will be receiving their prizes soon! Please don't be discouraged if you didn't win, there will be plenty more giveaways coming up!

*Disclaimer: Products were provided to me for free. I had no obligation to write this blog post. All opinions are my own and 100% unbiased.*


  1. The spray sounds really nice and I've found that pretty much any argan oil with make my hair dry faster than it usually does. Agree with the glass.. so scared I'm going to knock it off the bench and have it smash everywhere :) Congrats to the winners

  2. I've tried these and love them too; Have you tried the Shampoo and Conditioner as well? They are also great xx


  3. I've tried the shampoo once and it's awesome.

  4. I love trying new hair products, especially if they have argon oil in it. This one sounds great!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  5. Aw, I went to this event as well! Pity, I didn't get to speak to you much (I'm not sure if I saw you) :(
    This product sounds awesome and I can't wait to try mine out!

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  7. Thanks for sharing this! I love argan oil treatments, one that's REALLY worked well is pro naturals argan oil, I also have a hair mask from the same brand and it's super hydrating. Www.ArganOilsBenefits.Com

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  9. I so love Argan oil haircare products. The treatment looks interesting too. But I've always used Pro Natural's argan oil hair products since 2 months ago. They have really helped my hair look and feel better (I'm a frequent hair iron and blow-dry freak as well). I started using it 2 months ago and it has helped tame the frizz, and helped with the split ends. Their argan oil's not oily on my hair either.


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