19 Sep 2013

My very first Wantable Box

A couple of weeks ago I was unexpectedly contacted by one of the staff at Wantable asking if I would like to try out their subscription service by receiving a complimentary box. I instantly leapt at this wonderful opportunity as I was already contemplating on subscribing so seeing how their service functioned is a massive bonus.

If you guys don’t know what Wantable is, it is essentially another subscription box where you receive a majority of full-prized products (yay!). Wantable not only make-up related boxes; you can also opt for Accessories box (3 to 4 boutique jewelry pieces) or an Intimates box (4 to 5 premium staples). As with most other subscription companies, Wantable has given their customers the choice between subscribing monthly for $36 each month and buying a one-off box for $40. With the subscription service you are also allowed to skip or cancel your service at any stage of your subscription. 

 photo P9180662_zps9f834d6c.jpg

The one thing that makes Wantable stand out of the crowd of other subscription services is their in-depth personalisation of boxes. Although other companies claim to personalise your box each month a majority of people end up receiving duplicates where they love some products and hate the others. Wantable on the other hand makes every new customer grade their likes and dislikes on particular items and while it may seem like a tedious chore at the start of the process, but in the end it will benefit you as you actually receive products you want to try out.

I can truly say that I am very pleased with all the items I received. Not only did I receive products I like to use but they are in the correct shade range I like as well. Which is a very good indication that Wantable actually listens to its customers. I also haven't tested out any of these brands before, but I have heard some interesting reviews about some of the brands. Words cannot explain how excited I am about these products!

 photo P9180666_zps0cec851d.jpg

You also receive an A4 sheet of paper giving you details of what you’ve received in the box plus their purpose and use as well as a description of what the box features. Another reason I’m a big fan of Wantable is that they give you the actual retail price of the full price products you’ve been given. I also forgot to mention that each box is valued $80 and over, so I’m glad to see that sample products aren’t included in that worth.

 photo P9180668_zpsd25a19d2.jpg

The one ‘downside’ I do have with this box is that it doesn’t come in a ‘fancy’ box as other subscription boxes do. I put downside in quotation marks, as I don’t actually see it as a disadvantage. I’d honestly much rather a company that delivers great products than a company that spends way too much on the box than caring about what products they are providing to their customers. The one thing that I am truly disappointed about is that I am missing a product by the looks of my product list – LAQA & Co. Nail Polish. I’m so bummed as I’m a little lot obsessed with nail polish, but hey you win some you lose some.

So the products I have received this month are:
  • Lisa Watier Solor Eyeshadow Powder in Beige Scintillant $18
  • Jordan Liberty FAKE IT Valley Girl Lashes - $8
  • Be A Bombshell Blush in Blind Date $16
  • FACE Stockholm Cake Eyeliner in Navy $18
  • Michael Marcus Lipstick in Rapture $24
  • Echo Vie Organic Body Oil (sample)
  • Missing - LAQA & Co. Nail Polish in Fancypants $11
Total value of box (excluding the missing item) = $84

Very, very impressive indeed. 

 photo P9180669_zps01923941.jpg

Whether you want to start subscribing to subscription boxes or just want a change of your current one, I definitely think Wantable is a good option. And before I finish off this post, I just wanted to state that although Wantable did send me this complimentary box, my opinions on their service have not been altered. I am truly, one hundred percent honest when I say that I commend Wantable on their strong persistence of giving their customers exactly what they want. 

I think I've been pushed over the line on the question of whether to subscribe or not, but I will have to wait until I come back from my holidays. I am foreseeing that I will come back very, very poor and do not want to be over withdrawn from my bank account, ha.

For further information about Wantable or pricing check out their website here

*Disclaimer: Products in this post have been provided for free. I did not have to make a blog post about this product, and my opinions are 100% unbiased.* 


  1. Your box looks amazing, some awesome stuff in there! I like that you get mostly full sized products and considering how expensive makeup is in Aus, this is actually really well priced!

    x Tashi

  2. This books looks great, love the look of the blush and lipstick, very pretty.


  3. I love all the products that you received! Very very nice :)


  4. Bludh and eye shadow looks very pretty, nice box.

  5. They sent me one of these two and I was over the moon with what I received but I'm in the same boat as you, I just don't know if I can afford that every month. I already subscribe to the Popsugar Must Have (which I love) but really want to get this one as well! #bbloggerproblems *sigh*

  6. you lucky ducky! those goodies look gorgeous, love the bombshell blush!
    I'm not actually fussed with the fancy boxes that some subs come in, I think when my current subs end I might give this one a go.
    oh, and could the polish be missing due to postal restrictions?

  7. What a great box! The blush is goooorrrgeeouss :P

  8. Great products!! The blush and the lipstick are awesome!

  9. Wow that is such a good box, I love the ones that care about what kind of products you want to see instead of getting useless junk! Especially something like anti-wrinkle cream for a 20 year old haha. But seriously, I am drooling over everything you have gotten in this box! xx

  10. Love that Wantable custmosie each and every box to the customers profil! I always get a bit jealous when I read people's boxes but it is a bit expensive to purchase it and get it shipped to Aus!

  11. Blusher and lipstick look amazing! Never heard of this box but looks great! :)

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  12. Omg ! Great box total value $84 wow >.<


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