28 Sep 2013

Lust Have It! September 2013

A little on the Lust Have It! train once again this month. I feel as though I always receive my box a little later than other bloggers out there as they always beat me on getting it up! Anyways, for those of you who are unaware of LHI! it is a beauty subscription box where you receive 5-6 samples that are supposedly valued up to $60 for only $19.95 a month. I will mention as well that I currently have a discount code - DUGONG - that you can use to receive $5 off your first box!

 photo P9280754_zps775a62c9.jpg

I tried to avoid reading other bloggers post of this month's LHI as I really wanted to be surprised when I opened up the box, but curiosity got the better of me and I had to take a sneak peak at what other bloggers received. From what I could see, this months box had a few interesting items in it, but nothing spectacular. Nevertheless I was still hoping that there would be something special in my box. 

 photo P9280757_zps1ac10d5d.jpg

Unfortunately I was wrong. I don't know whether it's me just having high expectations after receiving an outstanding box from Wantable earlier in the month (post here), or if it's just a really underwhelming box.

As you can see from the description card below, this months box was all about 'Spring Fling'.

 photo P9280766_zps9d41ae0d.jpg
 photo P9280762_zpsd6fe7961.jpg

I'm truly disappointed that I only received two full sized items - both of which are items I would have never purchased. I'm always finding it hard to believe that all these items are valued up to $60. Considering how tiny the samples are (and come on.. giving out tampons?) and the two full sized items are retail priced for $35. 

 photo P9280760_zpsa2f44b42.jpg

I will end on a positive note and say that I am excited to try the Mary Kay Makeup Remover and the Bioderma goodies. But I am really considering of discontinuing my subscription to LHI and switching to Wantable instead. Or maybe even no subscription boxes at all as I was cleaning out my makeup desk today and I found months and months of samples that I hadn't even touched yet and forgotten about! Oops. 

What did you think about this month's LHI?


  1. I was very disappointed with this month's box, I received just about the same as you. I am just waiting for my annual sub to be finished and then I won't bother anymore.

    Jac x0x

  2. I liked mine as I got a full-sized Baji eye serum, and Im keen to try the Bioderma products too. But I'm the same and have way too many samples!

  3. I feel a lot of aussie subscription services are disappointing. I think you should switch, or save your money to be able to buy things you know you'll definitely like :)

  4. for what its worth I think the box is kinda cute hehe :)

  5. I love that box! It's so nice!

  6. I've never heard of this box. The packaging itself (the box) is super cute, a lot cuter than some other subscription services. Plus I feel like you get a lot of different products in this one. But I agree, getting tampons is definitely not something I would be over the moon about, and a lot of these are small samples as opposed to deluxe. It has a decent range though. I'd be thrilled to get some Bioderma.


  7. It feels like these are left over stock thrown together :S
    The sample sizes are a bit small for my liking

  8. Lol, tampons! They must run out of other cheap things to fill the box up with haha. Sorry that you're disappointed, but from your other review the Wantable box sounds much better than this one. One day I will try a subscription service! xx

  9. Wow I definitely agree with you with this being a disappointing box, definitely not worth $60 at all! This is probably the reason why I won't sign up to any subscription boxes, I find that saving that money and buying something that I really want is more worthwhile :) The Mary Kay makeup remover does look very cute though!

  10. Awh, I'm sorry that this box was disappointing for you. I wish I got the RPR hair product. I love the Mary Kaye makeup remover, if you leave a cotton pad (with the remover) over your eyes for about half a minute, you'll find that eye makeup slides off.


  11. Aw :( it does look like a very disappointing box.... I wish every LHI box was of equal value.

  12. When you get weird products is when you know it's time to ditch that box. Box addict over here.

    Beauty By Telie

  13. I don't get Lust Have It's box themes... and they'd do much better if they didn't vary the boxes so much! I was happy with my box.. the Baji mud mask and bonus Karpati were winners. I have an annual sub to LHi and am only about half way through it, if it was monthly, I'd be unsubbing. Wantable boxes look awesome btw! :)


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