12 Aug 2013

Review: NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Tickled & Boho Chic

Due to my unfortunate oily/combination skin type, I haven't had the pleasure of experimenting with many different types of cream blushes. I find that cream blushes tend to emphasise the already oily prone complexion I have, therefore I have steered clear from them. Oddly enough, there are advocates that insist cream blushes are the way to go for oily skin types, this is because cream face products tend to last longer on the skin and not fade away. I'm not too convinced with this notion, but there's no better way to find out than going out and getting your hands on some cream blushes!

There has been countless rave reviews about the NYX Rouge Cream Blushes, being of great quality and really inexpensive, so I thought this would be a good product to start off with. With that being said, I do own a TopShop Cream Blush in Flush, and although they are classified as a 'cream blush' they have more of a powdery finish. Hence, the NYX Cream Blushes are my technically my first cream blush products. I picked up two shades; Tickled and Boho Chic. 

 photo P8080361_zpsc83001c5.jpg

Packaging wise these NYX blushes certainly remind me of MAC blushes. The sleek black case with a clear, see-through, domed shaped lid, seem like a good cheap replica of MAC blushes. The NYX cases are much more flimsy and just overall feel less sturdy, but hey you get what you pay for right? I still would travel with these as they definitely won't be damaging to the product considering they are cream blushes, I just don't know how well they would hold up in warmer climates, whether the melted product would seep through the packaging. Who knows, I guess I will have to wait until Summer to see how they hold up. 

 photo P8080363_zpsc0808bc5.jpg

As I mention earlier with the melting, when untouched both blushes look hard stunning solid, but when you press your hand onto the product it begins to melt that particular spot. Now obviously, this is a good factor about this cream blush as it's buttery smooth and easy to blend. But it can also be messy and highly frustrating, especially in the warmer months and it's 40 degrees. I can already foretell that I'm going to have to put these guys into my fridge when Summer comes around. 

With that being said, application wise it is quite wet but it does dry to a matte finish and looks absolutely stunning. The lasting power of these is surprisingly quite well as well, although I did slightly set it after it had dried because I didn't want to risk it running all over my checks whilst I was at work. I find that the best way these blushes work on my skin, and probably other oily/combo skin types out there, is to use these underneath powder blushes to give you a more pigmented and long lasting effect. 

 photo P8080370_zps5ffced59.jpg

First blush I picked was Tickled purely because I saw FleurDeForce raving about how much she loved this shade and I seriously cannot blame her. It is a beautiful peachy pink colour with hints of golden shimmer running through it. I think this would compliment NARS' Orgasm perfectly! 

 photo P8080379_zpsaf3ddfce.jpg

Next we have Boho Chic, a sweet baby pink shade similar to the likes of MAC's Pink Swoon. Although the shade is quite like, the opacity is mind blowing. I'm most definitely going to be using this underneath Pink Swoon to give myself a more intense look. 

 photo P8080380_zps64ffba25.jpg

For the best (most pigmented and easily blended way) application I like to use my fingers or a stippling brush (Real Techniques Stippling Blush). If I don't feel like getting my hands dirty when painting on my face, I just drip my stippling blush into the product and off we go, but I do think that you are able to build more colour using your fingers. 

I'm definitely impressed with these blushes and do recommend them for all skin types, just be smart when applying these if you have oily/combo skin. At the retail price of $5 or less (always on sale at Cherry Culture), you seriously cannot go wrong. With a stunning colour range you can find the perfect one to suit you or your already favourite powder blush!

Have you tried the NYX Rouge Cream Blushes?


  1. i have the cream blush in hot pink/rose fluo,got it in my ipsy bag,i really love the color,beautifully blends in and its not messy at all!!

  2. These look gorgeous! I love the NYX brand and have almost all of their powder blushes, so may have to pick these up next time I do an order after my spending ban <3

  3. I have NYX cream Blush in Glow and I love using it.

  4. Awww, so pretty. I love Tickled purely :) nice review dear


  5. I've heard heaps about these and they sound great for the price! I don't have much experience with cream blushes, but I definitely want to give these a go!

  6. look so creamy and beautiful; def want to try them out now xx


  7. Great to see that a more cheaper brand has such amazing quality products!


  8. Wow these are super pretty :) I haven't been too keen on cream blushes because the few that I've tried seem to disappear into my skin for some reason...maybe I'll check these out.

  9. $5?! That's an excellent price! Boho Chic is a gorgeous shade too - can definitely see myself wearing it!

  10. These look so pretty!!! Thanks for the swatches doll!!

  11. Beautiful blushes!
    I haven't tried these yet, but I'd love to :)

  12. Sooo smooth and creamy! I love the shades! I would love to try one from them in a brown pink nude shade!

  13. I bought two NYX cream blushers too and haven't had the chance to try it out but I will soon! Boho Chic looks gorgeous!

  14. Winter are two month away and these yummy look shades look awesome

  15. I never try cream blush i think its make my face more oily >.< i didn't want


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