27 Aug 2013

NOTD: Face Of Australia Castle On A Cloud

It's been a while since I've posted a NOTD so I thought it now would be an appropriate time to do one. Now that I’m interning twice a week and wanting to stay professional, I try to steer clear from my usual bold and over-the-top glitter filled polishes. Although I haven’t been told to not wear these wacky shades, I feel as though they are inappropriate in my desired field of work. Which is actually quite frustrating as a large part of my nail polish collection (blog post here) includes in-your-face bright/glittery polishes. But hey, I guess it’s time to enter the real world and opt for more softer, sensible shades (and leave the fun colours for the weekend). Enter: Face Of Australia’s Castle On A Cloud.  

 photo P8120403_zps5c0edc7d.jpg
Initially I thought Castle On A Cloud would be a nice lavender shade, but after application (and a closer inspection) it tends to lean more on the plum-grey, almost an off white front. In the bottle the polish also contains silver shimmers, but it isn't noticeable at all once applied to the nails. 

 photo P8120407_zps3c8de49b.jpg
 photo P8120408_zpsafedb536.jpg

Being one of the first Face Of Australia polishes I've used, I'm very impressed with the formula and longevity. I'm not going to lie, I didn't think the polish would be up to par with the likes of OPI or Essie but I'm glad to say that it has proven me wrong. Castle On A Cloud is surprising quite opaque, needing only two coats (you could get away with one if you apply it evenly). The consistency wasn't clumpy nor streaky and it lasted (with the help of Seche Vite) 4 - 5 days before I eventually removed it. 

 photo P8120404_zpse6974f9a.jpg

 photo P8120409_zps407b92c5.jpg

Overall I am thoroughly impressed and I'm kicking myself that I didn't pick up more of these polishes when they were on sale for $0.75c at Kmart a couple of months ago! And unfortunately I don't think many places stock the FOA Pastel Collection anyone as it was limited edition. This is why you should never, ever, ever pass up a good bargain but I digress. FOA polishes retail for $4.95 but they can usually be snatched up for a cheaper price as they are always on sale. 

Also, please let me know if you have any nude/office-appropriate polishes that I should try! I definitely need more in my collection!


  1. So pretty! I managed to grab the entire collection - and I'm soooo happy I did! By the way you applied this perfectly! xx

  2. I love FOA polishes! This looks lovely on you :)

  3. Talk about perfect application! I love this shade, I only managed to snag a few of these polishes when they were available but so glad I was apply to get this one :)
    I love 'Bare Bones' from Revlon Colorstay polishes. It's a darker nude but for some reason it is really flattering :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  4. Never tried Face Of Australia nail polishes, love the color!

  5. Looks very nice and great colour nailpolish


  6. Thank you for this nive post!
    I love that color!
    I ve got one looking a little like this!
    Have a nice day!

  7. Great find! That's a gorgeous colour!

  8. that's a really nice pastel shade!
    the formula of the polish seems really great especially for the price you paid!

  9. This is definitely a great nude, office friendly nail polish shade! Sheer pinks and beiges look great too- I love all the neutral shades that OPI have to offer. Their "Dulce de Leche" would be perfect for the office- have a look :)

  10. Really is a stunning shade pastel <3

  11. I love Face of Australia, they have some amazing products!

  12. oh that's such a wintry color!

  13. Pretty shade. It similar with Sally Hansen color :3


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