2 Aug 2013

My MAC Blush Collection

MAC blushers were the the first ever beauty products that I fell in love with. Although it was mainly due to my lack of knowledge of other brands/products rather than they being much better quality than others, but either way they still hold a soft spot in my heart. Over the last couple of years I have managed to accumulate a small collection of MAC blushes that I will share with you today. 

 photo P71001870_zps61d2d38a.jpg

First off, I would like to put a little disclaimer before we get started with the fun stuff, as you can see my blushers are not in the best condition. This is because I decided to depot them and put them into a MAC pro blush palette that I bought last year at IMATS (post here) and obviously my skills are not up to scratch. No matter how many times I watched depotting videos on YouTube, I just could not master the technique. People on YouTube make it look so simple and easy, but when you do it in real life you just ruin your perfectly shaped MAC blushers. I actually ended up having to use pure alcohol to set the powder back into place and that itself was another adventure. 

But I digress, so let's look past the hideous blushers and just enjoy the post! 

 photo P7100189_zps1da95fcd.jpg

Similar to MAC lipsticks, MAC blushes also have various forms of finishes. There are 5 different finishes which includes Frost, Matte, Satin, Sheertone and Sheertone shimmer. 

  • Frost blushes are those that have a slight iridescence and shimmer.
  • Matte blushes are of course have a matte finish. I find that Matte blushes are quite powdery, but it does blend very well into the skin. 
  • Satin finish blushes have a slight sheen/glowy finish and look great on all skin types. 
  • Sheertone blushes look quite sheer on the skin (hence the name) and also give the most natural flushed look. 
  • Sheertone Shimmer on the other hand are just like Sheertone blushes except they are combined with finely milled shimmers that beautifully catches the light. 

There are also Mineralized finishes which are baked minerals that are refined into a powder formula to provide sheer and lightweight finish. I find that these mineralized blushes have the most colour payoff out of all the finishes. 

 photo P7100198_zps678f6d25.jpg

In my tiny collection I have 10 blushes with all different finishes. The only finish I don't have in my collection so far is frost blushes, however I'm not in any hurry at all pick up any. So the blushes I have are Springsheen, Fleur Power, Desert Rose, Dollymix, Pink Swoon, Coy Girl, Dainty, Super Nova, Breezy and Salsarose. 

 photo P7100201_zps5b2966e1.jpg

Springsheen: as you can see from the photos this is my most used blush. It is the perfect peachy pink shade that gives you a natural flush of colour. Springsheen is a sheertone shimmer blush therefore it does have glints of shimmer in it, but it is hardly noticeable. If anything it makes your skin look more glowing and radiant. It is very versatile and I can see it being flattering on most skin types

Fleur Power: Another blush that would look lovely on most skin types is Fleur Power. This satin finish blush is a coral pink shade that gives you a lovely pop of colour on skin tones or a nice flushed finish on medium skin tones. Being a satin finish Fleur Power doesn't have the powdery/chalky finish that blushes can have and it is very pigmented. 

Desert Rose: This matte blush is lovely red burgundy shade. If you want to have a bold yet mature/'i-don't-want-to-look-like-a-clown blush this is the perfect shade for you. I was initially tossing up between this shade and Frankly Scarlet (a bright rose red) but Desert Rose won as I knew that Frankly Scarlet would be harder to wear. Not only is does Desert Rose blend seemingly into the skin, but the longevity is also amazing. 

Dollymix: Another favourite of mine is Dollymix. This sheertone shimmer blush caught my eye as it was such a gorgeous candy pink with blue undertones. This blush is definitely not as scary as it is in the pan, it actually blends out to be a beautiful cheek colour. You do have to be careful with this blush though as a little does go a long way. Just remember to tap off the excess before you apply it onto your cheeks!

Pink Swoon: This sheertone blush is a cult favourite in the beauty community. Although I do find this baby pink shade stunning, I think there are better and cheaper alternatives than MAC's Pink Swoon. I find that Pink Swoon is definitely the most chalky out the the blushes I own and the colour payoff isn't as pigmented as the others either. 

Coygirl: Another sheertone blush I own is Coygirl which is a beautiful dusty lavender pink. This is literally the perfect shade to wear if you're just going for the 'no makeup' makeup look. It's so subtle and natural and, ahh just so perfect. The only downside to this blush is that it is discontinued, well I think it's discontinued, 95% sure it's discontinued. Also, it is a little chalky like Pink Swoon, but it is 100% more pigmented therefore the chalkiness isn't as noticeable. 

 photo P7100202_zps9599cb17.jpg

Breezy: Being a plum shade with red undertones, Breezy is what I've been reaching for the most this Winter. It does have shimmers finely milled into it but it is hardly noticeable. Again, this is another blush oozing with pigmentation, even if you lightly dab your brush into this product you will have enough to do both cheeks. I do notice that all sheertone shimmer blushers feel more velvety/creamy than the other finishes, especially Breezy as there's no product fallout when you dip your brush or finger into the product.

Salsarose: Another discontinued blush in my collection is Salsarose. I actually didn't know this shade was discontinued until I was writing up this blog post. I'm pretty shocked to find this blush discontinued though as I only bought it a few months ago on the MAC US website. I'm pretty thankful I was able to pick it up in time though. Salsarose is another blush I've been reaching for frequently. This matte pink-almost red shade is another lovely blush for the winter as it gives you that flushed red cheeks/nose effect winter usually gives you anyway!

Dainty: Dainity is a dolly pink with gold shimmers and is also a mineralize blush. Mineralized blushers are different to normal powder blushes because they are baked. The one thing I like most about Dainty is the way it is so effortless. It blends perfectly with minimal effort and really can just be swept onto the cheeks in a hurry. There is a subtle golden sheen in Dainty but it hardly transfers to the skin when applied. I do find that mineralized blushes can be more pigmented than normal blushers, but they also don't last as long on the skin either. 

Supernova: The last blush in my little MAC collection is actually my most 'special' blush I have in my entire collection. I purchased Supernova last year in duty free when my boyfriend and I went to Fiji together. This special occasion and of course the stunning design of Supernova makes it the most special blush in my collection so far. Supernova consists of a magenta and burnt orange swirled together to create a intense raspberry pink. This is by far the most pigmented blush I have in my collection as well, I'm pretty sure it would be able to show up on even the most deepest complexions! I've been using Supernova on and off for over a year now and it still looks brand new. I can foresee this blush being in my collection for a very, very long time. 

 photo P7100205_zpsf1f4850e.jpg

And that's all, I hope you've enjoyed my quick overview of my MAC blush collection. Overall I am quite fond of MAC blushers, I am by no means going to rush out and snatch up anymore (unless something amazing is released in their limited editions). I do, however, want to branch out and try different brands of blushers, and I especially want to pick up more NARS blushers!

What's your favourite MAC blush?


  1. You seem to like your reddish pinks! MAC blushes are nice but I definitely prefer Laura Mercier and NARS- I've got Peaches and I'm eyeing up Melba if I ever go through Brisbane International departures terminal anytime soon- how much was the blush from duty-free?

  2. Great collection! I love MAC blushes. My fav is Love Thing.

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  3. Wonderful post! Helps me so much to pick my next Mac blush! Thanks! xo Kelly http://chicnstylishblog.blogspot.com/

  4. You have such a beautiful collection! I have Fleur Power and Pink Swoon too. :)
    I'm sorry depotting didn't go well for you :( I've had very good luck depotting MAC products and actually find them to be the easiest to depot. Did you make sure your iron was hot enough? You really have to melt the plastic until it's gummy/runny. Basically ruin the plastic but it ensures the metal pan doesn't get ruined. And they still accept them for Back to MAC because only the inside plastic pan gets damaged. Sorry if you already knew those things. xD Just trying to help

  5. i love the blushes!


  6. Wow amazing collection! I only have 2 MAC blushes Tenderlig is a fave - perfect for when you have alot going on your eyes and just want a bit of definition :)


  7. So jealous of your collection!
    I really want to try a MAC blush but just haven't forced myself to fork out the bucks haha

  8. Wow, great collection!
    I would love to have such a variety of MAC blushes like you.
    Currently, I don't own any but your post is so informative and appealing, I have to snatch one up one day! :)

  9. Great collection! I dont own any MAC because its pretty pricey but your colour range is amazing. Love the pinks!

  10. Love all the shades, but especially the lightest pink!

  11. Awesome collection! This helped me get to know mac shades a lot more!


  12. Nice collection! I have 1 MAC blush at the moment, very happy with the pigmentation!

  13. i'm waiting on an order filled with some mac blushes! i can't wait heehe!

    Laura x


  14. Wow, amazing collection! I only own one mac blush but there are a few more colours in the line I'm dying to pick up! I love the look of supanova, the colours swirled look so cute :)

  15. all the shades are so pretty! ^_~

  16. Amazing blush collection of MAC, I don´t have any blush of MAC but they look so pretty =D


  17. Stunning collection !!!Dollymix is really beautiful :-) I love MAC, especially their Dazzleglass "funtabulous" is my favorite <3

  18. Wow, so many types of blushes, they are all so pretty!

  19. You've got lots of MAC products! You love it clearly LOL :) They're gorgeous!

  20. You've got lots of MAC products! You love it clearly LOL :) They're gorgeous!

  21. great collection..i love MAC blushes

  22. oh, mac is so lovely.. and so expensive and so out of my reach!

  23. You have a beautiful collection!

  24. Such a lovely blush collection! I have two of their Mineralize Skin Finishes & I agree they do have the most pigmentation. Although the name is sheertone so you know what you're getting, I wish the pigmentation was a bit better, apart from Dollymix. Great post xx

  25. I never try MAC Blush is pricey for me X(

  26. You have such a beautiful collection! I love MAC too)

  27. Lovely! Margin frost is great!


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