17 Jul 2013

NOTD: Savvy By DB - Splash & Dash

Today I'm showcasing Savvy by DB's Splash & Dash nail polish. I was immediately attracted to this particular shade as it reminded me a lot of my very beloved Essence Polish in Blue Addicted (blog post here). Both of these polishes are very similar in relation to the glitters used and the jelly base which is also quite similar, some people may say dupes, for the higher end Deborah Lippmann Polish in Across The Universe or even Sally Hansen Mermaid's Tale. (P.s excuse the shitty crap photos, I cannot get my camera to adjust to the winter weather/lighting!). 

 photo P7040154_zps7abd09c4.jpg

Although the Savvy and Essence polishes look very similar in photos and in the bottle, I can definitely see the differences once applied. I used three coats in my Essence Blue Addicted NOTD post and the same in this one, however the opaqueness of the Savvy one is not up to speed as the Essence one. I could still see my actual nail underneath even though I used three (pretty generous) coats of polish. 

 photo P7040163_zpsc8611a8c.jpg
 photo P7040168_zpsd3a5a078.jpg

I also found that Splash & Dash is more jammed packed with large blue and green hexagon glitters than Blue Addicted. I didn't mind this at all, but it was much more difficult to remove than other glitter polishes I've used. 

 photo P7040176_zps81f2b4e9.jpg
 photo P7040171_zps7788723a.jpg

For only $3 from Priceline you really can't complain with this polish. It's a great alternative to Across The Universe ($18), Mermaid's Tale ($15) and Blue Addicted ($3) if you can't find any of these in stores or the price of the others are too dear for your bank account. 

This was my first Savvy polish and I'm quite eager to test out a few of their other shades!

Have you tried any Savvy by DB Polishes yet?


  1. Oo, this nail polish is super pretty! (By the way, I don't think the quality is bad at all, ahah. C: ) Thank you for the swatch!

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  2. oooh, they look so pretty ^_~

  3. It's sooo pretty on the nails xx

  4. I haven't tried Savvy nail polishes before, but this is a nice glitter shade! It reminds me of the sea and resembles slightly like fish scales haha :P

  5. I have the sally hansen version of this and I love it :)

  6. This is so pretty. I can't wait to get back to Sydney to buy this at Priceline

  7. Ohh I'm loving this shade! I like the glittery bits & this reminds me of the ocean!

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  8. Such a pretty color! Love the glitter <3
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  9. that's a gorgeous polish <3

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  11. Haven't tried any Savvy polishes but this polish is gorgeous!

    You can use a base coat first and then apply glitter polish. This way your nails wouldn't be seen and you wouldn't need 3 coats of glitter. This is what I do generally!


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