5 Jul 2013

NOTD: OPI Vesper from The Bond Girls Collection

Textured polishes have continuously been catching my eye lately. Not only do I love the sparkly, ‘I-am-a-5-year-old-again’ look but I’m also infatuated with the sand-like finish. After picking up the OPI Mini Mariah Carey Liquid Sands Collection (posts here and here), I was thrilled to hear the release of The Bond Girls Collection which includes 6 new Liquid Sand shades. Although I'm quite hesitant on forking out $19.95 for one full size polish (don't you just love the inflated prices here in Australia?) when I saw they also released a mini collection I snapped it up ASAP. 

 photo P6129860_zps03b2fe74.jpg

At first glance, I thought Vesper would be a rich burgundy shade but after applying it (and of course actually reading the description of each colour on the back of the box) I discovered it's a stunning deep purple colour. OPI describes it to be 'a mysterious and intriguing deep purple'.

 photo P6129866_zpse49eb178.jpg
 photo P6129872_zpsca1226ad.jpg

Unlike the other OPI Liquid Sands Polishes I've tried, Vesper doesn't seem to have any sparkly/shimmery/glittery-ness to it at all - it is just simply a deep purple textured polish. The only downside I do find with this shade is that the colour is mostly concentrated at the middle and end of the nails, whilst leaving the cuticles to be lighter than the rest of the nail. Now, this may have been my own fault as I was painting my nails in artificial lighting and therefore might not have been putting enough nail polish on but either way it is still disappointing. 

 photo P6129853_zps8c23a008.jpg
 photo P6129856_zps7bed5723.jpg

Vesper is definitely a striking colour and is certainly on point for the colder months. I would love to see how this would look with a thick, glossy top coat on. 

Have you tried any OPI Liquid Sand Polishes before?


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  2. I love it! The color is perfect for autumn/winter...

  3. Textured nail polishes look so cool, are they a pain to remove? This is a gorgeous wintery colour, I'd also love to see it as glossy instead of matte. xx

  4. i like the nails :)


  5. It's such a bummer how overpriced OPI and other brands are here in Aus! But the set is a bit more palatable in terms of value :) I think this is a really nice shade for fall/winter as you say, though it's a shame you weren't hugely impressed with it. Maybe it'll fare better with a thick top coat to make it glossy :)

  6. nice nails dear! <3
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    .never settle for less.

  7. Such a pretty colour! Along with Jinx I think they are the most pretty of this collection :)

  8. They are gorgeous! I want the entire set! :)

  9. These look really nice with a top coat if you want to change the look up!

  10. Such is a beautiful colour! Along with Jinx I think they are the most pretty of this collection :)xx


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