24 Jul 2013

Lust Have It July 2013

Once again it's time for my obligatory monthly post about Lust Have It. I received my $14.95 beauty subscription box a couple of days ago and I was extremely excited to see what was inside. In the last couple of weeks, LHI have been dropping subtle hints as to what a few of the products were inside this month's box to their subscribers on their Facebook page. The clues that were given intrigue me a little and therefore made me keen to see as to what really inside. 

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This month's theme was to celebrate the apparent 'lovely' weather of Australia all year round.  As much as I love warm winter days, the nights are absolutely torturous. I can't even begin to image how cold it would actually be in European countries where it snows, but from what I've been experiencing all my life here in Australia, it's enough. But I digress. 

Back to the theme - before actually looking at the products in this month's box I had expected maybe we would be receiving more make-up items. The front of their description card had a stunning model with bright, vibrant eye make-up and nail polish, so I was really hoping it would be either one of those, or maybe even both! However, disappointment settled in as it didn't include either. 

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Lust Have It July 2013 box included:

1. Swisse Hand Cream with Vitamin F & Pomegranate 30ml (RRP $29.95 for 200ml):
I actually quite like this Swisse brand. From all the products I've tried from them (courtesy of beauty subscription boxes) they have all seemed to work quite well. Oh and hand cream is definitely a must in these chilly and windy winter days!

2. Nude By Nature Natural Tinted Moisturiser with Sunscreen Full Size (RRP $19.95 for 30ml):
I actually have a NDN tinted moisturiser already however the version with 'natural sunscreen protection'. I have used it a couple of times but it's nothing spectacular. Because I do like to use medium-to-full coverage foundations, tinted moisturisers are just not interesting to me. What I do find interesting with this tinted moisturiser though is that there is no shade indicator. The tinted moisturiser I already own does come in different shades, so the LHI one is a little off-putting. How is it possible for one tinted moisturiser to be used on a vast amount of different shades? Unless it's so sheer to the point that opaqueness doesn't exist? I guess I will soon find out when I test it out.

3. California Mango Natural Hand and Body Lotion 2.13 fl.oz (RRP $3.49 for 2oz): 
So from a hand cream, to a tinted moisturiser and now we have a hand/body duo lotion. Really LHI? Are all your subbies that dry and shrivelled that we need pretty much a lifetime supply of lotion in one box? As much as I love body lotions and what not, enough is enough. I feel as though all I ever receive is body lotions. Please, please, please I hope there's not another bottle in next month's box.

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4. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Volume Powder Full Size (RRP $8.99 for 10g):
My hair does often lack volume so I am a little excited to give this product a try. I really hope this product actually works and is not just a gimmick! Nevertheless, finally a new and interesting product from LHI! Something that isn't a dry shampoo or tiny shampoo/conditioner satchels, ha!

5. Conditioner Culture Colorsmash Hair Shadow (RRP US$15):
At first glance I thought this was a golden bronze eyeshadow which I was quite excited by, but after further inspection I found out it was hair chalk. I'm not quite fond of hair chalk as it can look a little tacky or because the colour transfers onto your clothes. Either way, I'm not a massive fan. I'm also not quite sure how well this hair chalk would turn out in my hair if I did end up using it. 

6. Health Essentials zNano Active Gold Eye Patches 1 Satchel (RRP $45 for 20 Patches):
I've actually never tried any eye patches before, so I'm pretty keen to see how these feel like/work. These patches are supposed to help nourish/hydrate around the eyes. 

7. Condition Culture Knotties Hair Ties (RRP US$6.95):
Not too sure about this product. As much as I love having more hair ties, as mine seem to runaway from me, I find these kind of hair ties to be such a novelty. They simply look like elastic ribbons that are way over priced. I mean $6.95 for two ribbons when I can buy a whole roll for about $2 from the reject shop? No thank you. 

8. Health Essentials Maqui Berry Active (bonus 6g sample):
Hmm.. this is interesting(?), but I probably won't end up trying it. I never try these sample powder drinks, I always think to myself 'Yep, definitely going to try this next week'... two months later I find it sitting in my draw and I end up chucking it out. Hopefully that won't happen to this sample, but there's a 98% chance that it will.

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So those were all the products in this months box. I do have mixed emotions with this box, as much as I like the fact that there's 8 products in here, there is nothing overly exciting in this box. I would rather receive three amazing products/samples and two okay ones, rather than 2 okay ones and 6 'meh' ones. 

So once again I'm desperately hoping that the next months LHI will be better. This box was better than previous ones I have received, but let's just hope next months will be even better. If you would like to subscribe to Lust Have It, just head on over to their website and sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription. You can use the coupon code 'DUGONG' to receive $5 off your first monthly subscription! 

What were your thoughts about this month's Lust Have It? 

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  1. I wasn't disappointed by the box as a whole but I agree, when I first see the card and it has a model with makeup and gorgeous nails, I hope that one of the things she is wearing will actually be in the box! It's so sad!

  2. This box was a lot better than the previous two month's boxes I have received so I was relieved about that but I still don't think it is worth the $19.95 price tag.

    Jac x0x

  3. Still not sure how I feel about these boxes.. I was considering taking out a subscription to Lust or Bellabox but it just seems very up and down with what you get each month!

  4. Oh these are so cool! I probably would not have known about any of these brands before the box came so it's def a good intro.

  5. This must be a really popular subscription box - I've seen the same one on quite a few blogs so far. It looks like pretty good value to me!

  6. Skincare items are more easily sampled off in our local boxes as well. The makeup industry needs to be more sample-friendly, imo, because they're the industry with more fans :)

  7. wow, so many goodies in such a small box! i love that it includes varieties of items, not just make-up :)

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  8. I agree and felt a bit mixed about this month's LHI. More and more body lotions and what nore each month...

  9. These products look great! Schwarzkopf i love it!


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