4 Jun 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sands Collection - Stay The Night (7 DAYS OF POLISH)

Liquid Sands have been on the top of my wishlist for the longest time now - so when I finally got my hands on these little beauties, I was over joyed. I haven't had the chance to rock all 4 polishes as of yet, but I did test out Stay The Night and fell absolutely in love. 

 photo P5019360_zps1165fd1a.jpg

If you're not familiar with OPI's Liquid Sands collection, it essentially looks just like a normal (glitter) polish in the bottle however it dries with a textured, sand-like finish. So not only do you get the stunning glitter look, you also have a textured finish! I cannot tell you how much time I've spent touching my nails when I had Stay The Night on! Yes, I'm weird I know. But trust me, the texture feels fantastic. 

 photo P5019366_zps5d98d174.jpg
 photo P5019368_zps5c2c3caf.jpg

Unfortunately, my dodgy SLR camera didn't quite capture Stay The Nights true beauty, but you can already tell from these blurry photos that this is a winner. I've seen other bloggers say that this is their least favourite from the collection, but I honestly can't see why. I love the red glitter against the black base. But hey, each to their own. 

 photo P5019373_zps04792a9f.jpg

 photo P5019379_zps3d26fa1d.jpg 

Another reason I love these Liquid Sands polishes is that although you can wear them without a top coat (base coat is encouraged though) so you get that textured finish, you can also applied a thick top coat and get a glossy finish. In my opinion, either method looks great, but I think I much prefer the textured finish. 

 photo P5019376_zps6716f7ab.jpg

Even though i already know how yhe others turn out (from stalking other blogs), I cannot wait to try out the rest of the shades in this mini collection! 

This mini collection retails for $24.95 in stores (Myer and David Jones) or you can grab a bargain on eBay. I picked mine up from eBay for only just $17! 

Have you tried any Liquid Sands polishes before? What's your favourite? 


  1. These look gorgeous! :)


  2. I saw these in my local nail salon. I thought they were ordinary glitter polish but they look so divine!

  3. so beautiful nailpolishes :D

  4. The colours are so pretty! I don't like textured polishes though, they're such a pain to get off!


  5. These polishes are so pretty. I quite like the textured finish.

  6. This is such a great collection! I picked up the gold one the other day, it is amazing. :]
    <3 Carolyn

  7. Oooh I want to try textured nail polish so badly, I really like this colour! The texture would probably make me want to peel them off, though haha. xx

  8. These look so unique! I really want to try this formula out soon :)

  9. Wow these look gorgeous. They look like they would have a rough texture.

  10. Oooh, I should try this one soon! I have this set but I've only worn Get Your Number properly, I kind of forgot about the other colours. This combination looks really unique - I love the red glitters against the black base :)

  11. love it <3
    the black one you've tried is the best i guess.

  12. Beautiful nail polishes, love the texture so much!

  13. Love the texture of this polish...looks awesome :)

  14. I love the color black and sparkle pink..
    So beauty on your nail :D


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