5 Jun 2013

NOTD: OPI Russian Navy & When Monkey's Fly! (7 DAYS OF POLISH)

When I saw the release of The Oz's Great and Powerful When Monkey's Fly!, I knew instantly I had to pick it up. I ended up purchasing When Monkey's Fly! and Polka.com on eBay for only $20 - stuff paying full Australian retail price for OPI polishes. I mean who has $20 to spend on a nail polish? Certainly not me!

 photo P5249664_zps2a5eb719.jpg
When Monkey's Fly! is a lovely clear base varnish with small, round hologram glitter, medium hexagon silver and hologram glitter and giant gold hexagon glitters.  I find that most varnishes with large glitters tend to 'curl' once applied to the nail, but these stayed surprisingly flat on my nail. 

 photo P5249666_zpsb794381c.jpg

One thing I did get irritated at with this lacquer is that glitters (like with almost all other polishes with large glitters) didn't disperse evenly. This meant I had to continuous dab around my nail trying to evenly distribute those large hexagon glitters. 

 photo P5249668_zps1fb0b07e.jpg

Again, I think I went for the wrong nail polish combo as I've seen a tone of swatches of When Monkey's Fly! with lighter, nude shades. Why is it that I always tend to go opposite of what people usually go for? I can't decipher whether this is a good or bad thing. 

I do quite like this with Russian Navy, but next time I'm definitely going to pair it with a nude shade. Oh and sorry for the blurly photos again!

 photo P5249672_zps633207b6.jpg
 photo P5249675_zpsf96967fb.jpg
 photo P5249678_zpsb5a31195.jpg

The other glitter polishes from the Oz The Great and Powerful collection also look stunning (especially Lights of Emerald City), so I may need to get my hands on them. I've been going nail polish crazy recently (hence all the NOTD posts) so buying these polishes may be delayed until I have used all my newly purchased polishes at least once! Only about 10 more shades to go! Haha just kidding ... it may be more.

Which nail polishes have you been wearing recently? 


  1. love the glitter, and it looks awesome with the dark blue! :D

  2. This is such a pretty combination! The glitter would be amazing with a nude color too :)

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  3. I like this blue and gold combo!
    And I'm nominating you for a blog award this week :)
    Don't forget to enter my Summer Giveaway in the meantime ♥

  4. OPI Russian Navy is one of my favourite colours of all time!


  5. OPI are the best polishes ever! They are the fastest drying and longest lasting, In love with this look as well, your nails looks great.

    Following your blog gorgeous, would love for you to check mine out and follow xx


  6. Omg I absolutely love this color! <3
    Check out my new post!

  7. I find that both OPI and Milani make great glitter polishes.
    <3 Carolyn

  8. I just love OPI, but I didn,t try this combination yet!! Looks great!

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  9. i love all of your nails decorations!

  10. I love navy nail polish, its so sexy and classy! What a great color combo you have here!

  11. Omg!!!!!!! Pretty nail polish ^__^


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