26 Jun 2013

Current Nail Polish Collection

It's been 10 days since I last blogged but it's seriously felt like 6 months. With the completion of my last university exam EVER comes the celebratory events - hence the absence of blogging. However, it's back to my regular blogging schedule (if not more as I have a tonne of products I want to review along with a haul!) and I promise I won't ever leave again (hopefully). 

 photo P61398811_zpsc88306e2.jpg

Anyways, today I will be sharing with you my current nail polish collection. I say current because since taking the following photos, I have actually bought a few more (I know, I'm crazy) and although I know I have much more than a normal person should have this probably won't stop me from buying more in the future. Ahh the perks of being a girl. 

The following polishes I will be showing are actually the ones I decided to keep as I did throw out quite a few bottles. I do want to add in here that I don't want this post to come across as a 'bragging' post - I just wanted to share my love of nail polishes with you guys and hopefully you will find this post interesting! I also want to quickly add that I'm colour blind (as you will see in the following photos) as I have grouped a few polishes into the wrong colour category. Obviously I need to brush up my skills and study a colour chart! So without further ado let's get on with the polishes. 


 photo P6139892_zps11641bb7.jpg

Butter London Trout Pout w Essie Knockout Pout w OPI Royal Flush Blush w Essie Your Hut Or Mine w Rimmel Hot Shot w Essie Mod Squad w OPI La  Paz-Itively Hot

 photo P6139893_zps5b30e5db.jpg

Essie Super Bossa Nova w Revlon Fuchsia Fever w China Glaze Limbo Bimbo w Essie Strawberry Sorbet w Sinful Colours Folly w Illamasqua Folly w Camouflage Colour Dark Pink

 photo P6139906_zps9e4b7eee.jpg

OPI Sweet Heart w Revlon Cotton Candy w OPI Pussy Galore w Essie A Crewed Interest 

 photo P6139907_zps54462453.jpg

Sally Hansen Petal Pusher w Essie Van D'Go w Essie Lion Around w Chanel Cashmere

 photo P6139918_zps9ce50f30.jpg

Revlon Gum Drop w Sinful Colors Bali Mist w Camouflage Colour Purple w Sportsgirl Lavender Fields w OPI Purple With A Purpose 

 photo P6139919_zps1f0d2a59.jpg

OPI Can't Let Go w Max Factor Fantasy Fire w Illamasqua Poke w OPI Vesper w OPI Dim Sum Plum

 photo P6139929_zpsf913b1eb.jpg

Sally Hansen Blue Me Away! w Sinful Colors Fiji w Essie Smooth Sailing (Twice, oops)

 photo P6139930_zps2544121f.jpg

Essie Fair Game w Julep Michelle w China Glaze First Class Ticket w OPI Russian Navy 

 photo P6139938_zpscf9d69f5.jpg

Essie Da Bush w Essie Absolutely Shore w China Glaze For Audrey w Covergirl Mint Mojito w Rimmel Misty Jade

 photo P6139940_zps84bd3566.jpg

Camouflage Color Metal Blue w Revlon Ocean Breeze w Sinful Colors San Francisco w Camouflage Colour Emeral w Camouflage Colour (no name) 026

 photo P6139942_zpsaca562e0.jpg

Essie Haute As Hello w Essie Braziliant w Essie Orange, It's Obvious! w Essie Meet Me At Sunset w Mode Cosmetics Rave'n

 photo P6139950_zps91ca8011.jpg

Camouflage Colour Grey w Covergirl Midnight Magic w Camouflage Colour Almost Black w Essence Edwards Love

 photo P6139949_zpsdcc99045.jpg

OPI At Your Quebec And Call w Camouflage Colour Naturale w Camouflage Colour Wood Shimmer w Essie Angora Cardi w Essie Garnet Zoya Like A Virgin

Pink/Red Glitters:
 photo P6139953_zps46db1010.jpg

Essie A Cut Above w Essence Time For Romance w OPI DS Bold w Illamasqua Untold w OPI The Impossible w OPI Jinx w Face Of Australia Lookin' For Some Hot Stuff

Purple Glitters:
 photo P6139955_zps169e13e3.jpg

Nicole By OPI Amethyst Texture w Mode Cosmetics Rock Me Sweet w Revlon Scandalous w Essence Evil Queen w OPI Polka.com

Blue Glitters:
 photo P6139956_zps02fd6bbe.jpg

Rimmel Disco Ball w Essence Prince Charming w Revlon Radient w Essence Choose Me! w Essence Blue Addicted w OPI Get Your Number w Face Of Australia Disco Inferno 

Gold Glitters:
 photo P6139958_zps4b44314a.jpg

Essence The Huntsman w Face Of Australia Dancing Queen w OPI When Monkeys Fly! w OPI Goldeneye w Orly What's The Password? w Australis Speck-Tacular

Silver/Black Glitters & Toppers and Randoms:
 photo P6139959_zps4a9b72af.jpg

OPI Solitaire w Nicole By OPI Silver Texture w OPI Silver Shatter w Sally Hansen Shoot The Moon w OPI Black Shatter w OPI Stay The Night w Australis Fairy Bread

Top/Base Coats:
 photo P6139962_zps345064d1.jpg

Essie Protein Base Coat w Seche Vite Dry Fast w Essence Express Dry Drops w Essence Gel Look w Orly Flash Dry

All nail polishes swatched in indoor lighting:
 photo P6139966_zps7436d0ab.jpg
In direct sunlight (outdoors)
 photo P6139969_zps64114fcc.jpg

After swatching all these polishes I cannot believe how many nail polishes I have accumulated! My mind was seriously blown when I took them all out and actually put them (badly) into each colour category. How can someone possibly own 14 bright/vibrant/hot pink polishes and yet only have 2 reds?! Also, why don't I have a yellow nail polish or more wine/berry shades?

Anyways I digress - I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have a nail polish addiction like I do and how many you currently own!


  1. OH GOSH SO MANY LOVELY COLOURS! My absolute favourite row was the baby pinks because those are my favourite but I also liked the purple MaxFactor one :) x

  2. WHOA! What an extensive yet lovely collection! I don't own many nail polishes myself since I'm always lazy to paint them :P
    But, the number of NOTD posts going around is getting me hooked!

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  3. This is an awesome collection! Loved seeing all the colors, you have such a nice assortment! :)

    XO, Abundance of Erica

  4. Woah, love your collection! o:
    And THANK YOU for the swatches! >u<

  5. You have a gorgeous collection!! you must always have beautifully manicured nails!! ^_^

  6. Great collection! There are a few in there that I'd love to get my hands on! I'll be doing a post like this once I finish off my makeup collection posts... I seriously am scared to though haha!

  7. Have you considered getting a set or two of swatch sticks?

  8. Such an amazing collection! I'm too scared to count all my polishes :| too many!


  9. So much nail polish! I could never deal with having that many! Haha! I love that you actually swatched ALL of them! And yeah, where are your berry/wine polishes?! Those are some of the best colours out there!! Lovely collection, nonetheless!

  10. wow.. you have amazing collection.. Essie nail paints shade looks pretty

  11. Oooh you have a lovely collection :)
    Love the heart that you formed using them ;)

  12. Congratulations on finishing your last ever exams! I still have another year to go eughhhh... And I am envious of your collection! I love your purple glitters!!!


  13. you got a fair collection going there! I can spy loads of great shades, i might do this on a piece of paper :)

  14. Oh wow you have an awesome collection dear :)

  15. OMG i think i just died! I thought i had an obession! haha


    Karen xx

  16. Haha, I feel the same way, I have so many crazy colors and only one red shade!
    <3 Carolyn

  17. omgg you have such an extensive collection of nail polishes! <3

    Check out my new outfit featuring Suck Is Free label! :)

  18. Great collection!
    I love nailpolishes too :)

  19. Wow this must have taken forever. Thanks for sharing!!! The swatches are great help too =]

  20. I used to have a LOT of polish, but now I limit myself to my nail polish rack...it's helped! haha I love seeing posts like these because it helps me decide which colors I should get next. :)

  21. Oh man, am I ever jealous. I probably have a similar number of polishes but you own a lot of colors and brands that I don't have...

  22. wow ,do you have a huge collection of nail polish

  23. I love all that purple glitter >.<


  24. Woooow, what a collection! I just have 2 of yours: Blue me away and Ocean breeze. I love them! :)I have a polish addiction but I don't know how many polishes I own :P


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