29 Jun 2013

Another Month, Another Haul!

Is it just me or do I seem to do a lot of hauls here on my blog? Surprisingly though my last haul was about two months ago (here) which is making me wondering how much time is flying as it feels as though I posted a haul last week. Or maybe I'm just becoming delirious with my old age(?). Anyways today I have yet another haul for you. I was lucky enough to pick up most of the these products from sale promotions, except for the MAC products which I will go into further detail later on. Now let's get onto the haul!

 photo P6229998_zps2d73d00f.jpg

First up we have the marvellous MAC goodies. After seeing how incredibly cheap and easy it was to access MAC from the American website from seeing Sarah's (More Than Adored) MAC Haul Post, I rushed over to PriceUSA and gave them my order. If you're not from Australia you might not know the huge difference in prices of pretty much every western make-up products especially MAC here in Australia. So here's a small comparison of prices for you: MAC Powder Blushers in Australia retail for $41 compared to $21 in the US. Therefore it's pretty much double the price here in Australia. 

This is where PriceUSA comes in. PriceUSA lets you shop on American websites (that don't ship internationally) and help you ship over your goodies at only the bare minimum shipping costs. Granted they do ask for a little more than the delivery fee as they are offering you an amazing service but as you're saving a tonne of money shopping on the US website (especially as the AUS $ is almost the same conversion rate of the US $) you're still getting a bargain. For all the MAC products I purchased plus the delivery fee my total costs were $134.95. However if I ordered from the Australian MAC website or in store the total would be $219, that's a total savings of $84! 

Although the shipping time was a little long (mine took about 3-4 weeks to arrive) I do recommend shopping with PriceUSA if you want to pick up some affordable American brands and don't mind waiting for them to arrive. 

 photo P6220006_zpsff3113f9.jpg

Moving onto the haul, I picked up 3 lipsticks Viva Glam Nicki, Syrup and Chatterbox. All three have been on my wishlist for the longest time and I'm so glad I've finally purchased them!

 photo P6220012_zps628ee329.jpg

I also purchased two Pro Pan Blush Refills in Dolly Mix and Salsarose. I wanted to buy more blushers (as I'm obsessssssed with blushers, but I limited myself to only picking 2 as I only need two more to fill up my 6 pan blush palette. However I can't promise I won't be picking up individual packaged blushers in the future, eep! 

And lastly from MAC I got the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus. I was tossing up between getting this powder or the coveted Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, but seeing as I just recently picked up the limited edition Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Definitely Defined i opted for the face powder instead. 

I do want to get a lot of other things from MAC (brow duo & concealer) I think I will wait until a later time to get them as I need to save for my next holiday trip in October!

 photo P6220007_zps39b312c4.jpg

Next we have two Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks in Pink Blush and Asia. I picked up both of these when they were on sale for $5 each at Kmart.

 photo P6220015_zps7de36130.jpg

I also unexpectedly bought the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Shocking Coral (another cult favourite) as it was half price ($8) at Chemist Warehouse

 photo P6220009_zpsf2b980f6.jpg

I bought several NYX products from Cherry Culture as they were having a 40% all NYX products promotion. I purchased two cream blushers in Boho Chic and Tickled - a lot of YouTubers and bloggers have been raving about the NYX cream blushes so I definitely wanted to try these. 

 photo P6220018_zpse1f8053c.jpg

I also bought two Mega Shine Lip Glosses in Tea Rose and Beige. Nicole Guerriero (one of my favourite YouTubers) have raved about these before so yet another pruchase that had to be made. 

 photo P6220019_zpsed9e491c.jpg

Oh and they also have these ADORABLE bows on the handles! How could I resist?!

 photo P6220024_zps417a8bea.jpg

These two items were purchased on a whim as they caught my eye - Jumbo Lip Pencils in Plush Red and Almond

 photo P6220022_zps96fea057.jpg

And lastly I finally picked up the Nude On Nude Palette after umm-ing and ahh-ing about it for the better part of a year. I cannot wait to test this palette out and I'm desperately hopefully this doesn't disappoint. 

 photo P6270106_zps4e9b81be.jpg

Next we have Julie G Frosted Gum Drops Polishes. I was actually luckily enough to win these stunning polishes from a giveaway hosted by Jackie from Candy Coated Tips. I've always wanted to try Julie G polishes so I'm so grateful that I won these!

 photo P6280143_zps75ba6c82.jpg

Last but not least we have a few goodies I picked up from Myer and Priceline a couple of days ago. I purchased my beloved Revlon Colorstay foundation in True Beige for the dirt cheap price of $9! This foundation would usually set you back $35 for full retail price, CRAZY! I also purchased two nail polishes in Minted and Popular for just $3. The nail polishes were already reduced to $3 each but on top of that, Myer had a buy one get on free deal on nail polishes - what a bargain!

And from Priceline I purchased the Savvy nail polish in Splash & Dash for $3 as it resembles Essence's Blue Addicted (one of my favourite polishes) which is already a dupe for Deborah Lipmann's Across The Universe. 

So those are all the make-up products I've purchased over the last two months. I am going to attempt a make-up spending ban for the next three months as I really want to start saving for my trip to Thailand but I don't know how well it's going to go. Hopefully I will keep the spending to a minimal, if not another haul will be posted in the another two months, ha! But let's keep our fingers crossed that it won't happen!

Hope you've enjoyed this haul post!


  1. Love it aaaaall! x

  2. great haul! love the lippies you got! also the polishes are super cute and colorful which I always like

  3. Great haul! Thanks for sharing priceusa =]

  4. Oooo so many new goodies!! I love them all :) x

  5. They're all lovely make-up in great colours etc. to let me give a a new look!
    ♥ like ♥ share ♥

    Have a very great evening and lovely weekend.....


  6. Great haul. I didn't get on with the Nude on Nude palette I prefer my UD Naked palette. I need to finally try some NYX blushers.


  7. HUGE haul! I love NYX boho chic.. it's marvelous for a dewy look :D

  8. Love your hauls :P I've wanted syrup for the longest time too!


  9. the colours of the lipsticks are amazing :D

  10. Your haul is so cheerful :) All the pretty colors!!!

  11. omg the Revlon polishes are so cheap! $1.50 each! I have both but I think I paid full price for them :p The palette looks like so much fun - so many colours to play around with. I recently tried out PriceUSA too but in the end it didn't work out that much cheaper because I only bought one item that was already quite expensive :p

  12. Ohh I've always wanted a Mineralize Skin Finish x

  13. The NYX products look amazing and so do the nailpolishes!

  14. i loved the haul!!! :D kiss


  15. ooh so jealous of your haul, especially the MAC goodies!
    PriceUSA sounds great!

  16. Such lovely products!




  17. love the products,i just bought the cream blush from nyx, excited to try it! :D


  18. Dang, this is an awesome haul.... I can't wait to see you use that palette from NYX! I remember considering getting that for quite some time.

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

  19. I'm so jealous of your haul, you got really great products! I might have a look at PriceUSA as I would love to buy cosmetics from the American stores- it is so much more cheaper than buying here in the Australia! Can't believe you bought the Relvon polishes for $3 a pop, that is such a bargain- my all time favourite nail polish is Popular, it is so pretty :)

  20. Salsarose is on my wishlist, but until I get to a MAC pro store, it's going to stay on my wishlist :( Viva Glam Nicki is such a fantastic color; a bit too warm for my taste, but IMO it will look fab on you! Great post! x

  21. Great haul! So many lovely products. Especially the MAC lipsticks.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  22. Awesome haul, I love the mac blushes you picked out. Price usa have really good service!

  23. Such a nice haul, I'd love to try the PriceUSA website for getting Urban Decay products as they are virtually impossible to get sent to Aus! Love the MAC products you've gotten, you're going to love Viva Glam Nicki & Dollymix!! Lately I've gotten Nyx's Beige lipgloss because of Tanya Burr, haha xx

  24. Have just emailed you!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!! I love your haul goodies, never tried any NYX, the glosses look great! I'll have to remember the PriceUSA site.. sucks living in Australia when it comes to shopping!! :) Enjoy your goodies, and thanks again x

  25. PriceUSA sounds very similar to a service I've used previously - HopShopGo. The shipping was a bit expensive since it was express and they charge by volume, not weight. Might give PriceUSA a go one day when I'm in urgent need of online shopping!

    INDIA Trio Pack Giveaway // Clearasil Giveaway

  26. Whoa! Great haul! Love the NYX products <3
    Check out my new post!

  27. So so so so many beautiful products. And lucky you with your new set of nail polishes! Can't wait to see your reviews on them.
    Love your blog! X

  28. Nice cosmetics love all the products... i'm going to buy from Majorbrands.in

  29. Amazing haul! I love the nude on nude palette - it looks amazing - and the range of nail polishes you picked up!


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