4 May 2013

Review + Swatches: Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes in Petal Pusher, Blue Had Me At Hello & Comfort Zone

A few months ago I went on a bit of a splurge and bought a bunch of American drugstore products. Included in this haul were three Wet N Wild Icon Eyeshadow Palettes - Petal Pusher, Blue Had Me At Hello and Comfort Zone. These palettes are undoubtably one of the most raved about and affordable palettes in the beauty industry.

 photo 4fcccf7e-530b-4020-9cbf-254fe12f2bbb_zps22518833.jpg

At an inexpensive price of $7.99 from Beautyjoint, Wet N Wild's Color Icon 8 pan palettes are a total steal. Wet N Wild also offer single eyeshadows, trio palettes and 6 eyeshadow palettes, but none of them have been talked about as much as Comfort Zone. 

All Color Icon 8 Pan Palettes are colour co-ordinated and separated into two columns. There are also engravings in the eyeshadow to help you place the shades in the 'correct' spot - however I'm a rebel and use which ever colour I want where I want to. Just kidding, but the categories that Wet N Wild put them in is very helpful for those who are just starting to experiment with eyeshadows. On the back of the palette there are also guidelines to where to place the eyeshadows.

 photo P5019389_zps8e93159c.jpg

From the three palettes that I picked up I found the formulation to be impeccable. Most of the shades (especially the darker colours) were insanely pigmented and soft as butter - only two of the shades (the brow bone and eyelid colour on the left hand side of the Petal Pusher palette) felt a little chalky and didn't swatch as impressively as the others. With very pigmented eyeshadows comes the possibility of fall out - I was actually surprised to find that I didn't have that much fall out with most of these shadows except two from the Blue Had Me At Hello palette.

I haven't worn these shadows without a primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance) yet, but with a primer these bad boys do not budge or crease. 

The downside to these palettes is the cheap packaging. I find that the closure is quite flimsy and doesn't securely close. I feel as though the packaging in general does not protect the eyeshadows at all - as you will see from my very damaged Blue Had Me At Hello palette.

 photo P5019381_zps4288be17.jpg
(Swatches- Left Column and then Right Column)

Petal Pusher: As the name suggests this palette contains quite earthy yet girly shadows. In the first column there is a purple theme whereas the second column is quite neutral/earth toned. 

I have also included a description of each shade included in the palettes from Tempalia.com - I definitely couldn't have explained the colours better than her so I thought I would add in her description than rattle my brain for mine:

The first column consisted of a pale, icy violet shimmered satin white; muted pink-lilac base with pale gold shimmer-sheen; darkened red-toned purple with a frost finish; and medium-dark violet-blue purple with silver sparkle. The second column includes a pale, high-frost pink-white; coppery rose mauve with red undertones in a soft frost finish; blackened burgundy brown with a satin finish; and a grayish black with subtle green sparkle and satin finish. 
- Tempalia.com  

 photo P5019391_zpsd23d2562.jpg
(Swatches- Left Column and then Right Column)

Blue Had Me At Hello:

Unfortunately mine was broken when I received it so the colours are quite muddle up, especially the three lighter shades in the palette. I'm hoping with a little creative cleaning I will be able to make the shades brand new again!

The first column includes a semi-sheer, silvered white with a frosted finish, medium silvered gray with a frost finish; semi-matte dark black with blue sparkle, and matte black.
The second column consists of a pale, icy blue with a frosted finish, aqua-teal with a golden sheen and frosted finish, rich midnight navy blue with a softened frost finish, and semi-matte black with soft silver sparkle.

 photo P5019395_zpsb710325b.jpg(Swatches- Left Column and then Right Column)

And last the infamous, Comfort Zone:

By far my favourite out of all three - this neutral palette is one of my favourites, it's up there along with my UD Naked 2 and Stila In The Light palette. 

The first column includes a warm beige with a soft frosted finish, a rosy copper with a frost finish, a warm, medium-dark golden brown with a pearly sheen and a dark, burgundy and copper shimmered brown with subtle red undertones.The second column includes a pale dirty gray-pewter with a white frosted sheen, a subdued springy green with a golden sheen, a charcoal brown with a pearly sheen and a red-brown with a teal duochrome and frosted finish.
- Tempalia.com

These are definitely staple items to have in your collection. If you want to have good quality eyeshadows but don't want to splurge then look no further than the Wet N Wild Color Icon 8 Pan Palettes. These will seriously make your life better!

What are your thoughts on the Color Icon Palettes & which is your favourite?


  1. Pretty! Comfort Zone definitely looks like it'd be my favourite out of the three. I don't go in much for blues and purples. I have blue eyes, so I find that browns/oranges/reds suit me better. I'd be thrilled if they had one of golds and pinks!

  2. I have all three of these too! It's a bit sad to admit but I haven't used any of them in months D: I shall have to pull them out again :)

  3. love the "cofort zone" palette!

  4. I'm not a fan of these palettes. Petal Pusher didn't give me any product on the brush. The shadows in Blue palette were too soft, faded even with a primer, and looked like crap once blended. Only Wet n Wild shadow I've ever cared for was Brulee as a highlight.

  5. Comfort Zone has been on my wishlist forever! Wish WNW was available where I live : / Thanks for the review ^^ xx

  6. The blue one is soooo pretty <3

  7. Comfort zone has so many shades I would definitely wear. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing~

  8. You took great photos and swatches of these Wet n Wild palettes! I want all three...love Wet n Wild and I also think the engraved words are a great idea.

  9. Thank you so much for this review. I might ask my friend in America to pick this up for me!

  10. My Comfort Zone palette broke and looks like your Blue had me at hello one.
    One of the brown shades shattered and is all over the other ones so they all kinda look the same now -.-
    But yes, amazing quality and so soft (maybe too soft).

  11. Blue Had Me At Hello has some amazing shades xxx

  12. I only like the neutral palette.

    Please follow and visit me :D

    Danica Stark

  13. these all look really nice! i want to try comfort zone.

    jess xx

  14. I loved these and for me its definitely my on the go palette as it basically has the colors I needed and pretty handy too!^_~

  15. I looove these palettes. Sad to see one broken :(

  16. These all look gorgeous I've only tried their 6 pan palettes but I'd like to try these. The pigmentation for all is great but I like Petal Pusher & so is Blue Had Me At Hello the most, it's a shame that it's broken =/ xx

  17. Comfort Zone is a fantastic palette, especially that duochrome colour - so gorgeous! Blue Had Me At Hello is like a more affordable alternative to the Tom Ford Emerald Lust quad - seriously some of the shades look like dead on dupes!

  18. blue had me at hello and comfort zone are sooo beautiful!!

  19. I love the color from petal pusher and comfort zone
    I hope I'll get one of them soon ^^

  20. I love the colour Blue Had Me At Hello~ So beautiful~

  21. I like very much the first and the last palette! I hope one day I'll have them too:(


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