28 May 2013

Review: Illamasqua Superior, Surge & Stoic Liquid Metal

After experimenting with a handful of cream eyeshadows (mainly Maybelline's Colour Tattoos), I was further intrigued by Illasmasqua's Liquid Metals. This unique product is much more than just an cream eyeshadow, you can basically use this on your entire body - eyes, face you name it. Unfortunately for me, I picked up three shades that I can't exactly wear on the entire body without causing too much attention to myself. If I were confident enough I would totally rock out with some blue lips, but regrettably that day doesn't exist. So for now, I'll stick with using these Liquid Metals as cream eyeshadows/bases. 

 photo P5229552_zps26003f40.jpg

First off let's just appreciate the packaging of these ..and all of Illamasqua's other products. Their packaging is undoubtedly one of my favourite. It's a quirky/dark and a tad ominous (but oddly in a very good way). Because of the sleek black plastic packaging, it does tend to get dirty easily, but it's also very simple to clean. 

 photo P5229558_zps520c2dfd.jpg

These Liquid Metals are very thick and creamy. Unlike the Maybelline Colour Tattoos I can use one swipe of the product and know I have enough product on my finger to cover my entire eyelid. Usually I need to apply 2-3 coats of the Colour Tattoos to reach full opacity, so it was quite delightful how simple and easy it was to use the Liquid Metals. 

Even though I do have oily eyelids, I found that without a primer these didn't fade/slide off throughout the day, It did however crease slightly around the 5 hour mark. When I did use a primer though (Too Faced Shadow Insurance) I didn't experience any creasing at all. I think I'm one of the few lucky people who didn't experience creasing using these - during my research of this product I saw that quite a lot of people suffered severe creasing even using a primer. So if you do think you will fall into the tragic pitt of creasing, I suggest using a primer as well as an eyeshadow on top. 

I think reason why these Liquid Metals are prone to creasing is due to the rich creamy texture. Because it is quite thick it takes longer to dry, therefore it is important to not blink/open your eye too early before it settles as it will cause major creasing. However, because it does take longer to dry it makes blending a extremely easy. 

 photo P5229551_zpsc0914f43.jpg

The three shades I picked up include Superior (Metallic Sapphire), Surge (Molten Pewter) and Stoic (Metallic Emerald). As you will be able to tell from the swatches below all three shades are jammed packed with pigmentation. I'm pleasantly surprised how well Surge turned out when swatched and applied onto the eyelid - I usually find that the lighter shades are less pigmented and more patchy. 

Another interesting fact I found whilst researching about these little pots of joy was that you can also mix the shades and make them into other exquisite colours!

When playing around with the colours on my hand I noticed that the product would sink into the fine lines on my hands. I suggest you keep this in mind as this could be a problem if you're planning on using the Liquid Metals on your body. 

 photo P5229568_zps00c9fe35.jpg
 photo P5229567_zps204c4d8d.jpg
 photo P5229570_zpsded89117.jpg
 photo P5229576_zps6f3400e8.jpg
(In direct lighting)
 photo P5229571_zpsa6be2659.jpg
(In indirect lighting)

After a bit of experimenting with the Liquids I decided to swatch Superior and Stoic with two Maybelline Colour Tattoos - Edgy Emerald and Tenacious Teal - to show you the difference in texture and formulation. The results of this will shock you. 

 photo P5229581_zpsf5ac1883.jpg

As you can see from the photo (sorry for the dodgy lighting!) the Colour Tattoos are much, much more patchy/flakey and seriously lacking in pigmentation compared to the Liquid Metals. To be fair though, the two colour tattoos shown are notorious for being the bad shades from the collection (with Bad to the Bronze being the clear winner and cult favourite). However, it is still quite amazing to see the difference in quality of these two products. 

 photo P5229582_zps06cc8cde.jpg
(Superior, Edgy Emerald, Stoic and Tenacious Teal)

Although the views of this particular product does have mixed reviews I'm going to give these a massive thumbs up for my own personal experience. I'm fortunate enough to not have these crease on me and hopefully it won't happen to you either! With a 8g of product in each pot these Liquid Metals retail for $26 at any Illamasqua Counter in Myer. 

I few suggestions I do have for those who are suffering with creasing is to let the product 'dry' up a little. This will make blending a little more difficult but will definitely help with the creasing. A way you can make this product more stiff is to pop it in the fridge for short while! Note: I haven't tested out this method so if this doesn't work please don't hold me responsible!

Have you tried and of the Liquid Metals before?


  1. Stoic and Superior are stunning! These are on my radar now x

  2. These look simply wonderful, they're gorgeous colours! In particular I like Superior, hmmm, beginning to wish I ordered some of these in the flash sale.
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  3. The colours are gorgeous!! The quality looks excellent in comparison to the Colour Tattoos. I think you should rock these shades when Spring and Summer comes!

  4. ah these colours are amazing! I really need to try these out xx


  5. Wow, these are absolutely beautiful! You could create some fantastic summer looks with these(: xoxo

  6. The colour payoff is amazing, so beautiful!


  7. WOW Liquid Metal is a perfect description.
    They are so opaque and the sheen on these are just gorgeous!

  8. Holy moly, these are absolutely stunning!

  9. i remember touching these at dj's earlier in the year! it feels so coooool *_* the color payoff is seriously amazing, and the name is totally suited for the consistency :D x

  10. The pigmentation of these is so intense! I can definitely see the quality discrepancy between them and the Color Tattoos, hah! The shades remind me of cream version of the Tom Ford Emerald Lust quad.

  11. Oh my gosh that teal one is to die for!

  12. liquid metals are so hard to work with sometimes, i'm glad you didnt have problems with them. and gosh those are soooo pigmented, it like pure pigment, i really love the deepness of the tones, great colour choices too! :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
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  13. These are completely gorgeous shades. I've always been put off buying the liquid metals simply because I do have oily lids and I do hate when products crease on me. -_-

    It's really tough to resist though, as they have beautiful shades in the collection!

  14. Nice review, thanks for sharing. I bought the Illamasqua liquid metals quad a couple years ago because I thought the shades were so pigmented and pretty, but I really didnt like how they creased. I bought it in Hawaii when the temperature was excruciatingly hot so maybe that had something to do with my dislike, I might give these another shot!

  15. These look amazingg, Superior is a gorgeous colour! xx

  16. they look great!

  17. Aaaah lovely color!!!! My wishlist >.<

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