17 May 2013

NOTD: Illamasqua Untold and Obsess with Essie Strawberry Sorbet

Illmasqua nail varnishes have been on the top of my wishlist for quite some time now. I don't know whether it's the quirky/edgy/unique shades they offer or just the slick bottle that intrigued me. Either way, I'm glad I did venture out and pick these up! Also, I'm lucky I did pick these up when I had the chance, as most companies and online stores based overseas (e.g ASOS) don't ship nail polishes internationally anymore!

 photo P4259337_zpsbfdaf702.jpg

Illamasqua's Untold is a stunning clear based polish jammed packed with red glitter. Because of the clear base, I decided to layer it over the top of Essie's Strawberry Sorbet. This unfortunately made it very hard to take a clear photograph of the beautiful red glitter flecks of Untold but I can assure you that it looks stunning in real life. You can also wear Untold alone and layer the glitter - 3 coats for full opacity - which I think I will wear sometime in the near future. The only downside to this nail varnish is of course the removal process. As with all glitters, it takes forever and a half to remove them but I think it's so, so worth it!

 photo P4259311_zps844da289.jpg
 photo P4259318_zpse18a58ed.jpg
 photo P4259293_zps9d56f448.jpg

Another Illamasqua polish that I wanted to wear ASAP was Obsess. This bright bright fuchsia with violet undertones nail varnish is absolutely gorgeous. I do have a few similiar polishes in my collection, but what makes this polish stand out is the finish and longevity. This manicure did not chip for the 5 days I wore it. I find it extremely impressive when nail polishes last up to 3 days, but considering this held up for 5, I'm over the moon. The formulation of the polishes are also impeccable. Not too runny, and not thick either - It's just the perfect consistency. It really frustrates me when polishes are extremely runny and just go all over your fingers and seep into your cuticles! 

 photo P4259300_zps07b75bc1.jpg

 photo P4259320_zps1a3421e4.jpg
 photo P4259334_zps2a3ec347.jpg

Illamasqua polishes definitely live up to the hefty price tag - $22AUD and £14.50 on the Illamasqua website. Luckily for me I picked up both of these for only £5 ($7.80) each in one of their sales. If you're looking for a luxurious and good quality nail polish definitely check out Illamasqua!


  1. I love your nails. *w*

    xo, Shiki


  2. The colours are really pretty! (:

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  3. The red glitter is gorge! :)

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  4. I can imagine that it this looks stunning in real life! It would make great holiday nails :)

  5. I don't own any Illamasqua polishes.... yet! They are gorgeous hun xx

  6. Obsess is such a gorgeous purple/pink colour I've never seen a nail varnish like that x x x

  7. I love this shade so pretty :) will have to buy this haha xx


  8. oooh, lovely and gorgeous shade! ^_~

  9. Gorgeous shade! Check out my new post!
    Khanak Mehta

  10. cute colored nail polish... you have beautiful hands, too!

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  11. They are both so pretty! That pink is an amazing shade xx

  12. Man Untold is just stunning! I can't wait to finally check out Illamasqua polishes in person when I'm in Melbourne :)

  13. Great colors especially the pink one. Love the shade and I find it classy and girly. Love it!

  14. Beautiful colors. I love the colors that you paired together. I was so happy when I finally decided to give Illamasqua polishes a chance. Great pigmentation!

  15. the colours are amazing! love it! :) absolutely beautiful blog too- such an admirer!

  16. the Illamasqua polish looks great!


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