25 May 2013

Lust Have It! May 2013

I've been eagerly waiting the arrival of my May Lust Have It! Box all month long and fortunately today it arrived! If you're unfamiliar to Lust Have It! it is an Australian beauty subscription box that provides 5-6 full sized and sample sized products. 

 photo P5229652_zps5d59dffd.jpg

Now I'm not quite sure where to start with this month's box. I did think LHI was going to continue with their impressive box streak but unfortunately this months box didn't quite entice me. The only product that did give me a little excitement was the Nicole by OPI nail polish, but of course I was sent a shade that I absolutely detest. I received the OPI textured (shatter) top coat in silver. I actually hate the 'shatter' look so I was quite disappointed when I saw this. Anyways, let's get onto the rest of the products:

 photo P5229654_zps37fc3335.jpg

1. Nicole by OPI Textured Nail Polish - Full size $14.95
As stated above, I'm very disappointed in this. I would have loved to received a regular shade rather than this textured nail polish.

2. The Natural Source Camouflage Colour Lipgloss - Full Size $12.95
I do quite like The Natural Source but I'm pretty sure this is the second or third item by this brand I have received from Lust Have It in the last couple of months. Also, I received a lipgloss ... I hate lip glosses like these. They're sticky, glittery and smell awful.

3. Seacret Bath Salts - Full Size $30
This is one product I'm excited to give a go. Now with wonder among us, it's time to cosy up and relax in a bath and what better way to do that is with bath salts! I'm definitely glad to see this product in this months box. 

4. Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment 6ml - Full size $24.95
I also can't wait to try this product out! Such a shame it's such a small sample though! Hopefully this tiny 6ml sample will cover all of my hair.

5. Paula's Choice Resist Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum 7ml - Full Size $57
I am quite intrigued about this product, but seriously another wrinkle cream? I'm 21 and since subscribing to LHI I've received at least one skin anti-aging product in each box. I would much rather see more make-up items than a tonne of random skincare products. 

 photo P5229656_zpsee838898.jpg

So overall, there were a few winners in this box but definitely more disappointments. I really do hope LHI have a much more appealing box next month as I usually do love their boxes. 

If you're interesting in signing up to Lust Have It, I currently have a coupon code where you can receive $5 off your subscription! Just enter DUGONG at the checkout to get the discount!

What did you think of this months box? Did you love it or hate it?


  1. That's frustrating :( I don't know why companies even bother making lipglosses like that because surely no one likes the sticky glittery mess?!

  2. Here in the Philippines, the subscription boxes also dole out sooo much skincare and can hardly every put up cosmetics. *sigh*

  3. Really dislike that type of lipgloss but those bath salts look amazing :) x

  4. $30 for handful of bath salts, really? Would anyone pay that much to have one bath? Not me, I was very disappointed with LHI this month.

    Jac x0x

  5. Eeep, I would not have been happy with this box. Don't think I would have used any of the products besides the shatter polish.

  6. A bit of a disappointing box! Nothing there really made me want to sign up for lust have it.

    jess xx

  7. I havent received my box yet, and this scares me! The one thing I was hoping to get from the box was the nail polish, but I also HATE shatter polish and if I get it, it will go to waste!

    Kitsch Snitch

  8. It always feels like they send things nobody wants haha, you can just tell that the lipgloss would be horribly sticky.. I don't know how haha, also they should realize they probably have lots of young subscribers who do not need anti aging samples in every box! Maybe every once in a bit would be ok. xx

  9. Ahh.... nothing there that I really loved....

  10. i wish they had more choices of box in the UK it's rubbish!

  11. I've never got a Lust Have It! Box before, and this review is one of the reasons why I haven't signed up.

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